ALL that are experienced PLZ can you read my cards

  • Thanks in Advance.

    I have two different spreads that I would like someone with the knowledge and wisdom of the Tarot to interpret… I searched on the Tarot Forum to try to find the correct way of presenting my spread, but didn’t find any so hopefully their readable…

    The first spread, was about Me & someone I believe to be my SoulMate..

    Love Advise position I pulled the 8 of cups,

    Long Term potential~ the 4 of swords,

    Loved one position I pulled the Justice Card,

    The situation card~ Death,

    Higher Power position~5 of wands,

    Near Future~ 4 of cups,

    The Issue position~ Temperance,

    Love & Self~2 of wands,

    Past~10 of swords X

    Challenges~4 of coins.

    The second spread was with regards to Me & my Husband.

    The Loved one position ~ The Star,

    Love Advise~ 6 of Coins,

    Long term potential position~ Page of wands,

    Issue position~ 8 of coins,

    Challenges ~The Tower,

    Situation~7 of cups,

    The Higher Power position~ 4 of coins

    Near Future ~ six of swords

    Love & Self~ The Devil (omg)!!.

    Because I did these spreads on this site I don't think there's an option of the cards being upside down..Thank goodness all of these cards were upright..

    My interpretation of these cards scarred the heck out of me…

    I TRULY APPRECIATE, anyone taking the time out to respond

    Love & Light

  • Would really Really like someone to respond who reads cards...PLZ

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  • This post is deleted!

  • IgoHumble..thank you for answer your question..Ive been married 13 years..and I have Never cheated on my husband....the other guy is someone that I met my long before knowing my husband in fact the first person I ever thought myself to be in love with..& someone that I have never been able to get out of my head and it would seem the crevices of my Heart...I call it a Haunting because I absolutely would like to clear him out of my head and truly never think of him again!! but when I am at a place where I can walk through my life without any thoughts of him I dream of him and the dreams often shake me to the foundation...I have spoken with him seldomly through out the years and on the surface I believe I just want to be able to sit down and talk with him, to maybe make sense of why I've been haunted by his memory .. I happen to believe that he is a soulmate. The last time I spoke with him he really unloaded some Heavy personal information about what been going on his life..and I discovered I lives seem to mimick each others ... The connection I feel towards him is Unexplainably eerie. and I have'nt seen him for years, .. So no I've never physically cheated on my husband..Ever...but there this guy who haunts my mind....

  • Hi KittyGalore, I like your name by the way. I would like to give this reading a try so please understand that I am just learning too. Let me start with your soulmate. 8 of cups, it looks to me that you and your friend comforted eachother, but no fireworks, you decided that he would be a good friend but not a lifetime lover. 4of swords, were you feeling cut off or out of touch with him?It looks like he will call to see you or get in touch with you. Justice, are you looking for quality or quantity you may ask yourself. Is there something missing in your friendship? Death, is your perception of this relationship still valid or do you miss what once was?5of wands, it looks like your feelings are suspended for now because your mind is also on other things or people, eg. husband. Looking at priorities may help. 4of cups, are you still wanting him for emotional stability, are there some unresolved issues you need to pay attention to. Temperance, are you wanting to have a last go around with him or are you wanting to close that chapter in your life for good? Is your present partner not living up to your needs? 2of wands, is he trying to win you back and is he lonely, or have you reached the pinnacle of what you think is success in your relationship with your husband and are feeling trapped. He may offer to take care of you, even as just a friend. The past, 10 of swords, have you outgrown this so called soulmate or are you confused.4 of coins, If you want to be with him it looks like the two of you still can but from what the cards are implying to me is that you are still commited to your husband. If you feel comfortable with this reading let me know and I will try the other reading for you and your husband. Sincerely Luv2laf. The next reading is more intense if you still want it, let me know.

