• Hi Everyone,

    I really enjoyed hearing about Soapmakers ghost experiences and seeing her photos of ghosts and would love to hear more about others experiences with spirits. Would love you to share your story and photos if you have them would be fantastic to see.

    I'll start off with my own experience......

    Years ago I lived in a double story house with my Dad, Stepmum and Sister. We used to hear distinct footsteps through the front part of the house and up the stairs at all times of the day and night. The front door used to sound like it was opening and closing when we would be waiting for my father to come home from work and we would comment that he was home but he never came in. The front door had a very distinct sound when opened.

    Also I remember one weekend being awake for a long time laying in my bed listening to everyone else up and cooking breakfast. I was in the front bedroom downstairs. When I got up out of bed I was pushed back onto it. I thought that was really weird but at the time didn't think too much of it. So I got up again and continued to walk around the queen size bed towards the doorway and was pushed onto the bed again. Obviously some playful spirits having some fun! Please share your stories (and pics if you have them). Thanks.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hi Wenchie, First the one that scared me : Thirty year ago, I was with a friend at a beautiful spot on a lake. It was a sunny May day and I decided to run up this hill. My friend chased after me & I reached the top and froze ... There at the top was a cemetary and a young girl, brown hair, brown dress, barefoot was chasing after a rabbit. My friend made it to the top & I said, Do you see that? As I spoke the girl & rabbit disappeared. He didn't see anything. I started shaking so badly and got the heck out of there, lol! Took me Years before I would ever go back there, even though the scene was a happy, playful one.

    The second one was minor and I saw no figure. It happened repeatedly: a rocker would begin to rock in my living room all on its own. It would happen when I was alone in the room, my dog or puppy I should say, would react with barking and sort of attacking the rocker. I would get up & pick up the pup to stop him from barking and the area around the rocker was ice cold. It too was an older home and I rented an apt. there. I ended up moving because whatever it was in the rocker didn't feel friendly : ) The chair never rocked on its own again!

  • Hi Wenchie,

    I’ve never seen a ghost but have lived in a couple houses where I felt really uneasy like there was spirit present. The first was my grandparent’s house. I never felt like I was alone in that house. The second was an old house that we rented. My fiancé told me that he saw a spoon float across our kitchen once. I had an experience in that house where I heard a dog lapping water but there was no dog there.


  • Thanks Laie4 and Luvslife for responding!

    *Laie4, I have never actually "seen" a ghost and I'm not sure how i would react, I suppose it would depend on whether I felt it was friendly or not, but I would probably be frightened as well. If I felt something in that rocker did not feel good, I would move too!

    *Luvslife, It's funny, but I think most of us can sense if there is something in a house or not. It's good that the experience you had in the house you rented was not an unpleasant experience. Most of us can learn to live with "others" if we feel they are not there to harm. When I walk into a house, I usually get an immediate feeling about the energy of the house. When I first came to inspect my unit to, I loved it and knew I would be happy here. I believe have a spirit here, always hearing funny noises, but I feel safe here, even after living here on my own for over 2 years, I have never felt scared about being on my own.

    Thank you both for sharing.

  • Anyone else?

  • I had dreams of a spirit in my house when we first moved in as a kid, I think I was 10 yrs old. I then heard a rumor from a friend that was friends with a girl that lived in the house previously that a man had died next to the furnace in the basement which was exactly where I saw him in my dream. Then a few years later my room was in the basement ( dont worry it was a finished part of it) it was x-mas eve and I saw and felt a spirit pass through my door and right past me. It didnt scare me suprsingly. I also had dreamt of my 2 grandmothers after they passed and they revealed some important details of my life to me. The night my ex husbands friend died in a car wreck I woke up to a very loud knock (3 times) and I knew something was horribly wrong. I later dreamed of him too and he told me to tell mu husband that he was okay.

  • Well I didn't see this but that was the problem. My grandmother stole my stick pin off the desk and then put it back. I used to put our estimate sheets on the wall in front of me so if I was on the phone I could see them all. And one day I took one down and laid the pin on the desk. Now i didn't have a cluttered desk because I don't work well like that so I went to the shop in the back and was talking to my husband. When I came back and started to put the sheet back on the wall the pin was now where to be found. Oh I know your thinking it rolled under something. No I check every thing, the top of the desk under the computer, the monitor, in the drawer. Got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the desk. That pin was gone. I went back to the shop to tell my husband what happened and then came back to the office. The whole time I had that sheet still in my hand. And there in the middle of my desk was that pin. Well I thought at first it my have been my sister because she died 2 months after my grandmother. Now my sister had Muscular Dystrophy and was a poster child when she was 4. She never walked let alone crawled. So ok who better to come and give me a hard time now that she could. So I said ok Teresa thanks for giving me back the pin. And then I said oh I am sorry it wasn't Teresa it was you Buddie (mygrandmother,that's what I always called her) well I guess I had that coming for all the little pranks I put you through. And a few days later she came to me in a dream that was a visitation because a visitation doesn't fad like a dream does. Pretty amazing. I was so jazzed.

