The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • Thankful for my family and everyone in my life that been a teacher that brought me wisdom & peace. Joy and Peace to everyone

  • Grateful for all the wondeful things that have happen in 2008. Looking forward to a blessed 2009.To all those people who participate in life I send blessing, love & light.

  • Hi all, I'm grateful for my two wonderful children, both healthy and happy and making their way in the world. I'm grateful that my partner is ok after suffering a heart attack on 31st October. I'm grateful to still have a job in this current economic climate. I'm grateful for my lovely house and garden (even though it's looking like a jungle...). I'm very grateful to have some fantastic friends who have got me through some dark times. I'm very grateful for the gift of Reiki and healing in my life - I was introduced to Reiki by my best friend and I will always be forever grateful to her for that gift. I'm grateful to be happy and healthy - blessed be. As I'm off to our Christmas Reiki share later I will leave you all by sending love, light and blessings to you all and to the world. Merry Christmas

  • I am thankful for today and all my yesterdays and any tomorrows that come. Money and things don't make life happy but hope, compassion, gratitude and a good sense of humor do. My prayer is that peace and love prevail in our time.

  • I am thankfull for the health of my family ,friends and all the kind and caring people we have in this world .

  • I am thankful for the many random acts of kindness I witness every day. The world is growing kinder and I am here to witness it. Small things...traffic kindness, waves of gratitude, smiles of strangers. I am joyful that reality flies in the face of the media hype and that love and peace are on the move across this country. Joy is building, reason returns and happiness reins.

  • Grateful for this day the Lord has made. Grateful that 2008 has brought many blessings to each of us. Grateful that I am being shown what my part in this great universe is.

  • I am grateful for family and for members of the community that encourage and believe in me even in tough times. I am so thankfull for the local charity group in our community that have all worked together to make handmade blessings for those in need of a hug at this time of yr, and for the best christmas present ever was the life saving heart surgery that I fecieved this week. I am goal setting for better diabetes control and heart healthy recipies, for now and a small exercise program sugested by my surgen . From there schooling and a job i can physically do. Charity is my love to do , and I dp things for others as often as I cn, but doctor says have to concentrate on my own needs step at a time.I am thankful to be alive!

  • Here we go again! Whoo hoo! A chance to make a differnce this holiday season, that I am thankful for. I will try to return each day with something I am thankful for.

  • Here I am again and today I am thankful for my home that keeps my family and I out of the weather.

  • I am thankful for many things; having a new permanent job, being able to afford to put food on the table, im thankful for having supportive well rounded generous friends and family around me, i am thankful for having the chance at life a lot of people dont get, aswell as my health.

    I know there are many things too be thankful for, from someone giving you the smallest rye smile making your day better, to seeing the sun rise every morning and birds soaring high in the sky. I think mostly i am thankful for having the ability to give out positive vibes and good karma. What else is there in life but to try and make others happy and be more positive about everything and anything. "What goes around comes around" i say.

    If you can think it you can do it!

    (Positive Mental Attitude)

    (Smile) 🙂

  • I'm thankful for our wonderful community here at I can just feel the love... thank you everyone....

  • Okay I'll try again... sometimes this doesn't seem to work... I am thankful for all of our Community at I absolutely love you people... thanks for making my day in so many ways.....

  • So this is try 3... I just love our Community here at are all so beautiful.

  • After working for 25 years at fabrication factory, the place of business my 51 year old husband worked closed on Dec 19. They have been struggling financially for the past year, and unexpectantly sold to an out of state company. After filing an application and interviewing, we are waiting to hear if he will be rehired or not. He is a bit intimidated with starting over. The future seems more uncertain than usual, the rythym we are accustomed to has abruptly stopped. After some tears we have decided to be thankful for the new opportunity this is offering to reinvent himself. If the rehire does not work out he is going to explore fulfilling his dream of making furniture. I am thankful for the universe stepping in and giving us this opportunity that he would never explore before because typically it wouldn't be the "responsible" thing to do....and I am thankful for the prayers that were answered 23 years ago that put him and later my son in my life. I am thankful that I have learned to never take our time together for granted.

  • I am so very thankful for my family, friends, job, beliefs, health etc. This world is a wonderful place to be just enjoy it.

  • I am thankful for my cat Merlin

  • I am thankful for my cat Gandolph

  • i am thankful for all the people who made the fairy find just a little bit easier.

  • I am thankful that I finally got to talk to my son out in Alberta.... he's quite the man and I am so very proud of both him and my daughter.

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