Help with reading on future relationship

  • Theres this guy i've been speaking to for a while, but we kept having petty arguments and hes had enough, but he asked if we could try after christimas but i cant see him still wanting to know me, so i did a reading on how our relationship would progress in months to come i pulled these 5 cards with no questions

    three swords i do this card is to do with work, but as far as i no he dosen't work, but he's sometimes busy.

    temperance i see this as finding the right chemicals in the relationship.

    two swords i no this is about balancing feelings

    page swords not sure.

    the sun i've allways seen this as a positive card

    can someone please help much appreciated

  • Did you pull them randomly, or as part of an abbreviated celtic cross? Just trying to understand the placement within your reading, before I give my impression of them.

  • randomly in a row

  • randomly in a row

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