ALL that are experienced PLZ can you read my cards

  • Thank you again for sharing, I wish the best for you, I know the journey can be painful, but the sun is always shining even when its cloudy. Write anytime, I enjoyed our time. Luv2laf.

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  • Luv2laf...You ARE Awesome...Guess who called me last night??? In your reading you said.. It looks like he will call to see you or get in touch with you.... You need to understand I haven't heard from or talked to him in almost a some point last night I thought about you and your reading and thought WOW...I haven't responded to him at all, kindof scarred I don't want to feel the crazy feeling he brings into my life when we do talk.....we only talk maybe a couple times in a year...but it has gone as long as Several Years... anyway..I had to tell you this..and let you know that I think you are called it!!!

  • KittyGalore, thank you for the compliment, I am very happy that my reading was accurate, I'm here for you anytime you want to talk, you are helping me more than you know by allowing me to practice my craft, and I will always read what the cards say, I will use my caring intuition to the best of my ability. Have a wonderful day, luv2laf.

  • Hi KittyGalore, I would like to share with you a book that helped me understand the cards more than the 30 or so books that I have worked with, even more than the tarot courses that I took. I would recommend this book to anyone, you will receive the information that you request immediatly with the books answers. I would like to take credit for the psychic reading phone call from your friend but the truth is the book told me with your reading. the book is called Tarot made easy by Nancy Garen, read this book, then I will ask you a question and you can do a reading for me if you like. Lets take our power back. Hope you get the book. Luv 2laf.

  • Luv2laf, I want to tell you honestly that I Appreciated you helping me understand those readings, regardless if it was from a book or not...You were there for me, and bless you for that...But..I really think that I should stay away from Tarot Cards at least for now...when I say that I was just plain ole uneasy for a couple of days after I pulled the spreads..I'm not Kidding..The day I pulled the cards...that same night I had to go to the market..and driving down the same street that I have driven down for the last month..there was something so very different in that drive....I was extremely anxious...It was if I saw things differently and on a different level..and I didn't understand it then or now... and I knew it was the Tarot Cards....and I was not comfortable with it....My interpretation of those readings was so accurate, but frightening at the same time....I truly don't understand how could I do that..pull them with such accuracy to my life...I really want to take this in very slowly...I found a thread today entitled EMPATH...I cried so hard while reading it...because through out my entire life...I have felt others emotions So strongly that I Always had a reaction of my own...I always chucked it up to me being very sensitive..But after reading that thread..I understand with clarity now.. I work in Enforcement, and I tell you that everyday I weep for the future... some of the things that I hear makes me feel like a piece of my own soul is torn...from child negligent mothers and or fathers, the financial poverty because of an absent parent the list goes on & on... I could never quite understand why for the life of me when I get home I am So Tired..I mean to the point where I made a Dr's appt, to be checked for some health issue but there was nothing wrong..I don't do manual work & I didn't understand..but I think I have finally found the answer..I've always known that I felt too much...but could never put words to it...I didn't post on the site..just wanna read..think I'll read it again..and even reading & finally being able to put a name to this is a little scarry for me...One last thing because I feel that I've just gone on & on..but this is the really trippy part for me at least to actually type this out... but...I am not comfortable around people...I can never feel very relaxed...I'm very good with people and they want me to socialize with them..but I try Very Hard to steer Clear....I have always needed to get away from them & their feelings. I'ts almost like I feel intruded upon ..plz don't misunderstand I do socialize and am a healthy person..but the inner me..always needs to get away as soon as possible..Family included....I can't believe I've shared that.. but this thread even helped me understand this aspect.. So..I think I'd like to understand being an empath before I get into Tarot Cards if I do..because the feeling I got from the cards was just too much for me to want to go there any time soon.... Luvtolaf..Thank you and tell me what you think.....I'm sure I sound like I'm afraid of my own shadow... Love, Light & Peace to you...

