What do you think about a gemini man sagittarius relationship?

  • I was just wondering if anyone has ever been in a gemini sag relationship? If so how long did it last or are you still together? What were the good and the bad things about the relationship? And if anyone else wants to just comment on maybe someone they know that

  • Im a sag and i've dated a gemini man, and the relationship was quite weird. In the beginning i REALLY liked him. i thought he was funny and different, and than the games started. I checked him on every game and quit talking to him, only in return to have him blow up my phone, emails, and facebook saying he's so in love and how i'm the one. He's really emotional and i do believe every now and then when he's feeling his feelings he wanted to be lovey dovey. I believe sag is ok with the gemini, but gemini is not ok with us. They want a chase, and a sag only wants it to be what the hell it's gonna be. It could've worked (maybe with more patience on my end) but at the end of the day nothings worth the chase, unless it's dreams, not an emotionally insecure person. Hope this helps you out alittle.:)

  • Thanks shinyluv,

    So your a sagittarius. How long did you two date? I mean you two are polar opposites so it should have been a great relationship as far as the signs go. So you think that whenever he started feeling lovey dovey that he wanted to be up your rear end all over again. What kind of games did he play? Did he sometimes seem distant like he sometimes didnt call you and things like that? Like one minute he was all in love and then didnt call for weeks?

  • I am a sag and my man is a gemini, we are doing well but I do agree with shineyluv. there are times when I feel he is playing a game that he is waiting to see if there is anything or one out there who can make him happier. My relationship with my gemini started 33 yrs ago in high school, we were just friends then went our seperate ways after 31 years we remet and fell in love. I believe he does love me but tere are things I see that makes me wonder if I should continue.

  • What type of things does he do to make you wonderif you should continue?

  • mother0f3200920,

    For two 1/2 years. I guess the games were us fighting over nothing, and having make up sex over a fake fight, (seriously...lol), the he'll call 1000 times in a day, i won't pick up the phone for one call (probably because i was in the restroom..again lol...) but he'd get upset and say, " I won't call if your not gonna pick up the phone"! my response was always, "ok, whatever you decide". He'd always call back or laugh at my response, and we'd be fine again. He was and still is built on alot of promises and no action, and i CALL HIM OUT, every chance i get!!! He always says he likes me because im strong, and i want allow him to get over. if ur too easy for him too obtain, he dosen't want it. If he has kids, he will probably never leave who he's with because he loves being a father IN THE HOME period. He still to this day tells me he loves me and wants to be with me, that i'm the one...i just allow him to feel his feelings and say, " i understand". i don't know ur sign, but he likes a fighter, strong willed, and independent woman. CaLL HIM OUT, he'll usually be honest with his response.


    I'm sure he loves you, it's wether or not your willing to deal with the games or all of his on and off emotions. If you can then you'll be fine, if not then i'm sure you would'nt stay in the situation unless more is involved with you too.

  • Mother,

    The good qualitys were that he's loyal, honest, and a great father. He's a great man when someone allows him to be. He breaths on the fact that your thinking of him, he hungers for intense unconditional love, and will try to put you through every test, to prove it, not realizing he's tearing down a perfectly great relationship with all the hurdles.

  • I get along great with the fire and air premise. I think they will work providing you like to argue with the Gemini. Most of them I have met love to argue. I don't want to give energy to arguing anymore. I did it when I was young just for the sake of argument. Not now. And another thing I have noticed is they collect almost to the point of hording in some cases. Leave just paths to get through all that they value. Not funny at all and it would be alright if you believe they will ever use it all. I would be told oh that's another project. Well you have more projects than you have years to do them all. And because I knew it would be hard for me to live with I would say I don't expect you to change because I don't want anyone to try to change me, I don't think I can live like this so I don't think it will work and I wish you the very best and hope you find someone that this doesn't bother. And I am not a clean freak either but that is a fire hazzard. So nope. Can't do it.

  • Just about everything you are saying rings true. My mans games are trying to shield me from his past which are still in his present. He is seperated from his wife for 5 yrs now and has gone thru divource proceedings, unfortunaltly it started getting too expensive ( lawyers court etc) and he stopped. On top of that his ex (as he calls her) is recovering from breast cancer and now it went to her spine, she plays on that with him and he is very sensitive and lets her. The wondering I am doing is if he will ever make good on his promises to me.

