How do i if a scorpio likes me?

  • im a gemini female n i have been seen a scorpio 4 a week, i caught him in a couple lies, well i truly dont know if they are lies, i just dont get him, will some1 help....

  • im new 2 this... i really need some advice!

  • Wow butterfly Scorpio men are tough. They want what they cant have, they want the chase and at the same time they want you in hand. If you push them they close up. If you chase them they get bored with you and walk away, where to start...

    tell more of your story... put a little meat on it.

  • ima scorpio waman ad yes moon is right..they want what they cant have and then look away when they get it..but scorpios love if u did something positive he'

    ll be with u for life or until u or he lie long enough..or hurt one another's feelings..

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