Advice needed!

  • I need advice. I am in love with my ex-husband, the father of my child.We have been separated for about 2 years now, neither of us repartnering. We have been together physically twice in the last month. We have talked about getting back together and having another child. It is his birthday today (2/11/74) (SCORPIO) and my birthday is June 19 1972.(gEMINI)

    Can anyone help me to see if we are meant to be going down this path?

  • Hi, I think getting back together is wonderful. Having a child is wonderful too. You didn't mention why you all separated. My advice is not to get back together for convenience. You said that you loved him--that's great. I have Geminis and Scorpios as family and friends. Both signs are very strong-willed. A Gemini usually knows what they want and so does Scorpio. I can visualize sparks flying when there is an argument. My son is a Gemini. You never have to guess what he is thinking. Same w/Scorpio. Gemini's are great communicators. Good Luck.

  • No one can manage to figure out if you and your ex husband are meant to be together. If you both feel attatched and in love, then you should have another go at it

  • First there is love. Of course. Un-conditional love. Besides that, though, the keys to a long lasting relationship, are actually the hardest work but worth it: Learn these things: talking (not yelling), truly listening (not getting offended when they tell you 'hey this thing you did hurt me' - say you're sorry, it means so much to them and the biggest: not holding grudges. Full forgiveness. Let it go. It took us years of hard mental work to apply these things. Yes, it's working. Good luck and God Bless you.

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