Need help in breaking heart!!!!!

  • been over a relationship for over a year and i am still in love with him,,my hear is aching,,will he come back or will a new love find me??? i feel so lost,, i need some guidence....DOB 4-24-69 ,,,,his is 8/8/80

  • Hi" Lonely" Mr Leo is a romantic why dont you try again and share with him how you feel this way you will feel like you have tried your best

    you are the one make your destiny dear remember that

  • i did tell him how i feel and he is very evasive,,i think he is not into me,,,but then why he keeps calling me????

  • Dear lonelymandy,

    Based on what you yourself, natapier's tarot reading and a cartomancy reading I have done myself for you and your ex this is my opinion on the situation: It appears that you are trying too hard to hold onto what once was. You need to let go of the situation and let things in your life progress naturally and in their own time. Once you let go true love will find you. Currently there is potential for a positive change in your financial situation. Please note that any advice given by anyone should not be taken as truth unless you feel in your heart that it is correct. Trust your own instincts. Hope this helps some. Sending you lots of LOVE!


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