Hello from Florida!

  • Hi everyone, I'm Peggy and in the last year I have probably spent more of my paycheck on tarot.com than I have on FOOD! I'm searching for that right person in my life and I've almost become a little obsessed with my mission. It comes with the territory of being a libra. Knowing I have so much to offer that special someone and in the past I have ALWAYS bent over backwards and forwards to make others happy. Well, I finally broke free of that curse because I have never been trully "happy" with anyone in my life. I am thrilled to be the person I have become through my lessons in life and do not feel that my feeling of "unhappiness" stems from not being happy with myself. I believe that I REFUSE to settle anymore! Can anyone out there with some kind of insight give me a little clue to how much longer my journey is? I mean, am I least getting close or have I past up a potential love that I didn't realize was a potential? ANYONE? PLEASE?!!

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