In Love with A Guy! Is he the Wrong or the Right One?

  • Let me start off by giving you a brief description of our relationship. We started out as co workers then gradually entered into a relationship. We were together for a few months before he cheated on me while i was away at school. After that a year and a half went by without speaking to him. I went back to work at old job i had for the summer and he wasn't working there which was a blessing. However as a week went by i start seeing him come up there. I was told that he left and never been back up there until i came back for the summer. Then i went back to school and we never spoke again until the last semester. We started talking on the phone and flirting a little bit at the time i didn't know he was seeing anyone. When i graduated i went back to my home town and we remain friends on and off being there for each other. When eventually reconnected intimately and i became the other women when i discovered he was seeing someone. Which was the worst feeling in the world. However, i keep trying to leave and end the friendship and everytime i stop talking to him he calls me and pulls me back in. It s so hard because i recently determined that i m still in love with this guy and that i don't know how i can remain friends without telling or acting like it. Help me please! What should i do? Should i follow my heart and advise him that i m still in love with him and that i want him to leave his girl? Or should I end the friendship and tell him that we can no longer speak to each other anymore?

  • Hi Tweety, Yes, I believe you should end this. I don't think a love triangle is beneficial for anyone. I think you need to have a reality check as to what this truly is, then it may not be so hard to break-away. It sounds like you didn't know he was involved w/anyone. Do you really want to be in love w/someone who doesn't care that he is intimate w/2 people, or is going to eventually have someone else anyway. Honesty is the best policy and he is not being honest w/you. This is someone that you can not trust.

  • Believe me, you can do better! Why are you allowing someone to make you their sloppy seconds? Don't you think you deserve to be someone's one and only. It doesn't take a a cricket to know that you are a worthwhile person that has a lot going for her and with a little time and patience you will meet the one meant for you. Do you really want to spend your time waiting and loving someone who isn't prepared to make you their one and only? It will be painful at first, but it is time to let go. Run, don't walk.

  • You can definately do better!

    Believe me, I've dumped slightly better than him!

  • Tell him how you feel, its always very important to let him know how you feel. You never know it just might be what breaks the ice and gets things going again, and then again it just might help you see the light that you need to move on for you!

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