Deciphering A Dream

  • I had a strange dream about a month ago and have been trying to figure it out but am not sure what to make of it, since then I have been left with an uneasy feeling but can't put my finger on exactly why. In the dream I was looking for someone but could not find them, I could feel myself getting really agitated. I went to turn round to my best friend to say "what have I done, he's gone I can't find him" and just as I turned round I woke up. I didn't see my friend or this guy in the dream but I woke up with this awful sinking feeling. The guy I have not seen in a very long time and my friend is still my best friend. My dob is Aug 9th 1975. Any input in getting to the bottom of this is gratefully received as having spent many an hour thinking about things I came to two very different conclusions.

  • It seems that you have either lost something or someone metaphorically or that you feel you have lost something literally.It appears to me that you may even feel an unnecessary guilt about something and that is being portrayed to you in your dream.You were searching for someone and automatically felt that you were the one to blame by asking 'what have i done'?.Your friend was there as a way of support and security,maybe to just make an appearance by showing you it was a dream and that she is in waking life standing by you.This guy that you speak of,did you have any strong connection with him previously?Is it possible that he is teleporting to you in your dream and trying to send you a message of possible contact?It seems to have a profound message nonetheless.

  • There was a strong connection but it literally blew itself apart... It was nearly 16 years ago, I wonder why now? I did think about the message of possible contact but his parting words to me were pretty much along the lines of I never darken my doors again. Thank you though, as there were a few things that I missed.

  • it could be because he is apart of your soulgroup,which means no matter the time that passes,or the distance that may be present,that connection is like an energy that never fades,like a link and chain that never breaks and i have found,sometimes whether it be telepathically or when the person has passed on,because you are apart of their soul group they seek you,and want to reconnect to bring something that could be very significant.

  • It was that book that started all of this...

    It's like one of those urban legends you read about that nobody really believes. He told me that night all those years ago that this would happen but I didn't understand, but suddenly it all fits together. He told me I really was unaware of what I was capable of doing and one day just as my life had settled I would come accross this book and without thinking I would discard it , just like I had done to him... and then it would start again and then I would know what it was I had done.

    I came accross the book a while ago, I can't remember exactly when but I threw it was after that I had the dream. Could it really be possible that I had this thing inside me all along and really not know? He used to say the strangest of things to me and whenever I questioned him about it he would say he had not said anything, to which I would say that I was not deaf I had heard him, but maybe he really never did say these things did he? But somehow I still heard..

    Thank you xMermaidiax, I think you have helped me find something I never knew was there until now.

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