The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am thankful for my life, bittersweet as it can be. To wake in the morning to a wondrous world of possibilities.For the gifts of senses to view the beauty in life. A mind that can forget painful memories-even for a moment. A heaven and universe to dream of and one day crossover, a gift of everlasting life.

  • I am thankful for the opportunity to reawaken to the understanding that Grace is the Awareness that Free Will empowers Choice to Align Potential with Possibility within Circumstances for purposes of shared appreciation. This comprehensive definition naturally leads to observing the design law that supports the realization of a Gracious Universe, The Law of Grace: All choice generates benefit for purposes of appreciation.

    Why is the Law of Grace important? It resolves the illusions of duality and separation. Gracious is the demonstration of Grace. Ungracious is its denial. The first generates benevolence for sharing, the former generates instructive consequence that reminds one that a more gracious choice was missed in the choosing. The benefits of benevolence and instructive consequence might both be appreciated. The Law of Grace holds in the flow of events in human experience.

    The Law of Grace proves the Law of One as the Graciously Organized Design of One Absolute Awareness. Before embarking on the journey of Many that is the roller coaster of human experience using the divine illusions of individuation, separation, and forgetting-the-fullness of Being One, One designed the realization of experience this way. Appreciating this, One remembers that One Being would have only designed it this way. We are all One.

    I am thankful for being able to share this understanding of Grace.

  • This year I have a lot to be thankful for...

    My parents, especiallly my mother, is doing very well with her breast cancer and seems to be under control this year. I also give thanks for my all family's health and mine.

    I now ave built a realtionship with my oldest son, which was a little distant before. My daughter is doing great and I really love her.

    I have a greasense of being and know that from here on out things well get even better.

    Thanks to the man above!!

  • I work with people with unbelievalble challenges - I'm thankful I can eat food by mouth, breath on my own, walk with no assistance, go to the bathroom by myself, choose my own clothes & schedule & who I want to be with - you know the smiple things in life.

  • I am thankful for being able to feel serenity among painful experiences; I am thankful for beauty I see everyday in the most litle things , in sensing harmony around in the purpose of the Nature.

  • Im thankful for my new and budding relationship w/ my not so long ago estranged sister. She's just so beautiful and awesome. I'm thankful for the roof over my head, my car that is somehow still driving, the air I breathe, my health & another day to enjoy and appreciate all these things. Thank you

  • I am thankful for the remaining wild places on earth where human beings can experience nature in all her magnificence.

  • I am thankful that I am a part of something so wonderful as this chain of energy.

    I am thankful that there is still human kindness in the world.

    I am thankful for the spiritual balance I have achieved through the teachings

    and wisdom of the spiritual elders here on this sight. Thank you for all dedicated hours

    you spent in meditation so we could stabilize a balance in each of us who follow the same path.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all at and all of you who read this and follow-through.

    Tell your friends! I am.

    NO! My name is not Tom Turkey!

    You have me confused with some other fat ass bird.

    My name is Chicken Sh_t! LOL

  • i am thankful for my family and good health. i am thankful that i am able to be of help to people loosing their homes. i am thankful that i have had a good life

  • I am thankful that, whatever happens and no matter how bad it gets, each day is a new opportunity.

  • The love between us and the likeness between us is amazing. Soooooo special. I love u kendra.

  • Besides the obvious - family, health, the Election, it is good that companies now do things like this.


  • I am thankful for my employment in an industry that will be needed for a while now. I am thankful for the health of my family and myself. I am thankful for a leader that is mindful of the necessity of change and diversity. I am thankful for each and every beautiful day the Universe blesses me to breathe in and enjoy!

  • I am thankful for my secure environment, my friends, family, and opportunities available to me.

  • I'm thankful for the love of family and friends.

    I'm thankful for the daily grind of my job and healthy competition.

    I'm thankful for the technology of clothes, homebuilding, farming, cooking & cleaning.

    I'm thankful for the UU community I've found that doesn't mind heresy.

    I'm thankful for trees and wind and water and rock and the warmth of light.

    I'm thankful for baths, toothbrushing, and plumbing.

    I'm thankful for music and colors and scents and textures and the senses.

    I'm thankful for chocolate, cheese, and wine.

    I'm thankful for books and their authors and Gutenberg.

    I'm thankful for medicine and science.

    I'm thankful for radio and fiber-optic cable and satellite and 3G.

    I'm thankful for the inspiration of myths and legends.

  • I'm thankful for the opportunity to be here, for the challenges I'm given in my life, and the amazing rewards that come when those challenges are worked through

  • I am thankful cause I understand,

    Love surrounds me even when I cry.

    I am thankfull cause inside I know,

    My children will love Mummy, and with wormth i will show,

    Whoever you are, colour or creed

    how you look, or purpose, we all share diversity!

    I give thank's for abundance, no this is not money!

    But my friendship's, my lessons, God's guidence within me

    I give thanks cause Ive reached you, who is like God

    In mans difficult times, just remember it is all right

    For with darkness there is always light!

    And thank you for a wonderful website!

    By Summer

  • I am thankful for my physical and mental health. I am grateful for my children, family, pets, and friends. For the ability to endure what life throws at me.

  • I am thankful for my pets. They have shown me how to be a better person, increasing my ability to love and to forgive. Since I have no children, they have also allowed me to experience my "maternal side." Through that experience, I have learned how to nurture myself and others more completely.

  • I'm thankful for the riot of color this autumn! It feels like nature is celebrating a incredible new beginning, rather than approaching the "dark days of winter."

    I am grateful that sites like this are stepping forward to accentuate the positive!

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