The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am grateful for this beautiful November day, so sunny & bright! I am grateful I was able to spend time with those I hold dear. I am grateful for the friends who are always there. I am grateful for the wonderful conversation I had with my best friend and grateful that each time we talk we are able to exchange blessing that we have bbeen given.

  • I am thankful for this world. I am thankful that despite pain and tragedy and dark times, life truly does find a exists and I am thankful that I love and that I am loved. I am thankful that I feel joy and have the capacity to see the harmony within chaos. I am thankful that I am me, faults and all. I am thankful for all the amazing wonderful people who are in my life, they make me a better person by association. I am thankful I was born to my parents, thankful that I was gifted my children, thankful that I was blessed to be in love with the man I am in love with ...

    I am thankful for my mind. I am thankful for the strength in me that doesn't allow defeat entry in to my psyche. I am thankful that I see the strength in everyone around me and thankful that strength bolsters strength. I am thankful that i have the trust of others so when they say catch me, i'm there...

    I am thankful for chocolate! And wit. And scientific minds and spiritual beings. I am thankful for the sound of children's laughter and the smell of coconut and vanilla and the aroma of the man I love and everything and everyone and I am thankful for this forum and forums like this because just writing what it is one is thankful for infuses a glow of hope and joy and strength ... glow-bal warming...I

  • I'm thankful for Life. I'm am thankful for the wonderful family and friends whom add to my life. I'm truly blessed. I'm thankful for the opportunities to learn or teach on a daily basis with life matters. They may not always be what I'd like them to be, but even in the days which are not so wonderful, I've learned something. Live, love, laugh and learn along the way is my moto for in each experience brings more moments to learn and be thankful for... I know I've become a lot wiser and more free to experience life on positive levels; I wish this experience for everyone... 🙂

  • iim so very thankful for my sobriety. im thankful for my children and my grand children, my friends and my parents. im thankful there are people that care what we put out such as this blog. im thankful for my pets .im thankful i can today i can be who iam without wanting to be who you thankful for the people who pass through my life and the ones who stay ,im thankful th experinces good and not so good that have brought me down this path i travel today. im very thankful for my higher power who knows whats best that i can give up control actually the illiosion of control. i know i found this late but putting out good thought do produce good. id llike to see this continue cheryl

  • I am so very thankful for my family, unconditional love, humility, and good health. I am thankful that in this difficult time for everyone has left me working harder to appreciate the simple things in life and learn any lesson that I need to rather than live in the fear of what might happen tomorrow. Remember those who are struggling more than you this holiday season...they need us!

  • I'm am so grateful for the love my whole family shares...It's the foundation of our family started by my Grandparents... the entire family trusts one another we have fun together and trully enjoy every ones company.. we never hold anything back when conflict arise... we always talk it through and move on to what the future holds for us letting go of the conflict and never looking back on it again... knowing we have grown and learned from the mistake...We share a strong conection that more families need in this world... I am so trully thankful for the absolute amazing family I have. I love you all!!!!! of course i'm thankful for so many other things as well. Like the air we breathe the food we have to eat ect.....

  • My children first and foremost, my life (which I almost lost a year ago),my family,the belief that anything is possible and the possiblity of what can truly be.

  • I am thankful for:









    Instant messaging




    Men in my life

    Natural medicine



    Quick thinking




    Universal Love



    Xtra money this venue will be provided to Meals on wheels


    Zat I can do this!!

  • To my Creator, Thank you for the Gift of Life. To my Parents, Thank you for the choices you inspired in me, To my children, Thank you for showing me the way to your hearts and the value of unconditional love. To my Husband, Thank you for having faith in my abilities as a wife to mirror your strengths and forgive my weaknesses. To my Brother,Thank you for teaching me to share. To my dog Blue, gentle amber eyes, Thank you for your unconditional devotion and caring heart. To the rest of my Family out there.....Yes you....the one reading this. I love you and wish you everything you wish for yourself. Remember, there are only TWO emotions that influence our lives .... Love and Fear. I choose to live in LOVE, for that is what I want to see around me. Love, love, love, all you need is love...

  • I am thankful for my life , and everything around me. I couldnt ask for anything more in my life!! Thank YOu!!

  • I am thankful for my family. My mother especially. I am thankfull for my best friends, who are known as the muses, and I am thankful for my cats, funny as that may sound to some people, but without them I would have never went back to college. hmm

    Thank you

  • Darn, wish I had noticed this before to help the charity. What a GREAT idea. Either way though, I'm thankful for everything the universe has brought into my life this year. I'm thankful for my job during this economic crisis. I'm thankful for my friends, family and loved ones.

  • i am thankful for being as healthy as i am. and having a shelter, food and clothing. im thankful for the joy that god gives to me when i am not upset. i am thankful for my friends, family and boyfriend. i am thankful for living. i am thankful for having the talents, and physical abilities that i have, and lastly, thankful for my education.

  • I am thankful God got my mother through a difficult cancer surgery. Even the doctors were amazed how smooth it went. The father has promised to carry us through our troubles and that he does daily. No matter how hard life gets he never ceases to amaze me with that promise. My mother is healing greatly and the cancer is gone. Praise the Lord!!!!

  • Merrily we Meet,,

    I'm thankful that my oldest daughter has had a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. I'm thankful that another daughter has been strong while going through an eating disorder and is on her way to recovery. I'm also thankful that my wee one is so emotionally healthy and such a happy soul even though she's so lonely where we currently live and We're homeschooling. I'm so thankful for all the love I feel for my family and friends.

  • Post Hurricane Ike: Tornadoes and Texas pine trees don't mix well. We could hear the trees fall around us. We knew it was coming. The big one in the back couldn't take much more. I remember cheering when the tree finally hit our house during the storm. We all did. See, we were all in the same room, which is now the only room left in the house and we were all ok. Months later, things are very stressfull, but I am still thankful. I have my family. God has blessed us.

  • Life is truly wonderful and thankfulness goes a long way

  • I am thankful & grateful for a brautiful 15 anniversary. I am thankful my only sister had a sugery that went well and is fortunate to be recovering in a wonderful facality. I am grateful for my beautiful grandaughter and that I am fortunate to be sharing in her wedding plans. I am grateful for my tried & true friends. I am thankful God makes a way out of no way. I am grateful for my health, home and good finances. I am grateful for each person that crosses my path, may God bless each & every one.

  • Even though I am faced with some serious challenges right now. I will always be thankful for another day! Admiring the moon and stars in the evening, puffy clouds and brilliant blue skies after it rains. I am so very thankful for the health of my family and loved ones. And I am thankful for living in such a free country!

  • Grateful for all the people in this world we never read about who do good works. Grateful for the ability to see my glass as Half Full and to manage stressors. Gratitude for Tarot - do - com for doing this Good Karma Challenge, and for all who are participating. Sending love and light to all in need of some.

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