Seers of past lives, i CHALLENGE YOU!

  • Sorry for the slightly obnoxious title, but I've lately started putting more faith into divination and psychic powers, though only after practicing a few of my own.

    I'd like to have some further insight into my past life/lives. When I was little, up until I was maybe five, I talked about living in another country with another mommy and daddy and how they and I died. I'm not going to elaborate any further, because I'd like to see if what I was saying and what I remember is real. If it helps, I used to scream and cry horribly whenever the fire alarm went off, and it would take quite a bit for my parents to calm me down. I also have a horrible fear of burning to death, and almost can not take watching it happen on television and film - it makes me feel like everything inside is constricting.

    Yes, I have a memory from that life, or at least something like it. It's the memory of the night that I died. But, in having a decent idea of how old I might have been, and after being told many a time that my soul is quite old, I do not believe that it was the only one I've had.

    If someone could give me something a little more in depth on the past life I claimed to remember as a child, or a vague idea of all other lives I've had, it would be most appreciated.

  • From what I sense that you said, it was in the 1700's - mid 1800's in the region of Yoguslavia. You and your family lived in a small village and the was small wars going on all arouns. Innocent people were being taken. Villages were burned with people in them. They did not care, the men that were burning the villages. They wanted to wipe it out. Your father tried to save you and your family, but he was beaten and then burned with the rest of the men in the village. You, your mother and siblings were inside the house when it was set on fire.

    Does this sound like anything you see?

    light & blessings

  • Would like to know where I was in my past life cause I have an attraction to Savannah Georgia and Rio for no reason.

    Since I saw Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil I've had an urge to go to Savannah.

    Also after I saw Wild Orchid I had an urge to go to Rio.

    It's like I've been to both places but I've never been out of Australia.

    It's weird.In a good way.

  • This post is deleted!

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