The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am thankful for my children every day. Although they may not always act like it, I know they love me and each other very much. They have been my inspiration and guiding light through all the tough times. They are my heroes and I could never do without them.

  • I am thankfull for my family every single member espesialy my son and husband my animal babies . and All the lessons I have learned.

  • am very thankful for my life today. my hp has giving me a great life with lots of love in it. Nov 24 I will have 5 years clean and am very thankful for it,. 5 years ago i just wanted to die. Today I want to live. where there was hate now is love and am very thankful for it. thanks

  • I'm so Thankfull for the new day and a chance to meet new individuals with concerbns for the days ahead. Thank you for all your help in Astrology other Meduims. Jeri

  • I'm so Thankfull for a new day and for all the individuals that I know and meet. Thank You Tarot .com for being at my fingertips. Jeri

  • I am thankful for my family and their support. I am going to have surgery on my left hand on December 1st. Even though I am scared the comfort that my family is giving is very helpful. I am thankful for three wonderful children and a great husband. I am really thankful for my mother still being here to give me advice. I am thankful that I can worship God the way that I want to without being told that I can't do so.

    I am thankful that we have a roof over our head and food an our table,because I and my family have been without food to eat and we have been homeless at one time as well. I am thankful that we are a family that looks out for eachother. I thank God every day for my family and friends every day.I am thankful for the Lord dying on the cross for mine and everyones sins.

    I am also thankful for the animals that we have had put in our lives. Mostly I am just thankful that I am still alive after all the times that I have been told that I should have been gone.Thank you for letting me tell what I m thankful for.sbaker1324

  • i am thankful for my very best friend in the whole world, phil. he's helped me with so much, its because of him i am who i am. i'm thankful for all of my other friends as well, each has helped shape part of me and are constantly there for me. i am thankful for my family, as crazy as they make me. i'm thankful to be healthy, breathing, and in one piece. i'm thankful for being able to live as comfortably as i am living. and finally, i am thankful for music, as silly as it sounds, it's gotten me through a lot in the past four years.

  • I am thankful.

    Thankful I am.

    Am I thankful?

    Truly thankful.

  • I´m thankful for all the spiritual knowledge that I´m getting about life and the world .It has opened my eyes and my life has more meaning now. I enjoy every minute and I feel that everything and everyone is connected. I´m thankful for the hard times that I have had in my life because I have learnt to appreciate things and the good people in my life. I´m thankful because I´m not afraid of life anymore, I can face each day with strenght and optimism.

    Thank you.

  • I am thankful for my job and my family. I am thankful and blessed to have a grandmother still living and blessing my six year old son who is a real joy. I very thankful to have my son as I was told 8 years ago I would never have a child by a medical doctor. I thankful to have been give a talent to heal people mental and physically as well. I have a job that will never lay off and a loving family.

  • I am thankful for an abundance of Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Happiness, Patience and Love which I share with all sentient beings.

  • I am thankful for an abundance of wealth, health, happiness, wisdom, patience and love which I share with all sentient beings.

  • I am thankful for the air we breathe for the time we have and the beings we are...

  • I'm thankful first ,and foremost that I have God in my life, also my good health and,the unconditional love from my children and husband.

  • i am most thankful for the people i have around me: my friends and my family. they have been a Godsend to me. with regards to my friends, i never expected them to do so much for me let alone be welcomed in their lives. with my family, my aunt and my two cousins have been supportive of every decision i made. all these people give me their unconditional love. i'm so lucky and i'm proud of all of them.

  • I am most thankful for my family, especially my loving husband and son. I appreciate having our home to relax in at night, our dog to snuggle, and an extended family which helps one another through hard times. I am so grateful for finding a job I love which allows me to be there for my son. Seeing him thrive in a new school this year, after difficulties last year, gives me something positive to focus on when fears of what the poor economy could mean for our future start to nag at me. Finally, I am so blessed to have a husband who is my rock of stability through good and bad times and the memories we share over the past 18 years.

  • I am gratiful for alanon, my family even if we don't always agree, my current boyfriend whom is teaching me it is okay to trust again, just by being true to himself, and being there for me unconditionally, and loving me unconditionally, I am gratiful to my ex? because without what was wrong between us showing up, and what was right, I don't think I would know what triggers certain reactions, and why I have these reactions.

  • I almost forgot to give thanks to the most important individual whom is responsible for it all, God. Without him who or where would I be? Or who or what could I be?

  • Thank you!

  • Extremely thankful for having God as the head of my life----my family, friends, health, and my life.

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