The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am grateful for my life and for having the courage and strength to change my life and my childrens foe the better. I have learned unconditional love from m children and have been blessed to not only to be their mother but to have the opportunity to watch anf help them grow into the wonderful, kind, generous and loving human beings they are. Thank you GOD for my life and for my children, my spirit, my animals, my loving father who passed when I was l8 and

    my wonderful friends who encourage and believe in me and above all I am so grateful to finally believe in myself, like and vow to take care of myself and shjow others that faith and miracles can happen because writing this is exacly what I needed to share and help others. Thank you

  • I am thankful for my friends, family, health, and the ability to help others in need.

  • I am grateful for the many gift Spirit has bestowed upon me,

    for the Guidance from my guardians and Ascended Masters,

    in following this Path. I am grateful that Source always

    supports me in doing the work I came here to do.

  • I am thankful to just be alive. It's a hard life out there right now, but I am thankful that I have fantastic family and friends to share this world with. Special thanks to my sister, who helps me to survive, my sons who help me to focus on the future and my friend(he knows who he is) who helps me see the light everyday. I love them all and then some.

  • Let me start off with how honored and humbled I am to be able to help a family who has nothing to be thankful for most of the time. I at one time was homeless with a new baby and living in a shelter thousands of miles away from any family and friends. I made a wrong choice that created this option for growth in my life. Since then I have followed a path of love and sharing with others. We are only as kind as the Spirit made us, and we are all born with a true spirit of love. I hope that at this time in Creation as the Earth Changes take place, that we as Human Beings can find it in our Hearts and Spirits to become that innocent loving spirit that we were born with. I am thankful for all the hard times that made me see this again and I am thankful for the love of creation that flows thru us all. Pleases remember those who have no hope, faith, love, trust or a roof over their heads, warm blankets to keep warm, loving families to share thier fears with, and the children who are unprotected from harm in thier lives, and be thankful and greatful that you have the comforts that you do, no matter how small you may think they are. Love to all in Creation.

  • I am so happy that my family is healthy and doing well. I am grateful for our home and ability to afford all of our needs. We have a daughter in college and for that I am extremely grateful. I hope we continue to reach out and help the greater community in need and show God's love as well as we can. Thank you for reaching out to meals on wheels. You rock, guys!

  • I'm thankful for my health, my family and all the wonderful friends I have been blessed to have in my life. Live well, love much and laugh often.

  • I'm thankful for the person in my life that has turned my life into a dream come true. I'm thankful that every day I am able to go to bed feeling like the luckiest girl in the world and to reflect on a day that couldn't realistically been any

    ore perfect than it was. Thankful that if I come upon a problem I know that a night in shining armor will swoop in and Saba the day.

  • I'm thankful for my sister Dolores and my new feline friend Paco.

  • I'm thankful everyday for all the blessings that I and my loved ones recieve. The beautiful mountains here in Colorado, the great weather,4 seasons, we have plenty of food & necessities and a little to share with the not so fortunate. Thank you Lord!

  • I'm thankful for my family,specially my children and my darling mother. I'm also thankful for my health , my home, my job and all those little things that seem not so special, but that make my day shine, such as my books, my little garden in the balcony, a smile from a friend or a neighbour, the birds singing in the park, the sweet smell of a hot cake... In fact, I'm thankful for nature and for life! Thank you God! Thank You Universe! May God blees you all, guys,

    Kisses from Portugal,


  • I am very thankful for my life given, despite all the failures and set backs I refuse to give in and or give up. I am thankful for my family and all the challenges which have been brought forth before me. For they have only given me strength and made me wiser.

  • I am thankful for having a roof over my head, a good job, all of my needs are met, the love of my pets and all of the special family and friends in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  • I give Great Thanks to God for my ability to find the 12 hrs a month volunteering at a feeding area for the poor and homeless.

  • I feel so fortunate to have my health and Angels helping me help others in my community. Jeri

  • I am thankful for my health, love of family and friends and deeply thankful for the karmic spin that granted me the ability to appreciate all of these in nurturing and safe surroundings as I realize so many in the world cannot.

  • I am thankful for a family who loves me and for the roof over my head in these tough economic times. I am thankful for the art and the music that sustains my spirit. I am thankful for the abundance of delicious food and the extravagance of the fine wine that I am looking forward to sharing with these wonderful people that I call my family.

  • I am thankful this year for a family that has suported whem i got in trouble and felony charges againist me. They suported me through the whole case and my boyfriend who is tha father of my three year old son. I am thankful that his dad only got three months in jail and still able to see his son. I am also greatful that both of my kids have been healthy this year and my ten year old son is making honerole this year in school. I am also very thankful that i got a job just in time for christmas , so my kids will have a great christmas. I am also very thankful that my family is still all here and will be abel to share christmas with us as well. Thanks Giving is coming up and we are all very greatful that there will plenty of good food and we will be sharing it with my loving family.

    Thank You

    Stephanie Bickett and Family

  • I am thankful for so many things but here are a few.....

    Love, that I am free to give and receive.

    My Son, Cameron, who blesses me on a minute by minute basis. First by choosing me to be his parent in this lifetime (I do not take this lightly) and repeatedly for giving me a joy I had never known until l looked at his face the first time. He is almost 10 and I love him more every second if that is even possible.

    My Husband, Brad who is my friend my love and co-parent to my Son. Who accepts me as I am. They keep me going when I don't think I can any more.

    My life which I still find a puzzle even after a million hours of retrospection (lol). A life I know is a gift and has a purpose no matter how many peaks and valleys.

    The Universe which gives gifts aplenty all day every day, joins us, humanity, nature, earth, space, time and all things. The beauty that surrounds us is awesome and divine.

    The animals that have shared and still share my life. Have loved me unconditionally and shared their gentle spirits with me. As well as those animals I have communed with in nature who have shared with me so much insight and wisdom.

    To those that come here to this forum to share their gifts and wisdom as well as their personal experiences to help others in their spiritual journeys. I have been so blessed by so many here that I would like to say Thank You again.

    To for opening this thread and to allow us to help feed the hungry of which there are too many in a world so abundant.

    Blessed be to all and may the gits and love you share be returned to you many times over.

  • I am thankful for the gift of my children's smiles, conversations and ultimately their unconditional love. I was granted a great gift as each one arrived in my life!

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