Need help in my relationship!!!!!

  • been over a relationship for over a year and i am still in love with him,,my hear is aching,,will he come back or will a new love find me??? i feel so lost,, i need some guidence....DOB 4-24-69 ,,,,his is 8/8/80,,,,thank you

  • If this relationship didn't make it to marriage, then it had no chance of survival. He has moved on and so should you.

  • im a virgo 9-18-1951 hes a loe 8-13-1951i love him he is always getting calls on his cell ex girls call him he never really makes plans for us he never has money for us to do anything are its to hot ect ect but he can go play golf all day when its hot has money to do what he want been together off and on for 19 years he says he loves me but not in love with me when i finally say goodby he finds a way to get back with me hes never been married has 2 kids by 2 women hes into pron heavy should i just give up?

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