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  • So many topics have been discussed in here, how about Angels? How to invoke them? How to ask for help? Have you seen an Angel? What was your experience? If you did see an Angel, how did it appear to you?

    Interesting, let me know?


  • The angel I saw appeared as a being of light. The face was so shiny of the light that I could not see it. The light was its face, its body, its surrounding.

    Think, when a pure person dies, completely surrendered to the Light - that is how we will appear aswell to the living people on earth. When we die, if we die pure and cleansed, we will appear like that aswell. Or, who knows?

  • Greetings!

    The Angel I saw came down from my living room ceiling bright, bright gold with even a brighter center floated over to my beloved pet's ashes. I wasn't really afraid...I knew why it was there.

    Amazing isn't it? There so many grey areas in our lives...we only see the black and white.

    BLessed BE!


    Thank you for responding

  • Hi and thank you for responding.

    As I've mentioned before. The object that I saw was so brilliant it was even brighter in the center came floating down from my living room ceiling to my beloved pet's ashes.

    Since then I had about 100 decks of tarot ards...threw them all away! Including a hand made RUNE set as well...I don';t miss it at all.

    Blessed Be,


  • That is amazing.

    Probably, the angel was there for you aswell, or because of you. The pet was probably very much blessed to be your pet. The animal soul level is lower than the human soul level. An animal soul can become a human soul by being in touch by the Light. Perhaps your pet got to experience a higher soul level through you.

    And perhaps you aswell got to experience a surrection from a lower soul level (the mind, the tarot cards) and into a higher soul level (an angel level). I believe you saw an angel, and that probably from what you explain it was a strong experience and made a great impression on you.

    Wish you all the best.

    The hanged woman

  • Yes, seeing an Angel made a big impact on me!

    Blessed Be!


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