Who is hanswolfgang?

  • I just started checking out this forum although I've been looking to tarot.com for quite sometime. So, who is this hanswolfgang and why is everyone wanting him to give them a reading? Well, MR.Hanswolfgang, I'd like a reading from you as well. What info is needed? Ive never had a reading from an actual person before, can't afford it. If you wouldn't mind I would be awefully greatful. Also see desperately seeking someone special for more info on my dilema.



  • just post up up your dilema and im sure he will see this thread and answer you, maybe give him the birth date of whoever your looking for infomation on, (youself, bother, sister, kids, spouse) this forum is full of people that will help anyone in need, we all talk about deep feelings and issues on this forum, so spill it lol he was very insightful for me and it seems to be accurate for alot of people and welcome to the forum!

  • Thanx for the warm welcome. 9/26/72 is my birthdate. I wouldn't really call it a dilema maybe a mission that's causing a dilema? I have a VERY strong desire to seek out a partner with specific attributes. Attentive, Affectionate, and Electrifying in more than one sense of the word. I find one part of the equation, but the rest eludes me. Then I find the other part of the equation, then again the rest eludes me. All I know is I'm sick and tired of the hum drum romantic potentials out there. Therefore they become non-potentials. I would just like to know if what I'm seeking exists. I FEEL it does, deep down. This "mission" is consuming every fiber of my being, as if it is something I must do and that I must succeed. I know it's within my reach, but where? I'm even willing to relocate if that's what it takes. Sounds pathetic when I re-read it.

  • peggy, so glad u posted this question .. I was wondering the same thing! : ) Best of Luck!

