Johnny Depp, a Gemini Rabbit, sexiest man alive 2009

  • Moyer, Moyer, Moyer..............

  • lol hpriestss

    no worries I never watch the show so I was confused but everyone misspells now and then

    i do a lot when typing myself

    take care now and thank you for being positive

    I hope worthy and scarlattina can see eye to eye later on or at least agree to disagree

  • Ms Scarlattina I really do not have any idea what your talking about. What other blog are you referring too. I don't know what other blog your talking about. I was only talking about J Depp and you went way ouy on the deep end about something I don't even know what your talking about. But, I am tired of ths and the subject. It's just sad you took everything the wrong way. I am done.

  • "worthy"...

    My original request to you was just to respect my opinion, or don't comment...why should that be so much to ask? You could have just said "no" instead of using the negative attitude and blaming. That's what I was saying in my original comment to you- that it's just for fun and it's so silly that you should be arguing with me about something so benign and so relative. I stand by that- I didn't do anything wrong to you, I just thought we'd talk like adults. There is problem solving that can be done and the offer is on the table once again. You may go back and read it if you like.

    Highpriestess-I've already done my chart but thanks for the offer. Pisces sun, Leo Moon, Gemini Rising, Venus in Aquarius, and Mars in Taurus-and I can still keep my cool better than some. I know it's uncomfortable to see two people so disjointed but its not fair to start up in it without knowing those who are involved or what has happened.

    If I had known that we were trying to come to an agreement on the ONE most fabulous man of 2009 I would have never put down my thoughts! There were lots of great people to talk about.

  • scarlattina

    nobody is trying to reach an agreement about who is the sexiest on this thread

    at least i didn't create it for that purpose

    I agree worthy's tone may sound too aggressive for you

    I've been on many forums and probably have gotten used to so many different tones

    but this is just me

    I hope we can agree to disagree and move on from there

    tale care now

  • leoscorpion, I really want to apologize bc I really wasn't trying to poison all this great conversation. It's not fun for anyone to read. I have always had a knack for finding people that are not in harmony with my own nature. 80% of my closest friends were people I just did not like when I met them, or they didn't like me- so I never close the door to having a change of heart.

    I absolutely could have jumped to conclusions- I'd just rather deal with reality when there's some kind of problem going on. You're right though, this isn't a place for anybody that can't learn to deal with different personalities, so next time I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and let it slide! this has wasted a lot of time.

  • WOW.......................


    What was the subject?....................

    Oh yeah.............

    Johnny Depp! MMMMM! MMMMM! I could eat him UP!!

    I love him, have since 21jump street, even year after year hes still one good looking man. However, having said all that, I do feel compeled to let you know that my husband is a gorgeous man as well. With blonde hair, blue eyes, and every inch of him, - in love with me. After almost ten years, we are still in love, in passion, I'm every lucking. Even if Johnny Depp himself showed up at my door, begging me to running away with him........(Wow, wouldnt that be a trip!).......I'm pretty 80% sure I would never leave my man.....OK I'm just playing, trying to lighten the mood here. I'm 100% positive (cuz the s e x is to good) heehee, that I'm wiith my soulmate and will be devoted to him for life. Doesn't anyone else feel guilty talking about other men?

    Good Night, Til Tomorrow...................

  • Thanks Leoscorpian, all this was suppose to be as fun.

  • scarlattina

    no need to apologize I am not angry to anyone

    this is the physical world we are all here to learn and there are many things to learn

    don't worry about voicing your opinion

    if you don't we won't know how you feel about certain things e.g. tones

    welcome aboard if you haven't welcomed you before

    hope to see more of you in the forum

  • worthy

    you are welcome

    we all learn new things every day

    hope to see more of you in the forum


    yeah lol I do feel bad about starting this thread about s exiest man in a spritual forum

    I just wanted to start something different and when I read people's magazine choice for 2009 I thought this would be good

    I have to learn to curb my fantasy 🙂 among the material/physical world, s exual fantasy is the hardest for me to curb

    I have not much interest in accumulating wealth or having extramarital affairs

    but it took me months of routine meditation to tone my fantasies down 🙂

    now that we are eager to have a baby, I kind of let it loose lol

  • Dear Scarlattina.....didnt mean to butt in,and uset you, so apologies. Just for interest's sake, how has the Uranus transit affected you over the past 4 years. Most Sun Pisceans I know have changed counties /states, if not countries in this period. If you don't reply I will quite understand. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • just posting it again on here for scarlattina


    thread for protection and cleansing

    here is the thread

    go to page 2, 7th post down

    everything in nature, is part of the universe and the universe regulates all

    not all of us sends negative energies out, it's just there are more recently than centuries ago

    natural resources has declined more in the last 50 years than ever and then hole in the atmosphere, according to some experts

    the future is our own making. we are responsible of creating the future that supports life

    our lives, family life, community life, life of relationship, life on earth, life of future generations

    what the universe is asking of us is that we try our best

    do not be afraid, especially of mistakes. mistakes and failures are opportunities to learn.

    learn from them and keep trying to live in positivity and balance.

    with practice this will be a healthy habit for you and those around you will learn from you.

