These 2 Dates Have Been Bugging Me Since

  • Upon awakening and rising out of my bed on the morning of 11-11-2009, these two dates flashed before me. The dates are 01/11/2010 and 11/01/2010. My Twin Flame said he received a message in a dream about the same dates but didn't remember when he awoke. I'd like to know why we both awoke with both these dates in our mind and what if anything, they signify? Since then, many strange unusual things started happening around me and him but mostly to me, and I'd like to either put an end to it or know the answer 'why' and its significance. Our birthdates are: MINE 04/04/1948 and HIS 03/26/1975

  • Hi i did different google search regard ur dates. Best explanation is on the link below, its a psychic perspective.

    i hope it sheds some light on ur questions.

    blessed be

  • Thank you, I don't see the link though. Did you forget to type it in or perhaps it was deleted by the forum admin?

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