Johnny Depp, a Gemini Rabbit, sexiest man alive 2009

  • Dear LeoScopion....well 30% or 100 %, your advice and insight is most welcome. I'm here when you want me to read.. Chiron's position is included in the American Ephemeris..I was quite excited when I found it in my first house.....I had an identity apart from that of being an identical twin! Peace and love.

  • librasangel

    I haven't had children. my husband and I have tried but we really didn't have much time together

    he is a Cap he is loyal and supportive but work is his priority and he works long hours

    when he gets home he is tired and not into love making

    I love him and I am loyal, but sometimes I wish he will start putting efforts on having a baby

    he now has a business and he spends even longer hours, he said he wants to build an empire

    I like it that he is ambitious, but I told him a baby is worth more than empire

    (I know, people don't think this makes sense but that's how I feel)

    he said I don't have to worry about baby, we can adopt and so I can spend time helping him in the business LOL well I guess child is child, even if not our own

    about the s ex drive I am glad you don't think bad of me 🙂

    I was hoping I could delete that part but it's submitted - sigh -

    do you have leo in your birth chart? I don't know why but I feel it's related to leo, cosmic wise

  • hpriestess

    so will that show in a birthchart? I didn't see it so am curious

  • wait I see it 🙂 OK overlooked

  • Dear LeoScorpion......I have a horrible feeling that your natural desire for your own baby and your partner's reluctance is destroying your love for him. Why is he so reluctant. ? Could i have his data if not yours...what does he fear...poverty; impotence? I think thiis will become a problem, but forgive me for prying. Peace and love..

  • hpriestess

    he was born poor and had to work to pay for schooling

    he did this and around the age 25 he owned his own house, a bmw, his own gym, and another house he rents out

    however he didn't finish school, he left it for the job

    he really is hardworking ambitious person as if he can smell money and find it

    he supported his mother and is the only one among 4 siblings that never asked for money help

    the only help he got was the one check his mother sent us last year

    she said 'you are the best son I've ever had. never asked us for anything. this is not a loan, this is at least what I can do to pay you back for all the help you gave us'

    he is a man in every sense, a true gentleman still in the old chivalry tradition

    my love for him stems from respect and I still feel the same to this date

    I know I am young to you 🙂 but in life I have been through enough and he is the best thing ever happened to me

    his mother is Aquarius and he is a Cap

    I can't give out DOB he doesn't like giving info online

    astrology said our union is bad, but he didn't believe it so he asked my father for my hand in marriage anyway

    my father, an Aries, jokingly said to me,"you'll behave now. he is a good man" LOL

    well I behave 🙂 and yes he is a good man 🙂 my father died though

    I guess I couldn't have 2 great men in my life, the universe took one and leave one for me

    it's kind of sad not having our own baby, but he is right, a child is a child

    thanks for being concerned though. you sound like a good mother yourself 🙂

  • Dear LeoScorpion....I totally underestand your respect for him and yes I am a mother of 3 grown-ups and away and have a grandson, but also my pupils past and present I also mother. II know what you mean about giving out birth expose your soul in many respects. I feel that the universe and those you help are all recipients of your benign maternal instinct. Love. PS My son is in Calilfrnia and I do miss him, but he is with good people.

  • thank you for understanding

    it's just that we have had very bad experiences all these years and now we know that we haven't been careful with birth info and name

    I can feel your love for your children and grandchild

    and the way you say that those I help are recipients of my maternal instinct

    only a person that has so much love can see it that way

    I am sure you and your family is under full protection and blessed by the universe

    love supports life. anyone that truly loves, the universe will support them

    take care and have a good weekend

  • Dear LeoScorpion...many thanks for your kind words and have a great weekend yourself. Love and hugs.

  • you're welcome

    love and hugs back

    gotta go do laundry now weekend stuffs


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