Moving on

  • I could really use as much positive healing energy and anyone is welling to spare......I have been with a for almost 5yrs...he is in prison and broke up with ME? he is a cheater mentally an physically abusive and I love him...I need to move on but my heart mind body and soul are all so week from giving more then I recieved. I totally feel like I loved him like I have never loved...he is just sick and needs to help himself...I did not want to give up on him..I wanted the meds to work and for us to find our happily ever this REALLY blind sided has been a really bad few years....Please prayers,energy angels what ever anyone can spare....I want some happiness in my heart again.....if anyone out there has a feeling bout me or what is to come....please let me know:)....thanks friends


  • Hello"6des9" Look you want to be happy but what you are writing doesnt say that, you need to really want to move on and be happy first before anyone can help you. YOU are the only want that can help yourself, if you really want to move on a lot people can help you and the universe will guide you but you need to really want it.

    i have the feeling that you dont really want it and i m saying this in great care, you seem to be very attach to him, it's your life whatever you decide to do make sure you are happy with it and yes people do want you to be happy but do you???

  • dear hit it right on the head....I do want to be happy....its just so hard to picture being happy WITHOUT him being part of it... I did NOT break it off...he did....and I have been so loyal and faithful I just don't understand. I do REALLY do want to be happy.. I want love and respect. I just am scared to let go and walk away just to NEVER find someone and always be

    alone. You are right I am the only one that can do this....I guess thats why I'm so worried and feeling so weak. I just thought I was doing everything I should and now I feel so empty and like I'm never going to be enough.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply:)

    hugs and loves

  • Dear"6des9" you are not the only one going through this kind thing, i keep going through this over and over again

    People seem to be so afraid to be alone, i was too but i learn that actually this is what you need to learn to be alone, if you are not comfortable in your own company you seek a relationship to hide your discomfort and sometimes we attracted wrong people to us,

    so we get busy with their problem and forgot ours.

    You say you LOVE him but how can this be if you cant love yourself when you are alone, How can he love you???

    you say you Love him and feel empty so why would HE love someone that got nothing inside,

    when he leave it's empty

    This is a great time for you to discover yourself and learn to accept yourself, if you dont like your company how can you expect someone else to appreciate it

    This is the time for you to discover what other issue you are hiding in yourself, the pain with him only brought out those Hidden issues you got with yourself

    Be grateful you got the opportunity to Heal Now

    it's normal that you feel like reaching out, wanting to come out of the pain but this PAIN you feel as nothing to do with the BREAK UP but with YOU, it's only YOU

    something from childwood or something, just look at it

    Learn from the Pain you fell, The PAIN is Teaching you something about yourself

    Dont run from it, MAKE it YOUR BEST FRIEND

  • Thank you for your advice....I will take it to heart. I think I'm a great person but I do have issues I don't like about me. And you are right. I need to learn to love myself. I'm always the "MOTHERING" type that feels best when I'm helping and taking care of others. Thanks so much I guess its time to mother myself. You are not the only one to tell me this. So its time to take off the blinders and realize I LET the abuse happen because I didn't love myself enough to walk away a long time ago. Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

    hugs and loves

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