• I. am.. scared, frightened about my future. I have decided recently to start school and to go for something I feel passionate about. I just want to know, if there are any psychics or tarot readers, What does the chariot mean in the future section of a three card reading. My question was about the career path I had chosen to go to school for. I just started school, and I was pretty confident in my decision but now, im pretty scared and worried that it wont take me anywhere. I chose photography. I have a daughter I neeeed to support, and now i just feel guilty for going to school for that because im afraid it wont pay the bills. I have gotten a lot of compliments in the past about my pictures, any advice? or any advice about the chariot?

    This is my second time posting this, I posted this in the Psychic forum, but im not popular in there so no one responded. I was just ignored. ugh. GEE THANKS!

  • The chariot card is the best card for making a career. It means you will have success, if you go on this way.

    My advice is to be more trusting in your strength. You are strong enough to cope with your situation. Just let the other know, what you want and be not ready to be dominated.

  • THANK YOU!! Im am extremely thankful for your response, you have no idea! I DO need to be more trusting of myself. I really want this, and can see myself maybe starting my own buisness someday, which is what I am hoping to do if the universe permits. Thanks a lot for your advice. SERIOUSLY.

    I thought maybe the chariot meant that I needed to slow down and to not go for something so fast. Thats why I was confused.. but I felt, at the same time... Why shouldn't I? If I need to go to school now should be the time for I have been stagnant for YEARS.

  • yes, the chariot can drive fast, as long there is balance between yin and yang, your male and your female part, activity and rest, contact and withdrawal. and being your future card it means: there is every possibilitiy that you will do it.

    Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness and all you inner tendencies to follow, to imitate, to believe, by and by will drop.

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