  • I know they don't like to be separated from their money unless it's for what they want to spend it on. Do you feel like now at this point he could be thinking well I may not need an attorney if I just wait.

  • Latly I have been thinking that, but I know he relizes that I am not going to hang around waiting.

  • It was really hard for me to say that and yet my gut went there. Sorry

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I am a gemini and he is a gemini also. We get along great, we have known each other for 14 years i am now 28. We dated when i was 14, we were so close he got a job where i worked and the only reason we broke up was because he had to do 11 months and 29 days in jail for something him and his ex-girlfriend did, he was young and dumb. When he was in jail i met the father of my children, we dated for 9 years which was living hell literaly. While me and the father of my children were together he wanted to be with me, he tried to get me to leave him several times but i was young and dumb,which was a huge mistake. Well i would say 2 years ago i left the father of my kids finally and hes the one who got me away from him. THANK GOD!! We fell so deep in love and we spent every waking moment possible together. I confided in a friend a told her everything. She then went and told his girlfriend and she hired a private investigator and told him that if he didnt quit seeing me that she would leave with the kids, well he quit seeing me and calling me all together. He loves his childern. Well i would say about a couple months ago he contacted me and we are seeing each other again, i know hes not happy and he tells me all they do is fight everyday,but he cant leave because of the children, which i understand. After all these years and tribulations weve been through when we do see each oher everything is the same its like magic, everything is. We know we share something very special and we just cant put our finger on it. It feels like extacy. just hard to explain the connection. Anyways she is a sag and hes a gemini so i was just trying to see if he somewhat tells me the truth about negative and positives of their relationship. thanks to all.................

  • Oh my dear. A Gemini never stops looking at what might be around the corner. Just won't happen...but....don't forget to know his entire chart. People need to realize and study Astrology, the logic of stars, in order to not just see the Sun sign but the entire picture. At the least we should know the Sun, rising and moon sign of both people. You are involved with your polarity sign. This can be a love/hate situation. A Sag is born with a University schooled mind, a Gemini is born with the mindset of a child. Gemini's are gypsies, they want to fly free and do so in their minds. A Sag is more serious minded and can be quite annoyed at the antics of a Gemini. But.....there will be an instant "attraction" for your polarity sign is there to teach you something, and vice versa. The Gemini needs to be more adult and take things more seriously and the Sag needs to be more child-like and get off the high intellectual level many of them live on. But on a day to day basis, that's not easy. I'm a Gemini female and faithfulness has never been a strong suit for me. Meeting people and talking to them and connecting with them on all levels is something we love. But then there is the next one and the next one and the butterfly has so many flowers to investigate. When I see a Sag man looking at me, I run in the opposite direction. I have learned to be faithful as I've matured A "young" Gemini mind never really considers the effect of their actions on others. They go with the flow. A Sag is a fire sign, and Gemini an air sign, so when you mix those two energies, well, you will get a nice fire going, but fire burns all things. I would recommend learning each person's natal chart as that would give you a better picture of things, keeping in mind your North and South Nodes. Since I found this on the I Ching site......the I Ching is not limited to astrological issues. It is a much more Universal/Cosmic point of view. Not interested in mundane issues, but more on individual issues...ie: the Superior and Inferior mindset we can assume. We enter this plane alone, and irregardless of relationships, our most important relationship is to ourselves, and the I Ching will guide us on that path, which is to believe the Universe is there to protect us and all we need to do is trust that it will. It will help us and advise us how we fit into the bigger picture and how to stay on that path. Peace Be!

  • Im a typical sagittarian. I dated a gemini/cancer cusp guy on and off for 12 months about 6 years ago. He was very much a match intellectually.. and we would talk for hours on end of philosophies of all sorts, he had a very deep and powerful enegry and awareness of all ethereal topics. He could be very intoxicating to be around (when things were good). But I found his attempts to be controlling very immature. He was also very very moody and excelled at emotional blackmail to get his way. After his moods however he would always want to logically talk our problems through and that always made sense but totally drained me as it was a regular occurance. He also want that keen to share me with anyone, as in my friends etc.. He was loyal and devoted and made me feel very loved, he was sensitive aswell. For 4 years we didnt talk after I finally called it off for good.. Luckily thats changed and we are great great friends now... He is much easier to love as a friend...