  • Oh yeah the dreams are really something else. Its like you are really with that person. ANd their mouths dont move when they talk you can read each others thoughts. VERY Intresting. I do this with my ex bf too. I think we are soulmates when I dream about him we are actually communicating with each other. I also dream of his future and he tells me later that I was scarily accurate.

  • And it was in color. I don't recall ever dreaming in color. And I talked to her. I was so surprised I said wow Buddie you look really good what are you doing here and she told me. Funny and not ha ha.

  • what did she tell you? if you dont mind me asking

  • Well I am going to call it a night also. I hope I can sleep I have had a lot of coffee. So tomorrow's another day. Later girls.

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  • Hi Soapmaker,

    Please do feel free to share your stories and pics, they are amazing. I've been gasbagging with Chris and have to go to bed, but I'll talk to you all later today! :-))

  • Hi All,

    I live with ghost most of my life as well! I have currently 3 ghost that stick around in my house and many other that pop in and out to check in on us! I have many pictures and have many conversation's with some of them and I would love to share the pictures as well!

  • Ok here is one of my first dealings with ghosts.

    I was 12 years old and share a room with my younger sister. We lived in an old Cape Cod house. We knew the house had sat down on the corner of the street and had been rolled up onlogs to were it sits now.

    At night when we were getting ready to sleep, we would hear scratching on the wall. I told my sister it was a ghost. We were afraid of it. When I moved out of the house to get married and start my family, my mother had remarried and we rented the same house when I was younger.

    One evening I did a "scrying" with candles and water and asked him to let me see who he is. he came into the room and I saw that he was a tall younger man, dressed in late 1700's clothing. He said nothing to me. The next year I was 20 yrs old and we had my family, brother and sister in laws over. I saw him standing in the hallway and asked him to show a sign to tohers that he was there. I could see him but the others couldn't.

    One by one the light sets on the tree went out. When they all had seen what happened, I asked the ghost to relight them and he did.

    On another night, my husband and I were in bed, when I felt a presence nearby. There was a door that closed the upstairs off. In the crack of the door, I watched as a light moved down the stiarway, come out under the door and disappated. The first orb of spirit movement, but there wasn't a name for it then.

    The basement of the house felt bad and negative. We had a dog that would stand at the basement door and growl, with its fur standing up. When ever we had to do wash down there, it felt horrible with thousands of eyes watching you. The ghost down there would delight in scaring us enough to run up the steps.

    The upstairs ghost told me that before the huse was moved to its current location, there were graves underneath and he was protecting us from the negative ghost down there.

    One afternoon, I was in the shower. I heard my name being called, and I asked my husband what did he need. I heard my name again. There was a window in the shower that looked out into the backyard. My husband and son were playing out there.

    Just one of the ghost I have lived with. Here in this old farm huse I share it with ghost animals and civil war soldiers as well as former owners.

    My home is ove125 years old.

  • Soapmaker,

    I don't think I would like to have to go into a basement to do washing. In Australia, our laundries are another room in the house, as like a bathroom or bedroom and normally from the laundry there is a backdoor leading to the backyard. Lucky you had a good spirit protecting you from the negative spirit. Animals are very good judge of character and very sensitive, if the dog was growling and fur up, I would not want to go down there either!!!!

    Devine Evanescence,

    Please share your stories and pics, i would love to hear them and see your photos. Thank you! :-))

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  • AriesPiscesCusp,

    Thanks for sharing your story, it WAS really interesting!!! :-))

  • Great story! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • libralair???you mentioned you seldom dreamt in COLOR.?? surprising, as I never dreamt in black and white ONLY 1 time of a sad street in boston, i later visited that yr with my former hubby J.nothing much of it. I always DREAM ONLY IN COLOR. i can't image people who dream in black in white, it felt creepy to me the one time i did that.

