Shadow Man (have you seen him?)

  • This has a bit of something to do with the other topic I started, but this isn't a request about past lives.

    There is a memory, or a dream, even, of my death in my past life. In this memory, I run past a man leaning on a wall in a wide-brimmed hat, what appears to be a trench coat and possibly a suit - all black. His face is not visible, but it is certain that he has skin, and is not an average spirit/"ghost" or shade. I bring this up because a friend I had in elementary school told me she saw him too - in her own dreams about her past life (she was a 'lady of the evening' in Scotland or Ireland) and he was the one that killed her. In my own memory, I never saw who killed me, but I always felt it was the man in the hat.

    I suppose if this was explained to a religious person, they would most likely say he either represents the Devil or is a demon. I've seen a "shadow being" (much like a ghost but is vapour-like, black, and eyes are glowing red orbs) and he is NOT one of those. Even the thought of him puts dread in my stomach, and he feels like the Reaper to me.

    So, I propose a few questions:

    To everyone;

    have you had a dream or memory of a past life where this man has been present?

    To the psychics;

    Who is he? What/Who does he represent? If applicable, what place does this entity hold in the spiritual world and what is his role/what are his duties? Is he an entity to be feared, or is he a neutral being only doing his work?

  • Neither is he an entity to be feared nor is he a neutral being only doing his work.

    If the natural potential is suppressed and blocked, there arise strong existential anxieties manifesting in states of kind of delusion of persecution or paralyzing phobias.

  • Hi Moon,

    I agree with Hans in thinking it is from the past and a phobia that comes to you in this lifetime.

    Shadow people are different then ghosts and spirits. A friend named Rosemary Giulley wrote a book on them with data from all that saw them.

    I have seen them many times. But they don't feel like spirits or ghosts to me. I have seen them follow ghosts. I really don't have an explanation for them.

  • He never felt like a ghost to me, which is why I posted a topic. The shadow people I've seen a few times, and have never felt anything but a child-like fear of them (the fear of what's unknown or foreign).

    But that you say you've seen them follow ghosts, perhaps they are some kind of protector? I woke from a nightmare as a child to see one peering it's head around my door, checking in on me. They certainly never felt unfriendly.

  • Don't really know. A friend told me they are inter dimensional

  • hi please tell me more of shadow type

    i have other things happening all the time

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