  • Hi Peggy, my names Nicholas.i have been turning to tarot.com for my answers for about a month now.i think i just like all the good stuff they tell me everyday.im a capricorn.my birthday is 12/25.how about that rite?a little gift to the world.i have never really chattd on a computer before so this is all pretty new to me.i saw ur post by mistake and went on to read it.i think u should be looking for someone whos ur best friend before he's ur boyfriend.i have gone through alot of girlfriends in the past six years.everyone of them being great woman,just not the woman for me.i have also been a wild man(maybe im a boy) i ride streetbikes and dont ride like most do.in my 1st year on streetbikes i crashed 42 times above 50 mph.i walkd or rode away from alot of them.but i have gorry gross pics of the times i wasnt so lucky.then i wreckd in june 2008.i was living with my girlfriend of a few years at the time in Hollywood.when i wreckd i took out a cement city light pole,a curb,my helmet put a hole the size of my fist in a cinder block wall and crumbled(it broke in2 pieces and i was left helmetless),then i bounced into the side of a motorhome and left a torso size hole in it w my body,then back 2 the wall,and finally sliding about a half block on my rearend down the street.i found my cell phone and calld 911 and told them what had happened,then layd there for almost a whole hour in the baking hot 12 noon sun before the found me(i was in the mountains).i got in the meat wagon on my way to the hospital.when i arrived they lookd at me like i was a nut,i was taking picks of my leg with my phone.the docs. made me sign some pappers saying that it was ok for them to amputate if need be.i just wantd to get fixed so i could have a smoke and see everyone i almost never got to see again.i went to sleep with there medicine and woke up like 2 days later drugd out.the docs. came in some hours later to explain wat kind of work they did on me.the first doc says he has bad news,naturally i lookd at my leg(it got smashed inbetween the bike and the light pole at 85mph)but it lookd like it was all there.i askd whats the bad news then doc. he says to me that my testies were already gone when i showd up on the strecher.he says hes sown up all the holes but the testies are gone.my reply to him was is my leg ok?will i be able to ride my streetbike again?hahaha the docs. had no words for almost a half min. then he said that from the bottom of my knee to my toes,he had to take all of my bones out.my bones were no longer,they were only dust.so they replaced my leg with cadaver bones.they told me i would go home 2 weeks from then,and lay down with my leg elevated above my heart for a year.then go bak and get 3 more operations were they put metal plates all over under the skin,then lay down for another year and then do rehab for years.they said w/o the metal braces they were going to put in,the bones would never be strong enough to walk on.so i went home and layd down.i layd down but 2 months in cut off the cast and scrubbed the foot and leg in the shower.then went to the garage and cut out all the stitches then pulld the metal rodes holding all the bones in place out.i went and bought a walking cast and put my leg in it,but i didnt walk on it.i did this mostly cuz i wantd to shower normal,not with bags wrapped around my leg and havin my leg hanging out of the tub.i then began riding a bicycle everyday for a minimum of 3 miles,it was hard,my hurt leg would just sit on the pedal applying no pressure.so my good leg really got a workout,but i needed it im an outdoors kinda guy.i got to about month four and took the cast off,shoved my swollen battered puss dripping foot into a my Nikes and started breaking away the scar tissue.a month later i ran for 5 hours jumping fences and running through houses,hiding running and got home in the end.i droppd my phone and wallet though so i had to run about 4 days later and lasted about 2 1/2 hour before they shoot me numerous times with the shotguns with rubber bullets.i let them yell at me for a bit and eventually(after 6 rubber bullets hit me)made the choice to put my cig. out and surrender.then i ended up in county for like a week until they had to let me go DA regect.i came home jumpd on a bicycle was riding pretty fast doing a wheelie lost balance and jumpd off the back of the bike landing on my foot so hard i snapd and folded it across the top of my foot.rehabed for another month and started up again.u know through all this i just figured my girlfriend of some years,the woman i supported for years and gave my whole 2,would be there for me even as a motivator.well i was dead wrong.she came to my house and beggd for inter course,rippd 3 stitches out from downtown and made me keep going,after she had gotton hers,she was gone.calld a few months later for the first time and wantd the physical thing again.i was in awe.she was heartless.but i learnd from my experience and now lookin bak wouldnt have change how things have gone.then ive had a few relationships since then were i was out having a beer and dancing when i would get hit on by a woman and end up developing relationships.but when i noticed that they were nothing i was looking for in a life partner,i had already engage in being a boyfriend.most of them ended shitty.because they didnt want to let go of me but they also wouldnt do anything i love.(i own a weimaraner my best buddy)my last girlfriend would yell at me if i pet him or touched him or he touched me,id then have to go and wash my hands and arms.fuckn wierd.im opening up a non-profit animal rescue,i love animals so muchand she kept tryin to make my dreams not come true.she tossd papper work,changed numbers i had written down,erased my favorites on the computer.she was a nite mare.i thought it was going to be a good relationship.she recently graduated from USC in sociology,and is now a grad student.she said she loved the outdoors and traveling and animals.she faked me out until she felt comfy.then it was crazy yelling mad mean lady.i had to tell her to hit the road.i felt like dirt,i now she was gagga for me.but this one was the 1st woman i didnt just go along with the sharaid.i realized my feelings were also important,just as important as hers.i was letting woman control me becuz i was to stupid to tell them i wantd to get to know them be4 i said yes id date them.then i wasnt brave enough to tell them i wasnt happy so i just stayd where i was mistreated day in and day out.all this long explaination was to let u kindof get to know a capricorn and tell u that friends can do the same for u that a relationship can.my best friend is a 28 year old gay dude and hes there for me everyday.he has no interest in a physical relationship with me.but its the best relationship ive ever had.besides with my mom and dad im very close to them both.he gives me everything i want in a woman of course id like to cuddle up with a woman and wantch a movie,but until i meet the woman whos rite for me(and my buddy approves)ill do just fine with my best friend.if u need a best friend,im here for the taking.if ur lonely im here.if u want someone to toss ur ideas around with,im here.im pretty interested in having conversations with you.my whole birthdate is 12/25/85. and trip out my dads bday is oct.4, hes a libra.the scales.hes usually on point in life.he can be abit closed minded sometimes though.ill add picks of my leg and some of me and my best friend,hope to hear from u soon.hope ur day is going amazing.

  • Holy crap! Are you serious? I hate to ask but how is your health? Have you just continued on without medical care after your accident? I am not judging you at all. I actually really admire the way you have simply taken charge of your life and choose to live the way you want to live.

  • WOW.....That was a hard read but you've had a very full life. You're very lucky to be alive. I crashed one car before and the way it looked, I should have had worse injuries. I had only a broken wrist. I am a capricorn too, 1/1/78.

  • For the record when it doesn't work out they are not your friend afterward. They SAY that you will ALWAYS be friends, but no matter what friendship stops in the sack. But thanx for the smile anyway. Here's something special for all who care:

    "Peg's Tattered Wing"

    Emerge from your cocccoon

    with GRACE and EASE,

    And spead you tattered butterfly wings.

    Let your BEAUTY from within

    guide your way,

    and your inner child shall fly this day.

    May where you land

    you find LOVE and PEACE

    And REST your torn and tattered wings.

    Author: Peggy L. Roberts

    Just wanted to share some of that creative libra side of me. 🙂

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