Determining Optimal Romantic Compatibility Using Natal Chart Info

  • Hi. If you are an experienced natal chart reader/interpreter, please answer this question for me. My question is: Which sign/sign combination do you think I'd be most compatible with(romantically) given my below natal chart:

    • Zodiac in degrees (0.00) *

    Sun: Libra (11.51)

    Moon: Libra (0.50)

    Mercury: Virgo (25.00)

    Venus: Leo (29.55)

    Mars: Virgo (3.32)

    Jupiter: Sagittarius (7.27)

    Saturn: Scorpio (4.13)

    Uranus: Sagittarius (6.13)

    Neptune: Sagittarius (26.41)

    Pluto: Libra (28.46)

    Lilith: Aquarius (22.32)

    Asc/North node: Gemini (18.01)

    Desc/South Node: Sagittarius

    • Placidus Orb:(0) *

    Ascendant: Sagittarius (0.07)

    House II: Capricorn (1.54)

    House III: Aquarius (9.05)

    House IV: Pisces (15.57)

    House V: Aries (16.27)

    House VI: Taurus (10.24)

    House VII: Gemini (0.07)

    House VIII: Cancer (1.54)

    House IX: Leo (9.05)

    Midheaven: Virgo (15.57)

    House XI: Libra (16.27)

    House XII: Scorpio (10.24)

    I'd REALLY appreciate the insight. Thanks again.

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