The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I was recently laid off , but I just found a job. Last time I was laid off we almost lost our house.

    I am thankful for my family and friends that helped me through each lay off.

  • I'm thankful that although both sons' in the military both are doing as well as can be.. and I'm thankful that although my mother's alzheimer's is takeing her from me more each day,, she still has a sense of humor and a love for fun, she still hasn't forgotten us yet. I'm thankful for the fact that although I only get to see my granddaughter breifly once a year , she still calls me her favorite granny and we have fun while we can. I'm thankful for friends that help remind me I'm cared about even when I feel all alone. I'm thankful for when I have a good day its so very good I get to forget the bad ones for awhile.. I have alot to be thankful for. 🙂

  • One year ago today my oldest nephew (21 yrs old) was away at college when he (a pedestrian) and was ran over by a drunk driver....He was in a coma for nearly 6 weeks, brain injury & broken in every way - BUT - God and the Angels were with him - today he has fully recovered and has just moved out of my sister's house and into his new college dorm room! He has a renewed zest for life - doesn't remember anything about the accident nor is he bitter, he is thankful and wants to finish college and help others with their lives. Thank you God!

  • I am thankful for you, i am in a very trying cycle, going on three years now, and seeing my daily horoscope, I ching and tarot card, has given me bright spots of hope. it is a geat thing for you to take on this challenge, iam glad to give something back to a site, albeit anonymously, that has taken the time at this time of year, to allow us to help too.Thank you!

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    I'm thankful for my parents,my job,my teachers, my friends and all people good to me.Thanks a lot!!!

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    I am very grateful to my parents is that they love to use unpaid care for me, taught me a man, do something, it should be what kind of heart to treat others. And my teachers, classmates, friends, is that they encourage me and support me, I walked into the campus and into the community when there has them, no matter what you do, have felt the support of good people, do not feel lonely.

  • I am grateful for so many, many things. My daughter, my pets. My family and friends. I could continue to list things, but I am also grateful for the nudges from the universe, my job, and so much more.

  • so i sat hear and really thought about what im thankful for. i didnt want to say the normal my family my friends comment. what im thankful for right now is god. he has blessed me with so much this past year. good and bad, heartache and love. dont get me wrong i am thankful for my children, without them i wouldnt do what i do. to my husband that provides so much for us. please this thanksgiving time remember the big things in your life and not just all the small ones. happy thanksgiving to all!

  • I am thankful that my husband still has his job. The current economic situation has hit our community hard, and I am so grateful that one of us has an income. This does limit our charitable contributions compared to years past, and will also limit our spending for the upcoming holidays. I am grateful for these hard times - it provides us the opportunity to be creative (as we can still give our time and talents to others), proves the strength and commitment of our marriage and is point of comparason for when times get better for us (and I KNOW they will). Yes, I am also thankful for all the usual things -wonderful family, loyal friends, a warm home and everything we have been blessed with-but I am also thankful for this rough spot as it gives us the opportunity to grow in mind and spirit.

  • I am thankful for my children, my wider family, the many friends I have, the opportnities to see them demonstrate their friendship, the sun, the rain, the air, and the fertile earth.

  • This year we are thankful for my husband is working after being unemployed for 11 monthes. We came too close to losing everthing we've worked for. Our home, credit, even our marriage suffered. Now he been working for 6 weeks we can see light at the end of the tunnel. We've been so blessed, when so many have lossed everthing. Our grown children are leading productive lives and are healthy, our grandson is happy and healthy. Frankly thats a homerun in my book.

  • I have many things, many details to be thankful for. Some people who know me may think other wise, but I choose to see the good rather than focus on the "why me". I am most thankful for my awakening, for the fact that I can look at my life and be thankful rather than sorrowful. I am thankful for not seeing the "big picture" of my life all at once so that I can experience life, all of it. Do I always like my experience? No, not always, but I know I will get through it one way or another and hopefully be a better person for the experience. I don't have all the answers, I am not an expert, but I love being alive. I am thankful for everything.