    I hope the universe sends you support and blessing

    any question just shoot

  • hpriestess

    always interesting to read your post about astrology and myth

    what has happened with leos lately?

  • Dear LeoScorpion.....The ones I know are as restless as fleas, with all sorts of s--t going on. Can I do your chart and can then be more specific. I know you are not an astrologer, but for the rercord my birthday is 28th January 1950 ( old, but sort of glamorous, or trying to be) Was born 4.15am in London. England. Scottish father, English mother, 2 Irish grandmothers. I have a Sagittarian Ascendant with Chiron sitting on it in the 1st house. Heavy or what? Have you a specific question? I would love to help you, but suspect you will help me more! Love and Happy Thanksgiving.

  • for myself I have no specific question.

    restless leos, LOL yeah we do need to learn to go with the flow

    I just got this for you. By the way how do you know Chiron position?

    Sun in Aquarius

    She is independent, autonomous, emancipated and has progressive ideas.

    Weaknesses: an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

    Moon in Taurus

    Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts--in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content.

    It isn't wise to try to push Lunar Taureans into doing anything, but once they have made a commitment, they're persevering.

    There's a steadiness to this position of the Moon that is comforting to those close to them. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities. They tend to go out of their way to avoid "messy" or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays. Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. In relationships, Lunar Taureans may not easily recognize their partner's need for change, growth, or emotional stimulation.

    Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. They will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that there's something in it for them.

    Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell.

    Relationships with people born with this position of the Moon are often quite enduring. Many Moon in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the face of serious conflict. Taurus is a fixed sign, so break-ups don't happen easily.

    There is a serenity to them that is calming. In fact, it takes a lot to really get to them. However, they do get off-center every once in a while. They are not the most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for example.

    Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply have a stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely are they spontaneous sorts. Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability. Their needs are strong but quite simple at the same time--they love the "good things" in life. The world of the five senses is all-important to these natives. Their love of stability and steadiness can make them slaves to routine. However, they are loyal and capable people.

    Mercury in Capricorn

    Reflective, deep thinker: a fine and vivacious mind. Undertakes lengthy studies or, if circumstances do not allow, will teach herself. A rational person.

    Weaknesses: rancor, coldness, malice, and often a pessimist.

    Venus in Aquarius

    Venus in Aquarius indicates an independent, non-traditional approach to romantic and social affairs. A magnetic, original, sparkling, glamorous and effervescent nature makes you socially popular, with many friends. You are likely to have a number of love affairs before considering marriage. When you do take the plunge it is likely that you choose a partner who is able to satisfy your need for intellectual stimulation, companionship and variety of experience. Your strong love of emotional freedom may cause some problems in your domestic life

    Mars in Libra

    Mars in Libra indicates that you will assert yourself in a courteous, co-ordinated, socially refined and co-operative manner - somewhat laid-back you tend to avoid hard work, competitive activities and situations of conflict. Much of your energy will be applied to friendships, social life and marriage. You love company and all forms of social activity, with a desire to be noticed and accepted by others. On occasion, you can be too easily influenced. You are a genuine romantic and sexual expression is founded on the love nature, not base desire - you are more responsive if mood, feeling and atmosphere is just right. Lovemaking is refined, romantic and gentle

    Jupiter in Aquarius

    Ambivalent feelings, generous, philanthropic. She is tolerant and indulgent.

    Weaknesses: an idealist prone to rebel or revolt.

    Saturn in Virgo

    She likes order, harmony, method and balance. She can undertake long-term medical or scientific studies.

    Weaknesses: she is intransigent, stubborn. Misuse of medicines, or asking for too much medicine.

    Uranus in Cancer

    She is impressionable, ticklish and excitable.

    Neptune in Libra

    Likes the Arts, music, beautiful voices, poetry. Emotional, with fine feelings.

    Pluto in Leo

    Gives her all her strength.

    Sign and ascendant

    Aquarius ascendant Sagittarius

    Sun in II

    Financial ambition. Lucrative job, she satisfies her needs, which are substantial. Moves money about a lot and sometimes spends recklessly.

    Moon in VI

    Will never be a leader, but succeeds in being the right-hand of an important person. In most cases, she is an employee, worker etc. She likes the country, respects Nature and likes animals.

    Mercury in I

    Lively, alert, penetrating and ingenious mind. She expresses herself easily, is a born orator. She always looks on the bright side. Very adaptable.

