The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • Hi Y'all, I am currently going thru a rough patch. I am a single-mom with a wonderful 7 yr old Capricorn daughter. I have been jobless for over 7 months now. Tough market and money is so tight.

    But I am still blessed to be a mom, a friend and to wake up each morning and see what the day will bring.....

    Being a Cancer, some days I really have to push myself to get out there and make things happen. Friends help. So do walks and exercise. You never do know what is right around the corner that can change your world.

  • I am thankful that our solar system orbits far enough from the galactic core to avoid fatal doses of cosmic radiation issued from our resident super-massive black hole.

    For gouda cheese and rich, red wine enjoyed with my wife... for magnetic fields and hydrogen fusion, tomato soup and lentils, photosynthesis and little babies that laugh a lot . . . et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.

  • I am thankful to my brother, Rob, who has provided much support for me.

    Thankful to Earth for providing us with the vital elements, that we may live.

  • I am thankful for this beautiful planet; the power of the human spirit and the spark of the Divine in all of us; the knowledge that wherever my path takes me, I am meant to be there and it is all for learning and I am taken care of; the ability to express through art, music and writing; the knowledge that we are all connected and I am especially thankful for love & friendship...

  • I am thankful for the knowledge that astrology has given me. Sites likes these allow myself and others to come together and connect in ways that help us grow. I give thanks for every day and I hope to be the positive change in the world that I hope to see.

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  • I am thankful for the good changes that have happened in my son's life recently, for both of my dear sons, for my friends, for the fact that although I have little money, I can see the ocean from my windows. For the wonders of nature, the depth and intensity of my personality, although it causes me much emotional pain at times. For my ability to keep keepin' on, and finding things and people to love.

  • I am thankful for..................................................................... My Life

    My children,

    my husband and every day that I get to spend with them,

    the sun on my face,

    the gift of loving embrace,

    smiles on my face,

    the wonderful feeling of love,

    trees and flower's that I get to smell each day,

    I am thankful for my health,

    the job that I have,

    the roof over our head,

    for my pet's that love unconditionally,

    my friend's and family,

    and just thankful that GOD has given me lesson's to learn and for everyday that I will look forward too and the memories that you create!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im thankful for my family both here and in guam, for the loves of my life my daughter Kaleisa Marie and my boyfriend Joshua, for my career, for the days that I wake to peacefulness and life, for the fact that everyday is new and exciting and for the lessons and memories that i have been taught by and have created with all those in my life especially the LORD God Almighty. GOD BLESS!!!

  • At times I think I have nothing to be thankful for because of all the heart pounding drama that spins me into endless circles and can bring anyone into deep dark places. I get a lot of people with serious issues that surface in my life including family and myself . And I am 100% sure that God has alot to do with that. So......

    I am thankful for being able to use the skills I have to mend broken hearts, fix torn families and bring back those who have been lost from the light. I am also thankful for the recent blessing that was bought into my life and I known the almighty had something to do with that. Good deeds pay off and make sure you are thankful enough to cherish the gifts that come back to you three or ten fold or more ( or you could lose them) . Being thankful can refresh your soul and warm your heart, so when the birds are singing to bring in the morning try to slowly enjoy thier song and think.

    Before one lets thier feet hit the floor there should be a moment of relfection and enlightment. Make sure to go over the things you think disapponited you yesterday and then make at three good things that pleasure or will pleasure you in present day. ( It might be hard to do at first, but clearing your mind and releasing all the garbage does wonders for not only your mind but also your soul) Good luck :).

  • Meals on Wheels is an excellent organization. I've cleaned homes for the elderly that receive this blessing. Count my story toward their contribution please.

    My thanks...

    A double edged sword. Lived with a man 10years my senior for 18 yrs. The force behind the man that made him great. The housewife that did everything but make the money. He was not faithful, he gambled and he loved drama. I silently prayed daily for two years to learn to live without his money. I burned candles, cast spells, created incantations until it happened. He threatened one too many times to leave and I said go...whatcha waiting for? Christmas? He left. I lost the house, I lost my family lured to him by his money and from me by my anger. Four years later I have built my business of house cleaning what else does a housewife know? from $720 a month to much more and it grows with my confidence in myself and my focus to live with what I make. I am thankful I learned to value myself as an individual. Yes, a Scorpio, yet a woman with fears, overwhelming fears of insecurity after being the housewife for so many years. I am thankful I learned to live for me making me a better person for the family that returned when my anger was let go. So much more to this story with so many challenges I was often overwhelmed and prepared to give up as I was forced to do every thought every move alone without siblings, deceased parents and grandparents, estranged from my family.....but the best part is I found me. Through blue skies and quiet rains, jelly sandwiches lots of them actually bought with change one week for bread, the other week the biggest jar of jelly my change would allow and my adorable cats I discovered life was bigger and better than I ever imagined and a man's six figure income didn't make the sky bluer. I found happiness through the granting of one ill placed wish. Be careful what you wish for if you're not up for the challenge. I am grateful, I was and still am.

  • I am thankful for an ability to learn and grow and for the fact that God will not give us more than we can handle.

  • I am thankful for the vehicle I have to drive, I am thankful for this part time job I found when I lost my full time. I am thankful I was able to receive food stamps. I am thankful for my harley davidson for my mobile home I own, for my health, for my friends, my little kittens, my wonderful growing relationship with God. I am thankful to all the world for Steve may he return and know my love for him. Thaankyou for keeping me alive and able to go forward. Also, my clariety I have had and the trueness my heart is seeing and the ability to feel mentally strong to return to school.

  • I am grateful for the many opportunities to help others in a simple way. Thank you for giving us a chance to help Meals on Wheels.

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  • I am thankful for the love and support I received from Steve May and my daughter Mar. Please send good wishes for them. Loraine

  • OMG!!!! Where do I begin? My purpose for commenting to this thread is this....

    I began a topic a couple of months ago "Broken Hearted After Loss of Only Child". I explained that when my only son died in a car accident just before his 18th birthday that we didn't have any life insurance or anything besides my retirement and a little savings. Both of these were totally exhausted to pay for funeral expenses....Then, I took a leave of absence to et my self together and they recently let me go! What luck!

    It was asked of all those on the thread to donate just a dollar to help buy a headstone for my son's grave by one of the continued members. I was in total shock that a complete stranger to me would have the compassion to help. I provided some information not really expecting anything to truly come of this! (Okay, I'm a true gemini in my skeptisism!) BUT guess what?

    I just received a generous donation for Chris' Headstone from DevineEvanescence a true angel. I am forever GRATEFUL to her for her compassionate gift. Many thanks to you my friend and to the maker that gave you such a beautiful heart! Not only the gift blessed me tremedously but moreso that you have made me gain faith in that there are true compassionate people out there!!!

    I am also grateful for challenges like this for the cause! Keep up the good work and let's all pitch in to help!

    4-Ever grateful,


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