  • Luv2laf.....I am so grateful that you have come to the rescue...the fact that you are just learning is not a problem at all for me...You are here for me and trying and I cannot say Thank You enough ~ I found this website under tarot card meanings. (The Divinatory meaning of the 8 of cups: - A turning point, a severing of links with the past, which have become outdated. A turning away from established relationships and objects of affection, to facilitate progress to newer and deeper things. A change of perspective a change of viewpoint.) Because this card fell under love advise I believed it to either mean..Let my link to the past go..or I should turn away from an established relationship for something Deeper...and because I Really am Squeaky New to this..I'm thinking in consideration to the rest of the cards on this spread it meant to let it go.. I needed to point out that there Were Fireworks, fireworks that blazed so bright they can not be compared...Yes PLZ continue with the other spread... and THANK YOU DEARLY, for helping it mean so much...Oh and the name KittyGalore, the night I found this site I had some white wine while watching James Bond...the day after I looked at the name and thought oh God what was I thinking...LOL

  • Hi Kitty Galore, I did, I did laugh out loud! Thats great, your name. I am relieved that you explained to me about the 8 of cups, I wanted to say the same to you but second guessed myself on that card alone even though I had a constant voice in my head telling me almost word for word what you just explained. I have been told all along to go with the meaning of the card along with my intuition. A good lesson for me to learn today. Thank you for sharing and I will try again on friday nov 20th to be more conscientious. Also it is wonderful for me to be able to practice the cards, they have always guided me with love. Have a great night!

  • Hi kittygalore,

    So much to your situation! Im sorry I didnt mean to say that you WERE cheating on your husband or anything. I just really wanted to respond to your post because no one else did at the time. I really wish I was some kind of psychic so that I could help everyone! So have you talked to the guy recently?? For some reason im really intrigued by your situation. Maybe its because my life is so boring. I genuinely hope things work out for you.

    I actually had some feelings like that and can relate a little to your situation. When I was about 15 I met this guy I seriously fell in love with. We had a great time. He never asked me out, and I could not get him out of my mind for seriously.. YEARS. I was obsessed with him, and I didnt know why. I could not stop thinking about him, or anything. This lasted until I was about 21, 22. Then I started dating.

    So I kind of understand about being really in love with some one and not being able to get them out of your head. I seriously look back and cant even believe I spent so much energy loving this boy. He could have been a soulmate, some one I knew from a past life. I've heard that can happen.

  • luv2laf, Hi today is my birthday going out in about an hour with my Husband..Look forward to your second reading.. I acutally just copied and pasted the meaning of 8 of cups from that webaddress that I posted in my response to you...IgoHumble..please believe me that I didn't take any offense to your question if I was cheating on the husband with this other guy... it's actually a valid question for someone interpreting the spread...I started a thread asking the questions " Are Soulmates Real", its on the backlog forum on this site..that explains to some degree about the relationship I had with the SoulMate...Thanks to you both...

  • Hi KittyGalore, Happy Birthday! I have finished your reading and I am wanting to share with you what I see, but because of the sensitivity of the reading I would prefer to message you on Sat. I feel that you should have the happiest day possible. I am trying to do what I think would help without interfering with your precious day. Sincerely luv2laf. Have a wonderful time tonight.!

  • Oh Dear luv2laf, sound like you may have bad news...well I'm ready for it whatever you found...Thanks

  • Hi KittyGalore, I would like to share the reading on you and your husband now. Energies have changed since the initial spread was interpreted, I will weave together the impressions I have received from then and the present time. The Star, I would like to combine the dreams that you are having along with maybe some mirroring of why you continue to dream of the person who you say has simular experiences that are a reflection of your own life. I see the star as hopeing the future will be better than the past, having faith and healing. The devil card may be expressed as feeling you have a karmic link to another and can't let go even if you wanted to. I see with the 7 of cups getting caught up in illusions as a way to escape the long term situations that need to be discussed with your husband. The tower brings a flash of clarity to change your mind and move in a new direction, a more positive journey through continued learning about yourself and avoiding negative thinking patterns or influences. Remain calm in the face of unexpected changes. and have faith in yourself and know that every thing has a season and a reason. This is a simplified version of the amount of info I have received, I also see possibly that you are feeling confused at this time and might benefit through discerning what is meaningful for you right now, and expanding your horizons. I think in dreams everything in the dream has been created to represent a part of ourselves that we can learn from, for example, you are the man that you have been dreaming about, ask the dream character how do you feel? etc. Every object in the dream has been created in a symbolic language that you may access through studying the dream interpretations that have been collected from books etc, or ask the people, objects, colors, sounds etc, in the dream, or your spirit guide to help you to understand. Its important to listen to the messages we receive.Fear loses its grip on us the more we understand ourselves and our intentions. When all is said and done, you may feel that things are worth the effort, and will avoid situations that frustrate, anger, or distress you.This is only a small portion of the reading, I would cover much more ground in live conversation, but I hope this is helpful in some way, it helps me to get feedback, also to see if Iam reading accuratly or on the right track. Take care luv2laf. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

  • Hi KittyGalore, your message is on the next page, hope you can find it. Its all for the good I think. Talk to you soon. Luv2laf.

