The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am SO-ooo grateful for my recent recurrence of breast cancer adn the spread of my bone cancer. As odd as that may sound, it keeps me connected to the LIGHT and grounded to what really matters most in this life time.

  • I am thankful that I have a wonderful son who is growing up to be a wonderful young man, I am thankful that Obama got elected and now our country stands a chance, I am thankful that I have beem mostly healthy for the last four years with no health insurance, I am thankful for my tiny little house and the beautiful yard with all the plants and flowers I have created over the past 21 years, and I am thankful of each new day and the opportunities it presents.

  • I am thankful for the benevolence of the universe. To list each individual element that I am grateful for would fill the internet.

  • a am thankful for my 4 children and their spouses my 7 +,due in may grandchildren.i am thankful my son saved my life ,he found me 28hours after i tried to commit suicide 13 years ago,God let me live against all odds,he had work for me to do.Firstly to see all my children get married,to see my grandchildren to learn to live again a hard struggel for survival,i was diagnoiseas being rapid cycling i live an independant life though heavily madicated.i work as a healer a God given gift i have had since i was a child,i studied and now can help others from the well of compassion i have.i am thankful for all these i am a developing soul and and am working on and learning how to be more in touch with my inner self and my higher self.I thank God for allowing me this second chance to bring out my hidden God given talents and help others.At 62 i thank God for my friends and my children who helped me come out of the darkness towards the light.. the light. that gives me strenght to carry on i am thankful to all my teachers thoughout my life who have always led me to a higher level of understanding.i thank God for his bounty.I am thankful to be alive and learning every day .

  • I an THANKFUL that the State that I live in offers home care programs to allow people the choice to stay in their own homes, surrounded by family and friends vs going into a facility. Also that I work for this agency who also is a divisional agency who offers the Meals on Wheels Programs....Kudos!!!!

  • I'm thankful for support of friends and family, for the change of seasons, and for the beauty of nature.

  • I am thankful for all of the good people in my life who on a daily bases renew my faith in humanity, whether they know it or not. From my husband who gets up every morning and cleans the kitchen, to the woman at the store who let me borrow her snow scraper to clean my car off, or the little girl in my neighborhood who I see walk to the play ground with a grocery sack, so that she can pick up garbage alongside the rd. and in the park. I know these are all little things but I'm thankful for all of them and many other things that people may feel are trivial because they are small things. But these are the things that make all of our world a better place and I am thankful for that.

  • I am thankful that i am able to work and have a home and food for myself and my kids.

    I am thankful that my brothers,nephews and son in law keep making it home safely since 1978 and for all the support people give service members.

    I am thankful for the good health of my family and the time we spend together and the people that have and continue to touch our lives everyday.

    I am thankful for our animals and all they do for us.

    I am thankful for all the people that take time to just be nice , smile and spread joy in general.

    I am thankful for this community challenge that gives me a chance to help a little when i dont have the money to do it at the grocery store.

    I am thankful for all that life has to offer--good or bad it helped get me this far and made me, could be so much worse.

    And so much more...

    Even the job that is forcing me to get off this computer and get to work on a cold Saturday morning. BURRRRR 😮

  • I am thankful for my husband, we went and had heart scans done because we were concerned with him having chest pains when he was stressed out. Thankfully he is fine. The heart scan showed that I have major heart problems which thankfully I am now being treated for. I would or could have died from a major heart attack and never known what was wrong but Robert insisted that we go together as we have always done to have this easy , inexpensive procedure and now I have the ability to fight this disease and live together for a long time.

  • I'm thankful for friends, family,, WOW, having plenty of food, love and health.

  • I am thankful for life. After having a life threating blood clot, every day is a blessing and I look at the world with new eyes and a new heart. Each moment is truly a gift and can't be wasted in negative thoughts or feelings.

  • I'm thankful for my family and friends, and for my job that moved me to Hawaii. I'm thankful for having God in my life, and being there for me through it all.

  • I am thankful for the beauty & variety of colour in life and for the joy and love that animals and people bring. I am thankful for our gorgeous dog who reminds me daily how to take such great pleasure from the most simple of things; he even wees cheerfully! Thank you 🙂

  • I'm thankful for all the joy in my life. My job that allows me to help others (massage therapist), the unconditional love of family and friends in my life, and my new 15 week old Siamese kitten named Apollo. They are the sun shine of my life.

  • I am thankful for my family.

  • I am thankful for Life, just waking each morning in good health, nice home and enough food to eat and friends, family are the basic necessary things we all need to thank God for.

  • i may not have money but i am very thankful to have healthy kids and a loving husbend who works to put food on the table. i am thankful for having a life i have always dreamed of even in hard times.

  • im thankful for having a family i care for ,a job thats pays well

  • I am thankful for learning who I really am. I am greatful for being able to follow my path in spiritual healing. I cannot wait to learn more about the Angels and bring comfort to people who need to be healed. Thank you Archangel Michale and for all the Angels who helped me get through some rough times. Never again will I doubt.

  • I am so thankful that we had our third child. The differing journey we travelled opened up my life to so much more joy after long years of Perinatal Depression with my other two children. He has helped me love my older children more and brought some sunshine back into my life.

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