What do you think about a gemini man sagittarius relationship?

  • Seems I am a bit of the opposite here, as most of the posts are from Sag women who have dated Gemini men.

    I am a Gemini Female and I date a Sag Male for three years. We were young and extremely inexperienced but had good heads on our shoulders. When we split, I took it hard (as much as it pains me to admit that)....how he acted towards the end was cruel and completely unnecessary.

    The very second things got "tough" he would run and hide and the moment something (or someone) else looked "better" than the situation he was in, he ended it.

    Thing is, had he just been honest with himself (what 20-something boy knows how to do that?!) he could have been honest with me and I believe things could have ended quite peacefully. He and I were definitely in two different places and though I wanted to work things out...I am certainly glad they didn't. Oh the beauty of unanswered prayers!

    All that said, the attraction was amazing. I believe that still, to this day, if we were ever able to bury the hatchet we would find ourselves attracted to one another.

    That side of the relationship never ended...we had an amazing "passion" about us that was addicting.

    The downside was meeting each other on an emotional and mental level. It seemed we were competing for who was more intelligent and he was immensely insensitive where I, was a bit overly sensitive (our moons definitely came into play there).

    Would I ever date a Sag again?? I don't know. I recognize why the sign is so appealing ( it is my "rising sign) and maybe if their moon was more in sync with mine it might be possible...but I realize now that for ME as a Gemini, Sag's don't fulfill all of my needs....as crazy and sporadic as they may be 🙂

  • Hi TMOE

    I am beginning to wonder if it all comes down to men and not as much as their signs.

  • Hahaha Im thinking so....

    One thing is definitely for sure, the differences between males and females and their signs are dramatic. I might have a few similarities to Gem males but all the cheating and roaming eyes etc....no way! I am way more loyal. But then, that is where I think our moons come into play. I have a water sign in my moon which makes me more sensitive.

    Also, Ive not ever had a problem with a female sag...we get along great! My mother is a sag and her and I are wonderful friends 🙂

  • im a sag i dated a gemini for almost four years, it was an amazing love that still lingers with me now. it had its ups and downs. when i look back now i dont regret my decision to leave the relationship but i would do it again in a heart beat. that love between us, our passion, curiosity, and determination it was real and nothing like iv had with any one else! first love never fades

  • Hi SaggiGal89, why did u break up if u don't mind me asking. Where u both to young or was it because of outside interference?

  • I'm a Sag who is recently divorced from a Gemini man. While we were compatable on many levels (intellectually, physically) - I don't think we were ever in the same place spiritually. And I so agree with some of the earlier posts - it was exhausting having to keep feeding his insecurities (when he finally left me for a younger woman - it was because I "didn't pay enough attention to him"). He is also very stingy with money unless it's a new TOY for him 😉 In our mediation, he didn't want to agree to split our daughter's sports fees (wanted them to quit) because they were too expensive but bought himself a $2K bike the same week! Just my .02...

  • gemini here and i have had a strong attraction to a sag i have know since high school... it seems like a good match but i never have actually been in a relationship with a sag. i read stuff about other guy gems and dont really like some of the reputation they give us. i cant speak for anyone but me. i grew up in the school of hard knocks plus i have a cap moon , that could be a strong combination i guess to keep me grounded. i have Gemini traits like having many hobbies and interest. i finish more than i start. i am attracted to people with smarts lol. i want to know and learn constantly. the wondering eye thing is there but only in times where i wasnt happy with my relationship at the time. i always try to give more than i get and i want to make sure everyones needs are met before my own , im not sure thats really a good thing in the long run though. okay i admit it, its screwed me up ! help ! lol

  • I have been in this same relationship. The love of my life. Works well. Yes, It is not an easy match but what is for a Gemini. The bond is above all. Great understanding for each others faults. Yet, Both like to play...Down fall.

  • My gut feeling is that you will get tired of the games, and lose patience with him caging his replies. If you already know that he's hiding something, you need to let go. This may not be what you want to hear, but as a Sag, you probably value honesty above just about anything else, and if he's not completely forthright with you, you will end up feeling betrayed and upset. Things are moving too fast for you right now...you need to breathe and center yourself...be completely comfortable with your own life before you bring someone else into it. I'm a Sag too, and have both dated and been engaged to a Gemini, and perhaps my own experiences have colored my response. Yes, they are intelligent, funny, and clown around a lot, but I got tired of never being able to have a serious conversation about the big things. He's likely a great date, but not the perfect mate.

  • Hi lovehz

    Everything you said is true. If you read my previous writings you will see I am going thru the same things with my gem man. We are engaged but I know he is not true and plays games, although when he is home he is completly dedicated and romantic makes me feek very special. I do believe our relationship will be ending soon how soon hard to tell but as a sag i do respect and expect honesty.

  • Gemini man, Sagittarius woman - worked for me for about ten years (Sag woman). We were both independent, affectionate, sports minded... His age was much younger, but responsible and lots of fun. Our relationship ended because of our age difference (16 yrs). His friends, teammates, co-workers opinions meant more to him than I knew! They were always trying to "set him up" with younger women. We are still friends. I will always care for him.

  • I was in an on again, off again relationship with a gemini man for over 10 years. At the beginning, it was wonderful, we got along great, we both adored each others children, had lots of great times, and great sex! Then the jealousy began, he became so controlling, which led to physical abuse. The abuse escalated over the years, it was always the same old line, i love you, i'm sorry, i'll never do it again. Which i know the abuse lasted because i allowed it to. I kept thinking he'll change this time. And things would get better for a while, then it was almost as if he became possessed by an evil spirit. It was like there was two of him. One good, one bad. In the end, he ended up putting himself in prison over being his stubborn me, me,. me, poor pitiful me. He is about to get out on parole soon. I hope that he stays away from me. My life has been so peaceful since he has been gone. And to think, he had me brainwashed into thinking that no one else would ever love me like him. I am single now, and happy to be at peace with my son and me, at home peacefully. I did love him with all my heart, but I know he probably won't change, and i'm tired of trying to hold on to something that only brings me heartache, loneliness and tears. I wish the best to him. I also wish the best for me and my son,and he is not.

  • Well done, Missikay,

    They are addictive arent they? Boyish, needy and totally demanding but they dont give back the same level that they demand. And no body should stay around for abuse. Its hard to end it, and they have the ability to almost hypotise you to believing they are right and you are wrong and you end up feeling mixed and guilty. Well, no relationship of any importance should do that. Its the mind games they play that I can't forgive. They almost get a kick out of diminishing and humiliating you - but cannot stand rejection.

    Have a good onward journey in love and peaceXxx

  • Hello SaggiGemini23! Yes, they do have the power to hypnotise you, that is, if you love them enough. Seems as though we did!lol! Our luck, Tell me, since you are a sag, how has your money situations been gong for you?

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