  • Good Morning KittyGalore, I am an empath as well. I understand what you mean on the deepest levels of my being. I too have experienced on a day to day basis an overwhelming feeling when I absorb the energies of the people around me or on the news etc. I have cried so much that my eyes have developed a permanent beautiful [pathetic looking, puffy like I've been on the bottle affect]. I have to laugh at that, because I used to take paxil thinking that I had depression. Well they were wrong. I have not taken anything but ibuprofen in over 4 years and I feel what I feel still the same but now I know what an empath is. I have spent my life helping people as well, at the same time trying to escape, you are the first person that I have encountered who has explained my symptoms so clearly and honestly. I too have come from a very painful childhood with alcoholism, abandonment, foster homes, all kinds of abuse, I have been through hell and back, and have to motivate myself on a daily basis to keep going. I noticed that being an empath is kind of like being a sponge, we have to be careful of the people that we are associated with on an ongoing basis, or develop a suit of armor, it can even be as simple as objectively deciding to emotionally disconnect while still being there to assist in a chaotic situation. I think the level of pain that we have endured has developed a heightened compassion for others, and a much more sensitive level of understanding of the sufferings of our fellow man. I also noticed that if I give a friend an inch they usually take a mile, I cannot tell you how many times I had to back away from people because they cling to me, they don't always want to listen or take responsibility for themselves, instead they take advantage of my good caring nature. I have been called too nice and been used because of this in the past. I have finally learned through trial and error how to be around others and just be. I was a rescuer, this enabled me to interact with others while teaching them how to understand how they may have created some of the patterns that keep them stuck etc. but in the long run they started to avoid me like the plague and it hurt like hell because I tried so hard to be what I thought was a friend, since I am not a small talk kind of person it alienated me, so I thought I would try the cards. I was even more alone with the cards at first because of peoples belief systems, I too still get nervous sometimes with the energy around me when I do a reading, probably has to do my aunt scaring the crap out of me, she was a Jehova's Witness and filled my head with some awful stuff that I have been trying to deal with to this day, I like to find out the truth for myself, and to know myself is what the cards have enabled me to learn. There have been times when I didn't have a soul to talk to for days on end when I was terrified of the world, the card showed me the way to freedom from fear. Thank you dear KittGalore for opening a window for me today, I now know that I am not alone in my ways, and I will keep trying to meet wonderful honest caring souls like you! Luv2laf.

  • Hi again KittyGalore, I think that if you do decide to read for yourself again it helps to focus on your higher power to protect you, whether its God, your personal spirit guide, a grandma, any type of meditation that clears your aura, and aligns the chakra's, it is important to be relaxed and feeling safe, grounding yourself. Maybe picture a waterfall cleansing your feelings and energies that you want to send back into the earth to be purified and can be used elsewhere for the good. When I do my readings I ask my guide Iris and my angel Amanda to help me as well as Micheal the arch angel to protect me, I visualize a white light surrounding me and extent it out to about a half a blocks radius. I won't read if I am feeling fear, I wait until I feel calm and centered. A good way to find out who you are today, and this will change, is to ask who am I today and shuffle, then take the cards off the top until you reach a court card, the card will give you insight to how you feel at that time, try this every day if you like, its one way to get to know the court cards. If you would like, write to me when you feel uneasy, chances are that I have felt that way too and can maybe explain what is going on, I wish that I had someone to help me when I started, it would have saved me a lot of confusion and fear of the unknown. luv2laf

  • KittyGalore, I would like to say that I respect the Jehovas Wittnesses and any other belief systems but my aunt was to extreme. Anyway I wanted to share with you some techniques that may help you to relax. Yoga, breathing, sleepy time tea. The yoga will twist out the toxins that affect the chakra levels. the breathing will eliminate nervous energy, slow deep breathing, every breath you take, concentrate on releasing any unwanted thoughts I call daygoes, because where ever you go they go until you consciously release it down through the soles of your feet into the ground to be recycled to the good. Herbal teas, less salt. Lots of water, and sleep. This sounds so simple but its just a little something that has helped me. I have so much to share but I will start off a little at a time, I will wait for you to be ready for more info if you like. Have a relaxing day! Heres a magic word to relax its called Swa Swasoon, this is one of the 20 or so words that have been decifered from the angelic language.

  • Hi luv2laf..changed my name, hope you like, The name feels better... more appropriate for this forum, and I truly feel like my Waters (Spirit, Soul etc) is being healed here.... I have been searching on the Internet for more information on Empaths, the information was kinda limited, so I'm going to the Bookstore and pick something up...cause I need details want to know if this Empath sense can be deepened, intensified, can I channel it......Your post mirrored my life..Went though a lot of abuse mental & physical from my mother...It was weird she always gave me the Best of everything..but the abuse was relentless...She was a Virgo..& Very Religious....If I wasn't praying, I was fasting all of my life while I lived with her until I moved out...I will say that living with her..influenced my intense dislike for hypocrisy...My mother was one way for the Church folk and a totally different person at home with me...I'm gonna fall apart here..because I've shared so much with you that I have never shared with anyone else...I think there may be a little safety in that I'm just typing No face to face 🙂 My mother was emotionally abusive, physically she was actually placed in an asylum for causing the death of my little sister and for putting me in the hospital for several months...I used to cry out and out weep for myself, I felt cheated..No mother daughter relationship for me..and my only Saviour from the pain was my father but he died when I was nine...I apologize Im unloading on you...Sorry 🙂

    I will talk to you later...Gotta get Some Work Done ....Thank You

  • HealingWater, Oh what a beautiful name, send your pain of your past to me and I will pray with you on a high level to send a healing to you in the dream state, you are not alone, You are one of my sisters in this lifetime on a higher level, and the prayer can be in your mind, I will send you white healing light to you everyday. Please don't stop writing, we are making progress. luv2laf lots of warm fuzzy energy.