  • I am thankful for everything that has happened in my life. I know everything has a purpose. There's a reason for those mistakes or for those things that occurred in my life. Life unfolds every day and I learn every day and I thank God for that. I also thank God for my family who have been there through thick and thin, no matter what happens to me, they support me and make me stronger and give me reasons to live. Thank you, thank you. What more could I ask for?

  • I am so thankful for my health; my job that I love; the love of my surrogate family of colleagues and friends and their love, respect and encouragement,; my beloved animal companions; freedom from my abusive family (I am so so so infinitely grateful for that!!!!), and most of all, my beloved life partner and his incredible love. And of course, for the Goddess who makes all things possible.

  • Well, this may be coming a year too late, but the number one thing I'm trully and wholeheartedly grateful for is the ability to love myself. Every obstacle in my life, every victory, and every heart-ache, has helped to create the wonderful person I feel I am today. If I could change anything in my past, I must say that I wouldn't for fear of losing who I am now. I would be someone different. Perhaps someone I don't like at all and I've already been down that road of self- loathing and self- pity. A road I traveled for way too many years. Peace and Love to all!!


  • Well I just realized I'm not the only one a year too late, maybe I wasn't late afterall 🙂

  • Deep gratitude for every aspect of my life and all the wonderful people in it. Thankful for a site that is lending a helping hand to everyone.

  • In these tough times of financial hardship, It is easier to realize the realy important things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family and my friends as usual nut I find I am thankful for my job as well (not one I would have put down a year ago) but I am also truely thankful for the country I live in, the earth I live on, the god/spirit/force that gave me life. I look forward to the upcomming Holiday for the remeberances of holidays past and the traditions and gathering of my family together. Thankgiving is a simple holiday about comming together to give thanks. To be with those you love whether it be family or friends and just live in that moment. There is nothing to celebrate except the moment and all that we have going for us in that moment. What a wonderful concept. I am thankful for those who started this tradition and for those who felt it was worth continuing. I love all the holidays for various reasons, some just for the day off. However, thanksgiving is to me the most poignant. For its simplicity, its lack of hype, it's name is it's only meaning or point. I am thankful that rather than lamenting how much we have lost or being jealous of how much others have, we give at least one day over to just realizing how much we have.

  • Though times are very very tough for everyone right now and life just seems that it could not be any more challenging or gloomy I do remind myself several times a day that with all these problems aside I am thankful for my three healthy children and my boyfriend and I are healthy as well as all are family and friends. I am thankful that they are options, opportunities, and hope though at many times especially lately they seem very small, that if you believe in yourself, never give up faith in yourself and try to focus on the more positive things slowly the end of the dark tunnel will shed light. Be thankful that what you do have may seem small there are always others that have it 100 times worse than you and they still believe in the better somewhere in their hearts. Be thankful that you do have at least something because their are others who have nothing and that people who are quick at being judgemental of others and that they are the ones who have caused their own misunfortunates upon themselves is just your way of telling yourself that you would never be in their predictiment and unfortunately for many who think this way are now in those people they viewed as "self-destructors" are now in their shoes because of the economy. And its sad that people only step in these shoes when something massive happens like the fall of the economy and it happens to a large portion of people all at once in order to realize that sometimes we dont have the ball in our court and it was completetly out of our hands just like those who society views as the self destructors. No one knows those people's true down-fall or even their story . We just assume. So lets be thankful that we can now "see" how unfortunate things happen either by our own control or not and come together to help out the even more needy and be so less greedy and selfish of ourselves.

  • Hello Everyone: Thanksgiving is right around the corner now, makes one wonder, what am I thankful for? There are many things I'm thankful for and some of them are:

    1. having a wonderful family

    2. having wonder friends and acauintances

    3. getting married to a wonderful fiance!

    4. being able to go to university with financial aid in the future

    5. for being able to live happily

    6. nature

    7. people

    8. pets and other animals

    9. being healthy

    10. looking forward to a wonderful future

    There are many other things I'm thankful for and here are some of them. Thanks.

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