Mess aronds, truth, lies, cheating, lovers

  • i met this guy at a strip club before i saw him i heard him djing i thought dame this guy is good then when i first started to talk to him i feel head over heel's for him. it was love at first sight. so the next day i came to the club earily and he was shock to see me. i felt so happy to see him. we hit it off right away anyways i had a man at the time but we were having problem's i wasn,t happen. so i started messing around with the dj. so later on i found out he was trying to work this out with his ex so now he was seeing me and her and i didn't mind because i fell in love with him. but it still hurt me because i stop seeing my man because my feeling was getting stronge for the dj. so then he had both of us she found out about me because she knew he was a cheater she was with him for 4yrs anyways now hes cheating on me and im cheating back. and i think he has an idea because he checks though my prases and pockets to makesure i don't have another mans phone number. and i check though his stuff too. there is no trust and i think theres no love too. i think we just care about each other thats all. anyways thats my story for now. lets see what my future will hold hopefully i will be with mr. right. and with mr. right now!

  • All i have to say is be careful. You never know when karma is going to come back. What if you finally fall in love and they cheat on you? You don't want to get caught up in cheating because it is a nasty cycle and will cause trust issues on your part later on.

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