  • Hi HealingWaters, I would like to see you with a rose quartze crystal. It will change with you as your heart chakra is healing. You may notice it becoming clearer with time. keep it on your left side or under your pillow. Clear it with salt water when you first get it. Don't allow anyone to touch it but you. Crystals are alive and help with our own vibrations. Sincerely luv2laf.

  • After reading your post, I searched on the Internet & found Rose Cystals..found a cool website, Thank you as Always,

    Hey aren't you a busy bee, Love all of your postings... I feel special, cause I have you on a thread of my own ; )

  • Well, looks like I'm spending some money today...I also want to buy Tourmaline, Tourquoise, Iolite, Jade and I'm not done (LOL) reading about the colors...

  • Hi HealingWaters I wrote you a note yesterday but for some reason it is not shown here, thats twice this has happened now, I hope that you are having a lovingly peaceful day.

  • Hi HealingWaters, I pick heart shaped rocks and give them to people who I think could use a loving gift. I only find about 6 a year on the beach but it is always an emotional experience for me to find one, I feel like I have been blessed when I find them but I always give them away again. I have found some incredible rocks that have pictures of people, animals etc. I find that this type of meditation is relaxing, the act of looking for the rocks allows your mind to quietly unwind.

  • Hey there luv2laf, Very Glad that you suggested looking into crystals and gems, because I went shopping early this morning in our Market district, and wandered into this pretty neat store where they sell different types of crystals and everything Mystical & Magical, well I bought some pieces and took a catalog, as I was leaving the store, who do you think was walking in...THE PICSES, I haven't seen him in Years.. I was shocked!!!, to say the least....SHOCKED, he didn't notice me, and I didn't leave...I kinda walked around the store in shock...not knowing why I was still there...but unable to leave... come to find out the picses is part owner of the store...I discovered this by listening to him and the guy at the register...I didn't make myself known...& left not too long after...I feel kinda weird that I just didn't walk up and say Hi, I have to say that he does look different now, he's gained quite a lot of weight and he basically told the truth about his current physical appearance, When I say that my heart almost jumped out of my blouse, I thought my heart was beating loud enough for them to hear it...Luv, it's been Years and Years since I've seen him and I told you that he called last week and I never answered him...and he was right there before me Today..and I didn't say a word...I'm already wondering when I will go back to the store..before I saw him I knew that this store was my new find and that I would be going back soon, seeing him and knowing he's part just a lil trippy.. I tell you that if it hadn't been for you talking about the gems I really probably would not have walked into this store...

  • Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part...He asked the guy at the register how they did in sales today, and the guy told him not to good, but that this cute girl just left that told him she would be back to buy more stuff because the store was cool, (which I did)...and then the Picses said...well maybe she'll come back while I'm on, because she smelled great...telling him that he passed me on the way out...I was hiding there frozen for a few minutes..cause THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT ME!!...I must have sat in my car forever not able to move..thinking about this forum...and knowing that all things must happen in their season...because if I had run into him about a month ago....I don't know what the outcome may have been...

  • I am going to send a second version of what tried to post before but did not show. I wanted to say that when I refered to us as being sisters on this higher level, what I meant was is that we are all family on this planet. I wrote more but the significance of it now has passed. I am wanting you to know that I am not a lightweight in this life time and can be there for you anytime to talk about anything. Sincerely, luv2laf.

  • Hi, HealingWaters, Wow what an incredible coincidence! I am remembering mentioning about the sense ot smell. And I am so relieved that this may be a very enlightening time for you, especially with what the cards have mentioned. I wanted to say that even though I gave the credit to the book for the reading, as soon as I started doing the layout I kept hearing in my head, he will soon contact her, but because I think you were my second reading I didn't want to take that chance and play with your life. I also wanted to let you know that after I read your post about the painful experience with your mom and sister I cried,then started to shake which was good and I knew that the healing was going to be started. I prayed for you to feel comfort and to receive the healing energies. That night I had a dream of a woman about 25 or so, very pretty with long healthy dark hair, as she approached me she smiled, she was about 5 foot 5. Yesterday when I awoke I had a feeling that you had gone through the worst of it and were starting to feel better, when I read your post I was so relieved because it kinda confirmed this feeling. I am so proud of you for wearing your cloak with your hood , it is the angels protecting you without your awareness, maybe my imagination runs away with me at times but who knows? luv2laf.

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