Astrology- Interested but don't understand..Can anyone help me with my chart?

  • Hello all. I've gone onto sites before and have done a birth chart analysis but I don't understand it. I am trying to figure out a few things about myself...and where I should be...and why I am the way I am.

    My Name is Stephanie.

    D.O.B is January 1, 1978

    Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. @ 3:14am.

    This is what I've been told...

    -Sun in Capricorn

    -Moon in Virgo

    -Venus in Capricorn

    -Mar in Leo

    -Jupiter in Gemini

    -Saturn in Virgo

    -Uranus in Scorpio

    -Neptune in Sagittarius

    -Pluto in Libra

    -Ascendant is Scorpio

    -"MidHeaven" in Leo <---what is this and the next two?

    -North Node in Libra

    -Chiron in Taurus

    I also don't understand the positions of the houses nor what they mean. How it effects us. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone give me any sort of reading on what is to become of me?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi Stephanie! All this would be extremeley complicated to explain! i suggest if you really want to know your chart to see an astrologer... the websites are good to find out what your birthchart looks like etc but not for giving you accurate interpretations. Which planets are beside each other, whether you are mostly cardinal, adaptable, fixed and all other invluences are important and simply cant be done of an internet reading. Alternatively you could buy an astrology book yourself and try and learn how to read charts?!

  • Yes, I get get the gist of it all, I guess I was just looking for someone to explain to me why I am the way I am, how this makes my personality...and what's in store for me.

    Thanks lisaria for you help, your response is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    You seem to be a social climber in your ego, analitical personality wise, sexually you are favorable towards money and sex, You push your way through life like a lioness, socially you favor communication, you restrict yourself meticulously, expess your eccentricity with intimacy, shared resources or transformation, you dream big and try to stay positive, you will face death with balance and refined beauty and love, you body radiates sexuality...the unfathonable type and your mid-heaven in Leo means you will be a leader in whatever your gift of spirit is. Your Libra North Node should encourage you to stay calm, focused, harmonious and intellectual. Assert this position in your chart to 'know' you bring folks together and make them feel at ease. You are open minded but refined. Chiron in Taurus suggests you will be drawn to security, basic comforts, the earth and natural healing. You will eat well and use the sun. Inovation is your key to good health mentally.Meditate and be stubborn about your principles.

    Happy day to you!


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