The Good Karma Community Challenge

  • I am thankful for my two healthy children.

  • I am extremely thankful for all I have in my life. I've got three beautiful children, wonderful family members, and awesome friends. I've got a lovely home, am three terms away from receiving my Bachelors degree and I am enjoying life tremendously. With the help of God, the Angels and my guides, everything in my life is as it should be, and I look forward to each new surprise that comes my way.

    I wish a wonderful Holiday season to all!!!

  • I am thankful that has created a place for us to share what we are thankful for, spreading good Karma and inspiration for those who sometimes struggle to see what they are thankful for. I am thankful that hopefully these posts can generate money for meals and wheels. And personally I am thankful for my mother, and grandparents, especially my grandmother who I lost earlier this year, that I was fortunate enough to have her in my life and have her be my grandmother. I miss her. ❤

  • I am thankful for being 27 years old, and being a single mom of 5 year old twin sons. I had a healthcare battle, and it didn't look good for a while. I thought of all the things I wanted to do in life, and how at my age, I couldn't be taken away because I needed to here for m children. I am so THANKFUL that I won out and the sickness did not. I am THANKFUL for my family and friends who have been there for me thru the good times and the bad. Most of all I am THANKFUL that i am able to wake up every morning with the opportunity to experience new experiences each and everyday.

  • I`m thankful for being alive.

  • I am thankful for change, and the hope that change brought.

    I look forward to seeing the way our country progresses.

    I am thankful for my life, health, and family.

    I am happy that I was given life, have my health, and

    have a great family to share it with.

    I am thankful for my loved ones and friends.

    I am grateful that I am surrounded by people with

    good hearts and minds.

    I am thankful for the soldiers.

    I am grateful that these brave people have worked to

    ensure our safety, and that their sacrifices have ensured

    the people of this country freedom. War is unnecessary,

    and I want the soldiers to know that their hard work is


    I am thankful for all the kind people in the world. We should

    all be grateful for the volunteers who sacrifice their time and

    energy for the greater good. We should all be grateful for the

    people who drive curtiously, look out for others, and offer their


  • I am not only thankful, but grateful as well. After being bit by a Brown Recluse spider. And having the doctor in the ER tell me I was either going to die or lose my right arm. After 4 operations and 32 days in the hospital. I'm thankful and grateful to have not only my life, but my arm as well. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  • I am thankful for a blessed life, my awesome daughter and husband, loving family and loving friends. I am thankful for inspirational authors and programs that have changed my life. Some of the changes included the courage and stamina to lose 115 pounds, but mainly to live the life that love sponsors. To avoid the pitfalls of fear and to live by love based actions.

  • i'm grateful for my interesting life, family, love of my life and my friends.

  • I am thankful for life and everything that was given to me! I am very grateful for the chance to live and learn from both painful and joyous moments. I am grateful for the guidance I constantly get so I could fulfill my life karmic lessons.

  • I am most thankful for my beautiful son, my supportive family and the begining of change for our country with the election of Obama.

  • I am grateful for my health, for my family and friends. I'm grateful for all the opportunities to learn in this life. I'm grateful for my lovely cosy bed (!)

  • Thankful for the ability to follow my dream, thankful to be able to help others (which ultimately helps me as well), thankful for health and vitality, for family and friends, and for our new president.

  • I am thankful for the relationship I have with my family and their support and encouragement about anything I do. Many families do not get along so well and I am very fortunate to have them to lean on when I need it. I am also thankful for the roof over my head, the food I eat every day, and my job that keeps that roof over my head and food on that table. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • I am thankful for the fact that having been at home looking for work since May 08 that I have found a wonderful position with a great firm. I am thankful for my co-workers and management, who strives to ensure that this remains a family-like atmosphere with no room for office politics. As a result of this position, I will be able to help someone who is less fortunate than I, and that is a humbling experience.

  • I am thankful for my family and friends, my health, my jobs, and having enough.

  • I am most thankful for the countless natural systems that a higher power put into place to make life possible, from the chemical and respitory processes of our bodies to the natural cycles of water, carbon, and nitrogen, life is sustained by a million natural processes every day that are far too complicated, intricate, and perfectly resulting in life to be anything other than creation. Yet most of the time all these small miracles go unnoticed because we take them for granted...and some people say there are no miracles anymore!? I say, as long as we live, miracles are occurring!

    Happy Holidays : )

  • I am very thankful for my family and education. I have a large, caring family. We like to laugh and have our moments of heated discussions, which helps all of us to learn not only how to respect opinions that differ from our own, but teaches us to look at issues from other perspectives. Very thankful that my mother moved back to Chicago from Florida, so she could be closer to her adult children and grandchildren. Love you Mom!

  • I am thankful for all the things in my life, my dear husband, my 5birds and two dogs.I have many good friends and family to support me. God has given me very much to thank him for, I have been blessed by more than anyone could need. sue

  • I'm thankful that everyone is an individual and we are provided the opportunity to enrich the lives of those around us on a daily basis.

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