Being sensitive

  • I am one of those people who have light bulbs go out if im upset and touch the switch. But I have another Question. Has anyone noticed that the computer makes you feel a little fuzzy or dizzy?If im only on for a short while its not so noticible, But if I am on for an hour or more I get more cotton headed. I cant think as clearly. Lately ive noticed my eyesight is affected. This condition or state, carries over even to the next day sometimes. Has anyone else noticed this? I DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF SUBSTANCE THAT WOULD EFFECT MY MIND IN ANY WAY! Just in case you were wondering! I think its the electricty,,B ut I dont know how. Please tell me if You KNOW!

  • the light bulb thingy is a psyche ability you have there

    you can choose to develop it, by nurturing it

    everyone has psyche ability only it doesn't manifest the same way in each person

    but the computer thing, if it makes you dizzy after more than one hour

    I'd suggest put a monitor screen on your monitor and rest your eyes every 20 minutes

    or you can get a bio monitor, they call it that because it doesn't need screens anymore and flat

    if it still happens, you need to see a doctor

    it's not about you being 'sensitive' as in psychic sense but it is about your eyes are sensitive

    some people have sensitive eyes, some don't. some have dry eyes, some don't

    as you get older, your sight will change

    the optometrist can tell you this

    for your dizziness, a neurologist may be able to check that out

  • another sensitive Pisces here! I have a contrast of Leo moon so my temper may flare up and dramatize my emotions if you hurt my pride ;> I will probably express my emotions to you as well hehhehe

  • yeah scarlattina that leo in you sure is a guarantee for temper

    you can control it, it may take years but you can

  • that's good to hear, it is definitely something I have been trying to work on!!

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