• I am Paul from Houston TX,i met a spell caster who helped me,i had problems with my gf and this man helped to fix it back,it happens that i have a woman who i really love and he loves me as well,she always make me happy,we had plans to marry last year but things changed when he started to change when she met one of my friend,she suddenly changed to me and told me she is no longer interested in me,i tried all i can to get her back but i couldn't, someone told me about spells i tried some but they scammed me,i now later met a spell caster online and he promise to help me,i thought he wanted to scam me like others,he asked for my name and pics and i gave it to him and he told me about my case,he made me realized that my friend is casting spells on me and my gf,that he is jealous of our relationship thats why he placed the spells,he said i should buy some items and ship to him,he helped me cast the spells and i start to see the results in 3 days,it was like a dream to me,my gf called me to confess to me about all that happened,and my friend confessed to me that he was sorry..surprisingly he did not collect service charge,he said i should send it as soon as i see results,and he told me to tell people about his good work,he said he can solve any kind of problem...if there is anyone who is going through any kind of problem should go to him,i am so sure of his power,he helped my friends recently,his email is ayspells@yahoo.com and you can also get me on paul1231960@yahoo.com

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