    On another note, I met a guy at work recently, who I instantly clicked with. I had him pegged for an earth sign as his energy was very grounding and calming. He appears emotionally mature and not as philosophical, in fact very pragmatic in his conversation topics so I was surprised when he told me he was a gemini... He even asked me what the typical traits of gemini are as he has had little interest in astrology..

  • I find all of your experiences very close to home. My Gemini man is very much like a little kid in the candy shop, he needs to have everything and he needs it now. My guy needs to be constantly told how he is handsome (he is) he needs to be recognized by other women and told how well he is doing. I would think at his age (51) he would have outgrown this behaviour, he doesn't realize that this type of behaviour is holding me back and I can't commit totally to him at this moment. all psychics tell me we will be together and very happy but unless some things change I don't see it.

    I guess I am a typical sagg, I do enjoy staying home with my loved one not looking for someone or something else to do.

  • My Gemini man calls everyday now. I got him back in my life. SOOO Happy!

  • Dear Mother of 3: You mention at the very beginning of your posting that you are 28 which puts you smack dab or pretty close to your Saturn return. (the return of Saturn to the position it was in when you were born). It helps to know what sign Saturn was in your natal chart. This is a time in a person's life when we are basically called upon by Saturn to "report" just what have we done with those first 29 years. You might notice that many 'celebrities/musicians' die just around their Saturn return. Jimi Hendryx, Janis Joplin, Hank Williams, Jimmy Dean, the list goes on and on. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, time, status quo. I have found that people who are dealing with dangerous drugs and/or any other dubious endeavors, when they start approaching their Saturn return, they may well find themselves paying the piper with their lives.

    The next time you read about a well-known individual, you'll notice the age that their death and/or circumstances come home to roost. Saturn is a serious energy and does not suffer fools. Having said that, the fact that you started a relationship with someone you met in jail has to make even you pause. Although someone may end up in jail for something "dum" when they were young is one thing, but jail changes people. I would strongly suggest you distance yourself from such individuals.

    As to the relationship between your Gemini and his Sag girlfriend, yes I would expect there would be alot of fireworks. He is an Air sign, she a fire sign, and they are each dealing with their polarity sign. Without knowing both person's natal chart, I can only rely on their Sun signs.

    Your situation sounds quite complicated due to the fact that children are involved. It has been my experience that when a man, of good character, finds himself between a relationship and his children, he will pick the children. Children are for life, whoever they are with. Being a mother yourself, would you pick a man over your children?

    I think you know the answer to your own question. The situation is complicated to say the least and I believe it will remain complicated. Another point I would like to make is that often a Gemini will have two relationships going at the same time. You might have to take a step backward and just see what happens. Sometimes non-action will present more clarity than being in the middle of such upheaval. EVEN if he left the girlfriend, due to the children, it would still be a back and forth situation, which in itself can be exhausting. Our character is all that we really have in the end. It's important to remain ethical in any situation so that you can feel comfortable with yourself. It may look greener on the other side, but often it's really not.

    Good luck - I hope you find the peace of mind that you deserve.

    Louise Luna

  • Well, I broke up a failing marriage for a Gemini, who immediately when I was free, pushed his past and the endless stream of much prettier women in my face, younger, prettier, cleverer - so I first complained, then cried, then did the same back! We trollled along for 6 years - he was very good when I was ill but needs a lot of daily attention and still goes on about "pretty women" so I retaliate about men I meet! Silly really - its not like that for me: I tend to want to nurture and keep the past where it belongs. But I just echo his behaviour. He decided to sell his house and move in and then went into a "counselling" relationship with a younger woman at work, whose husband tried to commit suicide because of it. Its true that if you move in a lover you create vacancy! We are still together but its not really the same - I watch my back. I am able to handle it becuase I am a saggi with Gemini Rising and Mercury. But its not easy - they always have an eye for the pretty woman/flirting/looking over the fence: but go cold and look over the fence and they come scurrying back. And the truth is as they see it, not quite what we would understand. Sad and daft that we have to play these silly games. Alternatively a good temper tantrum and don't pull your punches - threaten the end of the relationship and they tend to scurry back. By that time you probably dont really want them anyway but the trouble is, you dont want anybody else to have them either! Tricky. Good luck. It can be done, but protect yourself and stand your ground.


  • Hi Saggigemini23

    Your right, a gemini man loves to look around but if you do it you hear about it fast!! I joined a gym recently and if you listen to my gem guy it is because I am looking at the guys there. He really gets possesive but if I try to be as possesive as him I am smothering and not trusting.

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