What Do Capricorn Men Act Like

  • I have to agree with most that is being said about the capricorn men. I was married to 2 Capricorns. I just dated a third, and probably will not see him again, just b/c I know how things get with them. They can be controlling, good in bed, want to be mothered, both of mine were hard workers, but, with Taurus and I just recently found out that my Capricorn rising is probably what causes some issues, and with I can not take being controlled anymore in my life. I was seeing a cancer, and oh boy, I was not prepared for that man!!!!

  • wicked>>I can not take being controlled anymore in my life

    Sandran712>>I never had a man control me and maybe this Capricorn knows I stand my ground and figures it would not work with me and moved on.And what the hellll is it about a Capricorn and their fingernails.They are so fixiated on their fingernails.???

  • leoscorpion>>try call him more often, not at work hours

    Sandran712>>Nope! I don't care about him anymore.See... I am not like other posties.When I do not hear from them.I fade and walk away.I don't care...I am not investing time and energy on a Capricorn.It's a headache.He knows where I live.Same for the Cancer classmate.He can't answer a question.He needs to leave me the helll alone.

  • LOL

    yeah it doesn't seem he is interested any way

    he doesn't dislike you or he will be sarcastic if you call

    but it's just friends or looking for a sh ag for him I guess

    if he is interested he will be calling or texting (after work of course)

    even if you are not replying or calling/texting

    he will definitely show up at your door as I think you said his house isn't far from yours

    they can be ambitious like that, be it work or romance

  • leoscorpion>>he will definitely show up at your door as I think you said his house isn't far from yours

    Sandran712>>I just think guys in general only want a booty call.Regardless if they get it or not.They never come back.Just shows they are not interested in you but, what they want from you.But, yes he lives 10 miles down the road.The romantic feelings are not there.Not the same as what I had with my son's dad.I keep in mind.If the feeling is not the same as what I once had...the interest is not there.As I said... he knows where I live...He knows my email.If he can't remember my phone number..There is a way to contact me.I don't need a man...I never needed one when my son's dad was around.It should not be any different now.Men just play with your feelings when they get bored with themselves.Or they feel shittty and what to drag someone down with them.

  • I used to think that way about men

    but now that I am in a great marriage I started to see things differently

    my hubby had a few relationships where the girl either cheated on him or just using him

    one girl moved in, when he bought a new house, and then tried to kill him with a knife out of the blue LOL so he kicked her out. another girl came into his life, things were fine, until he came home finding her with another man in his bed, he almost killed the guy.

    then his mother (or some distant family) introduced him to her friend's daughter, he thought it would be great since he knew her family. first year was good. then he found out she was pregnant, wasn't his. there he had it. no more relationships, he said. and then he met me.

    so both of us had been battered in the past, both given up, but we decided to give each other a chance. If only I didn't take that chance, I wouldn't be married and all happy for 9 years now.

    It's not only the men. the women do the same. maybe not you, not I. but these other cheaters.

    I was doing fine single too, had my career ahead of me and eager to compete to climb to the top. But I suppose I can't have everything. I found love instead of good career. And no luck in employment too, I end up having family business. That's what life is. We just have to keep going

  • Hi Sandran712 just passing thru showing sum love. school is opened again so im back to business as usual. Im stiil going out with my cancer guy but we are taking it slow after my hearttwrenching experience. take care and good luck . gonna see on again soon, later

  • Dorluv>>my cancer guy but we are taking it slow

    Sandran712>>That is good.Good Luck with that..LOL

  • Sandran712>>Same for the Cancer classmate.He can't answer a question.He needs to leave me the helll alone.

    Sandran712> <still no="" word="" from="" cancer="" dumbass.lives="" in="" illinois.dec30th.<br="">And if I pisss off all men then so be it! I am getting so disgusted with divorced guys from school.Every guy I met in the past 5 years have all been divorced.No widowers,Because these stupid damn women that married them let them live to tell about it...LMAO..I just need to go back to my needlework and leave men alone.My experience alone would tell anyone Do Not Look For a Man on the internet.Even if it's a classmate from school.They are all bald with baggage that American Tourister won't touch.</still>

  • they do believe in coming back..and not letting go..its crazy how selfish they really are..

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