Romantic Compatibility Using Natal Chart Info

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    Which sign is most romantically compatible with my natal chart(shown below)? Thanks in advance for your input.?

    Hi. If you are an experienced natal chart reader/interpreter, please answer this question for me. My question is: Which sign/sign combination do you think I'd be most compatible with(romantically) given my below natal chart:

    • Zodiac in degrees (0.00) *

    Sun: Libra (11.51)

    Moon: Libra (0.50)

    Mercury: Virgo (25.00)

    Venus: Leo (29.55)

    Mars: Virgo (3.32)

    Jupiter: Sagittarius (7.27)

    Saturn: Scorpio (4.13)

    Uranus: Sagittarius (6.13)

    Neptune: Sagittarius (26.41)

    Pluto: Libra (28.46)

    Lilith: Aquarius (22.32)

    Asc/North node: Gemini (18.01)

    Desc/South Node: Sagittarius

    • Placidus Orb:(0) *

    Ascendant: Sagittarius (0.07)

    House II: Capricorn (1.54)

    House III: Aquarius (9.05)

    House IV: Pisces (15.57)

    House V: Aries (16.27)

    House VI: Taurus (10.24)

    House VII: Gemini (0.07)

    House VIII: Cancer (1.54)

    House IX: Leo (9.05)

    Midheaven: Virgo (15.57)

    House XI: Libra (16.27)

    House XII: Scorpio (10.24)

    I'd REALLY appreciate the insight. Thanks again.

  • I really don't know how to read the chart. I would assume that I am suppose tho match the number. Am I correct?

  • On this site: it says (roughly) that you should be with someone with a major sign in whatever you have in the 7th house. Then you should look at that sign's ruling planet and see what you have in that. Your ideal partner would have traits inherent to someone with these two signs.

    So you have Gemini in the 7th which is ruled by Mercury which you have in Virgo - so you would like Gemini/Virgos.

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