The Captain, i need you now more than ever!

  • hello!

    I don´t know where to start because I´m pretty close of bursting into tears..

    I need to know:

    Can you see me graduate next week as a certificated makeup artist?

    Is this the right career for me?

    Will I be a successfull makeup artist and move away from Sweden?

    Why the hell is my teacher the way she is against me?

    Why aren´t I progressing in the same speed as the others?

    I am not getting as good grades as everyone else, no matter what I seem to do nothing get´s better and I´m starting to doubt that this is the thing for me...

    I need you now, more than I ever have needed your answers, this was a beautiful dream but now, I don´t know I don´t progress as fast as the others...

  • You will have your answers in a week and should then be able to see things more clearly. If you still have any questions, ask then. Just try to relax and let go of your anxiety till you ahve some actual results. Don't anticipate trouble or you will just stress yourself out.

    And everyone makes progress at their own pace - stop comparing yourself to other people.

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