Death of 6 yr. old grandson

  • Hi All ! New to this site and not sure where to post this, astrology or psychic forum... My grandson died in a car accident on 20 Aug. 2009. Curious as to what planetary influences were at work that day and any interpretations you can make. Not sure if this is necessary, but his b-day was 7-18-03, sorry, can't remember the time. (Years before my daughter had a dream about this occurring so that is why I wasn't sure where to post.) Thank you for any info. Peace&Joy!

  • You have my most sincere sympathy--I lost a son in 2008. I am not an astrologer so cannot read planetary influence--even if I

  • could I don't think it would tell you "why" this terrible thing happenned. My sister was killed in a car accident years ago when I was in my twenties. The what ifs and whys consumed me. Some questions are never answered. You will heal faster if you surrender to that. There was nothing you or anyone else could have done to change his time to leave. Your daughter's dream was not a warning it was a glimps at fate. Her son came into her life a highly evolved soul. The big heart--the one who brings others together--the love gatherer. They are the ones who fill the room with a warm and sunny feeling. There mission is to heal others both in life and death. He protects and watches over you and he has done little things to say hello to his mother. He changed the channel on the tv when she went into the kitchen and he did something with a toy that made her laugh. He is there when she is most broken and will always remain close to everyone he loved.

  • Blmoon, Thank you for that kind reply and for sharing your loss (es) also. I will ask my daughter about the TV and toy. He was full of sunshine and a little imp!

    We have accepted this as his fate and it is because of my daughters dream and our beliefs that although we grieve, none of us are emotionally questioning why. Or I should say I'm not. (Wrong of me to speak for others.) Sad, yes, because he was joyful and because as a Mom, I wish this hadn't happened for my daughter. That said, a month ago, I could have never written this.

    I asked about planetary influences because like all aspects of life, I am eternally fascinated by our lives and the lessons we choose. My question is not so much a "why", but more of a "what" . What other influences were at work that pre-determined day. ??

  • I bet the planets did match the event even fated as it was. There does seem to be an eternal synchronicity to everything. I send your daughter a prayer. I think it is probably harder loosing someone when you are young. I had a very confused time after my sister died. It really changed my life--made me more conciouse of leading a more spiritual life, yet I had no idea where to begin. I was in a much stronger place when my son passed. It was worse at first when my son died, I went into shock and had to be taken to the hospital. But, the recovery process came easier than when I was in my twenties. I'm a grandmother now. I've gathered a lot more resiliance and wisdom--we ought to get some kind of bonus for getting old!

  • I am so sorry for your loss and may God bless you and your family! I have been through a lot of deaths in my family also ( father, mother, grandmother, etc.) and let me tell you even though the hurt fades somewhat (not all the way) our loved ones do not! They are in your mind and heart FOREVER! They are with God and let us hope that someday we will be wih them again but in a better place. Keep believing in God and never give up!!

  • very sorry for your loss

    and you are right, that each event happening in our lives are meant to be learned and experienced. this is the answer to the question 'why' to the universe. which makes 'what' a better question, that will allow you to learn from insights helpful people and spirits can give you about this event.

    I lost my dad to cancer, shortly before my wedding. I know how you feel. the lesson I need to learn about his death is that when it is our time to go, we will go. fighting for survival is important lesson to learn, and definitely we are allowed to fight, but the universe will decide whether it is our time or not. my father now works under an angel (I won't say the angels name here) only now and then he comes visiting me and my mother. he was taken from us because the universe needs his spirit to do this work. in order for his spirit to return to the universe, it has to leave the physical body and so my father died. his spirit has achieved the knowledge needed to work under this angel and he was needed due to a certain situation in the physical world at the time.

    your son's body may be 6 yrs old but his spirit was not. we all return to the physical world now and then and take a certain physical forms to allow us experience fully life on the physical world. I hope you and family stay strong and support each other in this difficult time and I hope after reading my own lesson you will find clarity of your own.

    I don't know astrology but if you give me the time of the event I may be able to find out something

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  • I mean location of the accident sorry

  • leoscorpion, I also lost my dad to cancer in 1972 and that was the worst day of my life. I was in business class in highschool and I just had the feeling I was going to get that call (he was in the hospital on the cancer ward not doing well). I was sitting at my desk and the phone rang. I immediately starting putting my school supplies in my bag. The girl sitting behind me, a friend asked what I was doing and I said, "My father just died". She scoffed and said, "You don't know that...I said, Yes I do!" The teacher got off the phone looked at me and said to come to her desk and said, "Wanda, i'm so sorry but your father just passed away and you can leave right now." While I'm writing this to you I am also crying b/c he was the love of my life. I left the school, Male High School and just as I was going down the long, steep steps to the front doors my childhood friend Denise (we called her Spud) met me and asked where I was going and with tears running down my face I told her,"Daddy just died." She said, "Aww girl you just playing." But when she saw I was serious she broke down and started crying with me. My daddy used to take us to a nursery school together when she was 4 and I was 6 yrs old. I walked all the way home which was about a mile crying and when I got to the walkway the mailman who had delivered our mail for many years saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I told him and don't you know he shed some tears too!? i was just pitiful that day b/c my best friend was gone!!

    Thank you for listening!!

  • sorry to hear that casper

    I was close to my dad too. I was shown by the spirits when he would die. but I didn't believe it because at the time his treatment was going well so I continued with wedding plan. my hubby felt it, much like your experience. my dad liked him, because he was polite asking my hand in marriage, not like other men just playing me around.

    spirits after they leave their bodies, may linger in the physical world, return to spirit world for new assignment or jump onto another body. what is important is how we remember our loved ones that died. I hang my dad's photo in the room and remember what he taught me in life. he was always proud of me and I intend to make him always proud. this is what I do to remember him.

  • Blmoon, you explained it beautifully! I had a patient who witnessed her 2 year old son get ran over by a car backing out of the driveway. She was an emotional wreck. I always found it difficult to counsel people who have experienced such a tragic loss without stepping over my boundries at work. I followed what my heart was telling me, dispite someone overhearing me and reporting me, and the relief on that womans face was unbelievable! Her husband who hadn't grieved so he could support her, broke down and cried as I told them about their child who taught them about unconditional love and that he would always be around them...saying much of what you wrote here....instead of staying 3 days...she was discharge the next morning.

    Sometimes I don't know where this information or knowledge comes from, but I have learned to listen and act on it. Thank you for putting it in writing.

  • Bless you! It is not easy speaking up, taking a chance. Being truely OF SERVICE When I got the news of my son's death my husband had to call an ambulance for me as well and usually he leans on me for strength but he was the rock. Although I'm normaly very healthy and sturdy I went into shock and my blood pressure soared. I shook so badly the paramedics could barely get a needle in yet they were so patient and tender with me. It is the closest I've ever been to losing my mind. Such a horrific moment is hard to erase and bless those moments of grace that ease that picture in my head with the knowing how kind and gentle everyone treated me from the paramedics to the nurses and the doctors who at the time were such a blurr. Altho I was so in shock, I could feel the loving heartfelt energy of the nurses around me yet they never got to hear me say thank you. Usually an emergency room visit is so public and uncomfortable and I wasn't at the greatest of hospitals but that day I do believe I was very watched over. I'll always be grateful for the way I was tenderly treated and kept in a quiet private room in the emergency area until I was stable enough to leave hours later. Bless people like you! This is why I pay it forwatd. Thank you for sharing that. You have touched that couples life forever.

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