• Hello, Im an aquarius and my Gemini boyfriend broke up with me 4 weeks ao his Birthday is in a few days , should I wish him a Happy Birthday? We were togerther for 4 years...

  • shure if thats what you feel you want to do , why not ?

  • When I communicated with him he told me stop trying to start a conversation, nbut weeks passed and I have not contacted him.. Im not sure if me sending him a text to say Happy Birthday is the right thing to do

  • Hello" Aqua" How are you doing, Oh those Gemini men hey lol, yeah i had the same issue kind stop talking 3 weeks ago and then came his birthday this week, YEAH go head wish him happy birthday, Gemini man love attention especially for his birth, try to do more then send him a txt send him something cute on email or something, he will love is, i did something nice for mine , nice a sweet and he contacted me the next day. Be solid with those guys they like play hard to get but you are and an Aqua so do i we can deal with them,

  • Thank you so much..im just scared to text him bc the last time i said hey a couple of weeks ago he told me to stop trying to tet him and hell change his number if i do.


  • Hi "Aqua" Those guys doesnt take life too seriously , dont bloke your heart and just happy birthday if he doesnt like it is because his the one that got a problem maybe cant move on. follow your heart. Well like you can imagine aqua and Gemini it's complicated ahahah, we know each other for few months now, difficult to say we are going out or not, hey i gave up trying to define the subject but hey i do what i feel i should do and his not complaining hey, he may bite sometimes but so do i , we most the time come back like nothing happen ahaha, how long have guys been together and what happen??/

  • You know"Aqua" the truth is i wished that guy happy birthday and sent him a gift but God he doesnt deserve any of it. sometimes we are too good for our own bad lol

    i m trying to let him go, life is too damn short to keep playing the guessing game and chasing Mr difficult to please, Mr full of himself and always looking around to extend is fan club

    i m sick of him and i wish i had the heart in the time to just forgot about him and not send him anything

    he didnt do anything for mine , not ever a hello and we were talking during that time

    do what you think is right to do about yours , you know what to do but i find they are not worth much of our time and good heart

    mine kill every good gesture i want to give, seriously i cant wait for the feeling to just go away and be free of all this roller coaster

    real love doesnt devaluate things like birthdays and good time together, they seem to transform happy time in war time

  • Thats reallly true..we been together for 4 years.. He broke up with me he still has my things at his house.. Im not sure if hes holding on because he loves me or scared to face me. I was going to say happy birthday so he can see I have no hard feelings toward him..Im very confused on what to do his birthday is in a few days..

  • Hi"Aqua" i felt the same and i did the Happy birthday things but i wish i could have just give him what he gave me no attention, those guys we love them but they seem to be more interested by their own gain and their self image, i dont know what to say

    i m breaking my own heart right now to let him go and it hurt like H E L L but hey i need someone that stop playing mind games and stop wasting my time

    life is too short to play on and off all the time, i m sick of it and i know him for only 9 months and i feel i love him but i cant see to get close to him

    in meantime his always after other people, too busy to reply etc, he only comes around when it suit him

    your guys why he keeping your things if it's over? because it's all a game again, he say go away but hey give me time to miss you and to change my mind, everything seem to work only for their side and in their own time

    so sick of them

  • are u saying when he say go away it means really give me time to think?

  • Darling i dont know what he mean for them, they seem to love the game, it never stop

    but i doubt that he will let you go that easily, i think he need to miss you or something

    you been together for 4 years his not going to let you go that easily but be prepare for the mind games coming on

    i m tired of mind game, it's destroy you inside and you feel you never know where you stand with them.

    you just never know what is coming, for them it's ok they kind follow but for you that just love the guy it's hard to be pushed away when you want to be close

    i m tired of it and i try but so much emotional trauma started to disconnected me from my inner peace

    i think you love him, whatever you want to believe, ask yourself this? how many times can you handle an up and down, a go way and then come close, a break up and coming back

    sometimes you dont ever know why he want out so it's hard

    but if you think you can handle it you need to be good at mind games too

    play the game, dont send the txt follow his wish , get your stuff play like you move on, trust me he will come to the running before you know it

    thats what he want , some bite of struggle, apparently they get bored easily maybe this is their way to get some excitement

    dont chase him if he say dont chase him give him what he ask, he will miss you anyway

  • i mean you been with him for 4 years you should know how he is by now and notice his routine.

    we need to be careful sometimes we love someone so much we dont take notice of those routine, it took me some time to notice it

    from the first moment we met, everything was about him, he give me meeting he doesnt turn up, things like that and you say to yourself it's cool i do my life and then each time you try to be close you get pushed away no understand what you did to deserve that one

    if you didnt get any of that then i m sorry to mention this to you but if you did it;s time to think

    he is not going to let you, dont you worry about that, his been with you for 4 years his maybe just bored and want some bite of movement or something

    but with time this pattern can be destructive, he may come back and you guys back together but it may happen again

    i felt been in roller coaster with mine, i couldnt follow i didnt know when to be happy or sad, he keep switching about me understanding what i did wrong

    it was so hard to send him that birthday gift and card, i couldnt ever write anything else then happy birthday .

    i didnt ever get a thank you for sending it, what a waste of time, is to wonder whats wrong with the way i love you hey, what do you want?, but they never tell you that

  • wow your really giving me good advice I wish I meet u earlier...thank u so mmuch..I dident want to make myself look like a fool..honestly you really helped..So far I have not contacted him at all.. but he still have my stuff at his house ..Im not sure if I should get my things after or before his birthday?

  • you know him, those guys like to be surprise then surprise him just learn to adapt

    dont be scared to lose him, you wont

    read some of my thread you will read about other people experience with them, you be shocked how in common we are

  • "Aqua" it's game with the Gemini man, every books will tell you and everyone will tell you, you need to learn how to play it, look what his doing and return the favour

    it's not right that they only consider their feeling of need but they dont seem to see when they hurt you

    when someone say leave me alone and you still love them it hurt but they only understand when the same service get serve them, nice and cold

    he told you what he wanted to leave him alone, do what he ask and you will see patience patience he will come apologising when he does do put a fight just do like you didnt ever notice he wasnt around and you dont remember why we break up and you didnt remember his birthday, just say oh i wanted to say happy birthday for your birthday but i forgot ahahah

  • they want game, they are bored lets entertain them lol, i m tired to be the fool that come crying around asking to see him, remembering his birthday this and that, he didnt ever remember my birthday, love is not about only one person it's about two people

  • thank u so much for the information..wow we do alot in common..I was going to ask for my things back on our anniversary tomorrow

  • hum no wait few days, maybe dont do it those days, be fair to yourself too, those days mean something to you and to him too

    they are only playing strong up front they are not tough inside

  • i dont know how to explain this to you but maybe you know this too and feel it

    i feel with mine we are mean to be somehow ever with all this dram, those guys need drama

    well if you believe you are mean to be, do what he ask give him so space, dont mention the past or why you break up when you see him, just smile and make some joke

    give him space dont force it

    leave your stuffs there you dont need them right now

    leave him the talk to mention it

    patience and make yourself busy dont think of it, they hate to have someone chasing them and be in their face all the time, he will miss you dont worry about it

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