The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am eternally thankful for the wealth of love in my life, every day I get upon this beautiful planet, the numerous loved ones and friends that I get to share them with, and the spirit that resides in each of us.

  • I am thankful for good health, wonderful children and grandchildren, a loving supportive partner, the ability I was given to pick myself up and keep going when things are rough, my creative talents, and the ability to understand that everyone is different and it's okay to be myself...I don't have to conform to set standards...because we all come from different don't judge people until you have walked in their shoes.

  • I am grateful the human spirit is capable of learning, evolving and changing.

  • This may sound strange but I am thankful for always having a chance to start over, free will to start over if we find we not on the path that feels right for us as life, career and relationships change.

  • I am very thankful that I have been given the opportunity to organize and run our church Thanksgiving Dinner for the community, which includes EVEYONE!! I thankful for the beautiful and wonderful family and friends that I have who have graciously offered a helping hand in this endeavor.

  • I am thankful for being home with my family because last year around this time I was deployed.

  • 🙂 I am very thankful for so many things-i am thankful for my wonderful children, for finding love again with a wonderful man and to be employed ina field i really enjoy. i am thankful that my husband is no longer in pain and, god willing, at peace at last (rip-Leo-9/22/05).

  • I am thankful for my son and daughters, having food, shelter, and clothing, as well as clean water to drink. I am thankful for being able to maintain my household and all the people in it. I am thankful for my sister and her children, for having them in our life. I am thankful for the sun shining each day and the good Lord allowing me to look upon it with a happy heart, no matter what the circumstances.

  • I am thankful for life, breath and the people who love me and I love back.

  • I'm thankful because I have Allah, the only One Who protects me, Who guides me and Who helps me. I'm thankful because I have my family. I'm thankful because I have two eyes which can see the beautiful world. I have somany things to be thankful for them. I'm thankful becase I'm ALIVE!

  • I am thankful for my mother, she sacrificed her life so that I can have a better one. I am thankful for my husband, who has taught me how to laugh again and my daughter, who has taught me to be on my toes and to treasure those unexpected miracles. I am thankful for my friends Tim & Krista, who have brought me out of my shell and made me a happier person, if not just a more sociable one!

  • I am eternally gratefull for my family and friends. For my health and my employment situation. I am gratefull for my love life and that i am able to love freely and with no expectations or explanations. I am gratefull for each breath I take and every site I see!

  • I am eternally gratefull for my family and friends and that they are healthy and living live to the fullest. I am eternally gratefull for my health and for my emplyment situation . I am so gratefull for the love in my life and that I am able to experience love without expectations or explanations. I am thnakfull and gratefull for each breath I take and each site I see. Thankyou!!

  • as i sit in church on sunday mornings, i remember how many things i have to be thankful for. during the week, it is tougher to see them!

    i struggle a lot at my current job, and can't imagine that i'll be here for very long. but, this job was offered to me at a time when i REALLY needed the money. i was 3 weeks away from having to make a tough choice: give up my car or move back in with my mom. i just couldn't afford both the car and rent anymore, making minimum wage. so on days when i get frustrated with where i am, i have to remind myself... this job allowed me to retain my independence. this job pays my bills. and even if it's not what i ultimately should be doing, it is serving an important purpose for the time-being! and for that, i am thankful in spite of my frustrations!

  • I am thankful for my loving husband. He was run over in Jan. by a car while at work. He was seriously injured and was in ICU for 11 days. I am so thankful that the good Lord decided to leave him here with me. I am also thankful that the last thing my mom and I said to each other before she passed away was "I love you".

  • I am thankful for the house I live in, the unconditional love of my mother, the loyalty and love of my boyfriend, and the desire to make my life better.

  • I am thankful for my grandparents whom I was fortunate enough to spend the last 18 months of their lives with. As hard as it was and as mentally difficult as well as physically tired I became it was worth every second to be able to give them their wish of dying in there own home and not be seperated. I am greatful for all the memories I have of them as a child, as a teen, as an adult woman. I am greatful for all the qualities they instilled in me, from being a respectful, nuturing, kind loving person. To understanding that its not what you have or how much but that there are others out there less fortunate than you, no matter what position you are in at the time.

    I really miss them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, But knowing that that are here with me in spirit is enough for now and grandma always gives me a sign when I need her the most, for that I am extreamly thankful. And I am thankful for my wonderful Mother who is always there for me no matter what, even when she is having a hard time of her own. I am greatful for my 4-wonderful chilldren who are all very loving and respectful and think of others always before their selves. That in it self is to be thankful for.

  • I am thankful that my best friend was not injured in the car accident she was involved in on monday.... I am sorry that the homeless man that ran infront of her car felt so horrible he chose to potentially end his life like that.

  • i am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend and our brand new baby boy, my beautiful sister and her perfectly naughty little girl and the support of my family. happy first thanksgiving crosby!

  • I am grateful for my husband and my children, my home and pets, to live in the mountains and away from the city, I am grateful for my life, because I spent three years dying before I was blessed with a donor. I am a survior of a liver transplant of two years and happy to be alive. Happy holidays and god bless.

    miracle mommy monique

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