  • I see the message did come up, good.

  • Luv2laf, both of your readings were very similiar to the same understanding that I rcvd...Your Accuracy with the second reading was Awesome...Thank you so much..I cant tell you how appreciative I am..I believe you should continue with your studies on the Tartot...because for me at least your Spirit moved you in the right direction and gave me a little Clarity of understanding...Thanks a million..Way to Go!!!

  • Last night I had a very frightening Dream of Picses..I didn't want to ask you what your interpretation of this dream means but thought...I post just in case...

    The dream started off pleasant enough...My husand and I were in our bedroom and I was telling him how happy I was that we were working on our relationship..telling him how much I Loved the bracelet that he had bought me...I fixed our lunch for work and he left...I got in the shower..and I heard someone walk in th bathroom, it was the Picses looking very angry...he took his clothes off & started grabbing at me in a rough manner..I tried to get out of the Shower, but he wouldn't let me..he was very having his way with me..Forgive me when I say It was (Great) but forceful, not loving...He walked out of the bathroom saying You are mine....he turned around and looked at me...and I felt fear... ~ I have never had a dream of him that was physical ever...Any thoughts...

  • Hi KittyGalore, wow. what an insightful dream! !'m excited for you, it seems to me that you are having a profound breakthrough. I think that it can sometimes be frightening when we are confronting our repressed emotions. I would like to start with the bracelet, the term brace yourself, then the term let... The 6 of cups may have reffered to receiving a gift for your birthday, as well as a happy marriage. It may also symbolize the need to reach out to others, to rekindle an old flame with who you choose or to get in touch with someone you have not seen in awhile.I think it also reflects your deep passion and fire, Scorpio. The term to fix, you were in the bedroom talking to your husband, you were happy, the fixing lunch I wonder if the food refers to nourishing, nurturing, fixing, the relationship, then he left for work. When he left, did you feel vulnerable or abandoned? Sometimes I write these questions to give another perspective , but I am not trying to imply anything, just keeping the thoughts open. I would also like to comment on the Pisces man, Scorpio and Pisces, both water signs, deep emotions, a Pisces feels a deep need to have a soul mate, and Scorpio feels to the very depths of their core, even sexually. Psychic talents and the ability to engage the dark side of ourselves, the shadow self. By accepting the shadow within ourself we can overcome and conquer our fears. My perception of the angry, forceful, gripping, loveless encounter, which you submitted to against your will but still felt pleasure is maybe a sign that you are having an internal fight over your rights, or do you feel the need to express your sexuality with your husband in the same way that you do with your dream lover?Are you afraid if you contact your ex that he will be intrusive to your peace of mind, and the work you have done with your husband? Is this a deep seeded fantacy or is this an indication that someone is trying to get you to do something that you don't want to do.The shower might be a symbol for cleansing oneself from things that affect the emotions. When we stir the pot of emotions, sometimes they can be released in violent bazzar ways, there is nothing to fear, its all part of the proccess. Also somewhere in the past has there been a betrayal of a deeper form of intimacy ?If you felt fear when he looked at you it may be a mix of repressed sexual energy manifesting itself in this forceful way.The chakra governing the reproductive organs, sex, kidneys and bladder may need a cleanse, this area is also associated with taste and to feel. You mentioned that he never came to you in the physical sense before, and that you were fixing you husbands lunch.I hope this interpretation has helped, and thank you again for sharing, please let me know what you think, sincerely luv2laf.

  • Hi I meant to say the 6 of coins.

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    Thanks for your insight into the dream..I wanna say that the dream did disturb me for a few hours that morning... but I guess I'm really at a New Point..because thoughts of the Picses are not intense.. At All anymore...I truly hope that I don't have any more dreams of him..but hopefully I can deal with them when and if they come...I will say gosh it took a LONG TIME..for me to get to this point..that was pain I wouldn't wish on Anyone...I've really only felt unbearable pain from two relationships my husband and the picses...all other pain...was baby pain compared...Thank you so much..

    Peace & Love.

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