• Yesterday this number was all over me, at least 4 or more times, I wonder what does it mean?

    It happens to be my Mom's birthday. ???

  • hi poetic555! i am new to this site and was seeking out the meaning of 555 ... LOL! i came across you first before i had time to look around here. I was born at 5:55pm EST and a long time ago someone made a comment about that number being important in my life. Anything?

    I don't really know what to make of your number ... my thoughts: 11, 2, a reminder of your Mom, or to place a lottery bet. Wish I could help! Good luck, someone will answer!

  • is your mom still alive? if not, it could be a sign she is there watching you

    if she is still alive, then it could mean 12:26 hopefully nothing bad

  • thats my sons b-day also. It could have something to do with your mom, or that may be a great day for you.

  • Thanks! She is still alive.

  • Laie-4, I looked up the meaning of the 555- Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being "positive" or "negative," since all change is but a natural part of life's flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

  • Thanks ... so far, it is looking that way, Ugh! I "drive" way too fast anyway so very good advice, lol !

    Why did you choose the number? Birth month / year? Something else? Some one mentioned it signified " armchair lawyer" to me once. I found that interesting at the time because I was considering a law degree. (went for a science degree instead.)

    Did you ever settle on a satisfactory reason for the 1226? I hope so. If not, it'll come.

    The 555 was my time of birth .... maybe my parents needed to buckle up. let me rephrase- they needed Nascar restraints for what I put them through. : > )

  • oopps ... disregard birth month, just saw your avatar

  • I don't know, your post says you were looking for the meaning. My mom had a work related injury but she's o.k. Weird.

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