Anyone have an idea what's up?

  • Is it my imagination or is something going on in the universe today? I've been reading post after post, in thread after thread, and we all seem to be in a frustrated funk today, so I'm wondering is some of the planets are constipated, energy is stuck in traffic...what is it?

    All my normally strong and focused friends here seem to be heaving a collective sigh of "ENOUGH ALREADY" and I'm wandering aimlessly trying not to start waving white flags maniacally in the wind.

    Maybe you brilliant ones know...and you KNOW who you are:):)


  • Well, for me it feels like we have reached that point of "enough already." It's the feeling of "now I'm so sick of being stuck in this place, let me move forward and get on with things." We know good things are there, we can almost reach them with the tips of our fingers, but they are just that touch out of reach for a little longer. We just want to try and stretch out that bit further to try and grasp it. In fact, we don't want to be held back, we just want to run straight to it! Bring on the end of this year, next year is going to be phenomenal. :-))

  • Gotta agree with both of you on the matter. I'm tired of beating my head against the same wall in the same spot!! I'm ready for the next chapter, to turn the corner and to experience something refreshing 🙂

  • Hey Talisa,

    Absolutely!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wenchie did bab have you send something from me to lovin. And Talisa I posted for you to do reiki for lovin's child.

  • Hey Wenchie - good to see you and hopefully enough of us wishing for a change will bring it 🙂

    Hiya LL - where abouts sweetie? will look for post

  • all good LL found the message and have replied - not worries on sending the healing 🙂

  • No, haven't received from Bab something from you to lovin. Just send it direct to me if you like.

    Yes Talisa, let's bring on this change!!! :-))

  • Thanks Wenchie I just got her address off a thing you sent to me. I put all the info together and sent it myself and I hope she isn't upset because I didn't get it from her. It was about a bark plant that another tarot person gave to me at the beginning of the year when we talked about my cancer. Pau d' Arco. I sent the info that was sent to me.

  • Oh I am sorry I have been jumping in an out of sites and I just saw where you asked me where Talisa. I asked at the one about our Past Lives. And you were talking about absent reiki. I used stone when I did it this evening.

  • Ok thanks all much appreciated. Love and light

  • Hi Friends!

    I'm back from the land of the lost without electricity again, and here I was just itching to receive your pearls of wisdom in response to my question. I missed you all and was SOOO frustrated!

    I'm glad I'm not the only feeling this way. I too feel like its all about to change, its ALMOST here. GOODNESS YESSS! Bring on the new year and new chapters in all our books!

    I was just getting the feeling that we were all in funk today...not our usual selves but not miserable. Just of kilter. I hope it was just me:)


  • well I'm not brilliant or anything

    all knowledge and wisdom come from the universe

    I don't feel anything like you described

    my days go as usual although a bit boring since all these mundane things I have to do to help hubby in his business and mine

    but once it's all done I jump to yoga or zen like usual

    if you do feel like that well that means it's time to take a break and smell the flowers

    if there is no flower to smell on the sidewalk then maybe smell other people's flowers

    LOL joking anyway take care now I'm off for my ritual bye

  • Leoscorpion, to me, one of the greatest elements of greatness is humility. I meant what I said to you and am very glad I got to let you know:)

    Blessings Always

  • Saturn in libra could be the issue for all of us. Out with the old and welcome in the new. Contemplation of what to keep and what to throw away. I'm not an astologer or psychic, but this is what I come up with after veiwing the placements of the planets. And that's where it will stay for 2 and half yrs. OH joy at the new revelations and changes I'll be contemplating. I just cant wait. I'm up for it actually. Just think, in 29 years it'll be back in my sign AGAIN. I think I'll be a little too old to making any changes by then. LOL 🙂 Peace and Love to ALL

  • 2 and half years!! Oh great. Saturn or Jupiter (I'm an astrology dunce and can't remember which it was) has just spent nearly 3 years in Virgo,making me suffer. This doesn't exactly make me jump for

    Blessings and Love

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