Question about posing questions in Tarot readings

  • I am a beginner at reading tarot and have a question about the questions that one may seek. I have read that there are certain ways of posing questions that will provide a better reading, than others. In particular though, I'm wondering if you can ask a question about another person's state of mind, intentions, or feelings, if they are not present.

    For example, if I was wondering how "E" truly felt about me, or if he see's a future for us, are those questions I can ask and receive an answer to? Or if I wanted to find out what state of mind someone is in, if they are troubled or living well, is that something that can be asked and answered?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Thoughts anyone?

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  • In my limited experience, Tarot is more ideal for guidance on how to act in uncertain situations, than for predicting other people's thoughts or behavior. If you're doing your own spreads, your best bet is probably phrasing questions that look for things in you, rather than things in another person... like asking what to keep in mind when seeking love from a person who's at a distance, what it may lead to, etc.

    Nonetheless, you can get insight into future events--you just have to remember that free will always has a say in things.

    The worst questions you can possibly ask in a telling are "Will this, will that, will he, will she, will I, will it" questions. You must not look at absolutes, when dealing with Tarot, because the absolute truth is something that people decide, not events. Events influence people, and have to be traversed... and Tarot is about giving you guidance traversing them, not telling you what you will do in the future.

    Hope that proves insightful. If you want, we can practice on each other.

  • Hi Kitsunetsuki,

    Thank you very much for answering my question and providing your insight! It is very helpful. Sorry it took me so long to notice your answer!



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