Do you have repetitive patterns in your different zodiac signs?

  • I am wondering if anyone else has (or is surprised by) repetitive patterns of personal zodiac signs? Not just in your Western astrology chart but across different types of zodiac (ex. Chinese etc etc).

    My personal situation, I have a triple combination: I am a Pisces sun sign, Year of the Rabbit, and Numerology number 11 (and or 2). Each of these are all supposed to be equivalents of Western sign Pisces.

    For example, this is common info on Rabbit (chinese zodiac) sign:

    Zodiac Location 4th

    Ruling hours 5am-7am

    Direction East

    Motto “I Retreat”

    Season and month Spring, March

    Fixed element Wood

    Stem Negative

    Gemstone Aquamarine

    Color Green, Aqua

    Roughly equivalent western sign Pisces

    Polarity Yin

    My Birthday is 3-11-87. I wonder if this means anything? I am starting to wonder if this is my final earth life since Pisces and Numerology 11 typify the final signs especially in the numerology of 11. My moon sign is Leo just to add a little information on me.

    Another very strange discovery I made this year, after my sister introduced me to numerology this year (I used to think there was no way it could be possible), I looked for coincidences in each of my family member's numerology to their astrological (western) signs, and each was a single match (their numerology sign to their zodiac sign). There are/were 6 of us in the family, so it is one of the greatest "coincidences" I have come across!

    Also, probably more indicative of male biology, for 3 generations in my fathers family they have borne 1 son and three daughters. My current family included, only my father has passed away.

    Anyone else have a story to share? or insight?

  • Although I can't answer your questions I am curious. I too am a Rabbit in Chinese astrology but I was born 1-16-1956 - Capricorn. I am also an 11 (and or 2) according to the Numerology sites I've visited. If you can find out why we are different zodiac signs but have the same Chinese astrological signs and the same numerologic number I would be most interested. Thanks for the info.

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  • You are so right...I knew that! I don't know what made me say I was a rabbit. Been staying up late on my new laptop must need to get more rest!! Again, sorry!!

  • lol casper no biggie

    I thought you went to a website that gave you wrong info or something

    anyway have fun checking your sign on the URL I gave above

    have to type it that way or admin will delete my link as they always do

    not sure about numerology I don't remember much about it

    but I think goat is equavalent to cancer

  • I went to and clicked on Chinese Astrology and I am a goat but it does not say that it is equivilent to Cancer! My Sun Sign is Capricorn and I do know that in Astrology I am the sign opposite Cancer. A while back I checked another Chinese website, but in my DOB and it told me that I was a Monkey!! So what am I to believe? Frankly, I believe I am a Sheep b/c it fits my personality so much more!!

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