    I"M a recognized mystic, psychic member of amorc order 30 yrs.

    as for ghost, the name humans gave them,

    i saw a farm neighbors cat get run down slightly on the dirt road years ago, it of course did not survive, and the next day, during early evening about 7pm, i sat watching tv. in the semi darkness and watched as the same type of cat, ghost of it, walked out of one tiny bedroom and across the dim lit hallway, and thru the black spanish paneling wall.

    another time, i had gone to scranton pa, to their vine st. library over 15 yrs ago,

    alone, and to find the book by i think author brad steiger, named : Gods of Aquarius.

    well, iasked the librarian at her counter of it, she mentioned the NEW age type books were down the winding spiral staircase to the lower floor, I turned left and went there, down it,

    and stopped, rows of books were into a medium sized room, I stood there and said out loud to myself, I wonder where that book can be., and ITS FELL ONTO THE FLOOR>

    this is truth. the VERY book i had arrived for ,fell to the floor for me.

    I don't know if a entity did it, or my inner self.

    i asked my order of this and they just replied, something not helpful, like oh, how nice.

    imageine that. for a reply.

    i also had asked them of a parrell time, as i seen the ghost cat like mentioned,

    walk thru the wall, they said, thats a topic for some time in the future.

    well, its over fifteen yrs and nothing on it.

    well, as for other type ghosts. when i was about age either 4 to 5 i saw in the darkness of my downstairs bedroom in winter, A angel with long purest white wings. all aglow. strawberry blonde long hair, like the ones into photo,s likely souls have seen those for thousands of years and thats HOW they know to portray them looking as such.

    THE angel as i cried when my mother came in to pick me up, the angel i looked,at her,

    she just had her RIGHT hand Raised as if to either quiet me or bless me, or both.

    and i wiped my eyes from tears and she was gone.

    our mind ,can likely see something just before totaly wakeing up,

    and of course MOST clairvoyance experiences DO occur just before waking up,

    in life, they seldom occur, and out inner soul self can ALLOW THem to occur.

    some say we have a master Within us.,we are souls of light. living of course into what is termed HUMAN bodys, our skin as they call IT. is water proof, we walk thru electricity, a word used for ? what we walk thru seems to be the powers of what they termed GOD.

    its there, but no seen. theres much we were not taught, and the schools do not teach people or children to become more masters of their INNER Mind abilitys as some of them, likely would be zapping others off the seats, if too powerful, though in reality, those types would anyway, come to know their inner ability power. ONE can return another persons evil back to them,

    easily, IF The other person IS bad, or acting evil. or abusive all the time to the other one.

    its often also though, good idea to try to under stand where others are coming from, or why they feel some ways, sometimes a person is only moody due to being hungry,

    others have real problems, you cannot correct. its best to avoid nasty people.

    and not try to always please them, as you can NOT. no matter what amt of anything YOU give to another soul, if they are not a mid or higher level soul, your intentions and gifts etc, help,etc, won't be really appreciated. and do know that NOW they are terming some individuals who are really upsetting and mean, as BI polar, and attention def. disorcer, read up online of it,

    i did secure a book, at the library in to ny and it stated that Attention def. disorder persons one trait is that THEY print or write sentences with NO spacing, the words are all cluttered together,

    this doesn' make them NOT smart at books and tests.

    though most of them likely live into a adrenaline rush, daily,.. and cannot get to sleep sometime until past one am. without medication to slow down the mind.

    which is helpful to them.

    they are the first ones to shout shut up, and stop talking, to parents ,..and punch someone,

    etc. forgetting to make their beds, or not caring to be tidy, etc.. though noones so perfect.

    some people are called lazy if they do not get up and run out to jobs and all over the place,

    seems noones satisfied with anyone. in life.

    as for love and sensuality, issues.. one finds out by age like sixtys that theres just sillyness of most of it, and glad then that one did NOT parcipitate in former actions in youth.

    best to be protective of self, the greater regenge to mean people if you have them around you, is to , NOT be availalbe all the time for them to use you for anything,

    and to out live them.

    avoid fats after five pm. consider looking into omega 3 fish capsules, they prenent inflamation of the inner body, heart, and more and help prevent many issues.

    and sold at all stores. low cost. and try to keep friends around or online to self, of like mind.

    though do NOT Tell others where you reside ,live. as you truly do NOT know exactly if they are whom they claim to be.

    I find great laughs these weeks presently from the librarys dvd comedys of BRITISH comedies of JEEVES and wooster, which you can consider looking up online at the free site called YOUTUBEcom. type in Wodehouse Jeeve & wooster videos.

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