    Venus in II

    There is a link between emotional life and money. She is helped by friends or by a person to whom she is emotionally linked. Takes advantage of friendships for professional success. Activities connected with beauty, aesthetics, finery. Danger: big spending.

    Mars in IX

    Deeply rooted opinions, which she knows how to defend energetically. At a certain moment of life, she can fight for a particular ideal but might abandon it along the way, being less convinced than at the beginning of its virtue or because she realizes that it is a losing battle. Conflict abroad or with foreigners.

    Jupiter in II

    Easygoing over money matters, no credit problems, increases her inheritance. She earns good money, without too much effort. She enjoys what she has.

    Saturn in IX

    She is studious, patient, rigorous, austere. She likes reflection, meditation. She carries out all the plans she makes. She is a stay-at-home.

    Uranus in VII

    Her independence does not tolerate marriage very well. If she does marry, she has little chance of finishing her days with the spouse, unless the partner gives her complete freedom and accepts her unfaithfulness.

    Neptune in X

    She has great ambition, which obsesses her. She always wants to check work already done, she is terrified of being less than perfect.

    The houses in the signs

    Ascendant in Sagittarius

    She will have an intellectual profession. Teaching, research, philosophy, mathematics. Children will be a source of happiness and pride.

    House II in Capricorn

    Success in professional life will be long and laborious. Continuously working towards it, she will finally achieve universally acknowledged success.

    House III in Pisces

    Ideas are somewhat changeable, and her humor as well. Travel, sea voyages or work connected with the sea.

    House IV in Aries

    Lots of authority within the family. She knows how to take the destiny of the family in hand. She is very energetic, very strong, knowing how to cope with life's setbacks.

    House V in Taurus

    A pleasant home, a charming husband, loving and sweet children, nice little meals, pleasant evenings with the loved one, that's the good life.

    House VI in Taurus

    Completely trusted at work. Knows how to keep a secret and is of irreproachable honesty. Weak point: the throat.

    House VII in Gemini

    Marries quite young, and divorces later. A second marriage doubtless with less passion but a lot of friendship. Frightened of living alone in old age.

    House VIII in Cancer

    Small inheritances.

    House IX in Virgo

    She is devoted to all causes that bring comfort or help to people in difficulty.

    House X in Libra

    Contacts of all kinds will lead to social success, professional, through marriage etc... Likes society life, friendships that could help professionally. Sometimes jobs connected with justice, but always involved with important and influential people.

    House XI in Scorpio

    Adores to debate endlessly with friends who don't share her ideas. The discussion can lead to words, even a certain verbal violence.

    House XII in Scorpio

    Work in the police field, likes investigating other people's private lives.

    Interplanetary aspects

    The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.

    The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

    475 Conjunction Venus - Jupiter

    She is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. She likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. She has good relations with her circle. She is easy to approach. All the same, she falls in love easily. She has a successful married and professional life.

    235 Conjunction Sun - Venus

    She is gay, sociable, welcoming. She is a lover, and has many affairs: she is seduced by beauty and charm. She likes the Arts and social life.

    203 Conjunction Sun - Jupiter

    She has high social ambitions, respects justice and the law. She is tolerant, optimistic, kindly. She has every chance for professional success in a strictly legal setting.

    139 Conjunction Mars - Midheaven

    She has a good sense of organization. She knows how to take the necessary decisions rapidly, is independent and uses all her energy to succeed socially.

    112 Trine Mercury - Saturn

    89 Sextile Venus - Ascendant

    She likes everything beautiful, the Arts, balance and harmony. She is amiable and sociable. She likes entertainment and has a loving nature.

    -87 Square Mercury - Neptune

    She makes errors of judgement, and lacks sincerity. She lets things happen, and is happy in her dreamworld. Confronted by reality, she is hesitant, incapable of being tested and falls back into her imaginary world. She might become a drug-taker.

    -81 Opposition Venus - Pluto

    -62 Opposition Jupiter - Pluto

    She tends to exploit others, and has a doubtful honesty.

    61 Sextile Jupiter - Ascendant

    She likes meeting friends, around a good meal and in a cordial atmosphere. She is pleasant, jovial and engaging.

    59 Trine Venus - Midheaven

    She has good taste, has an affectionate nature, her love is warm and deep, based on intellectual understanding and common tastes. Her friends are useful in furthering her career.

    58 Trine Sun - Mars

    She is energetic, determined, courageous, she is full of self-confidence. She likes to dominate, command, direct. She overcomes all difficulties by sheer will-power. She is frank.

    58 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

    57 Trine Venus - Mars

    She is amorous, not a peaceful and calm lover but a passionate one with a strong temperament. She is demonstrative in love, and likes healthy pleasures. She enjoys life to the full.

    54 Conjunction Mars - Neptune

    Her feelings are dominated by wisdom and geared towards the ideal. She likes water, sea voyages. She likes odd people.

    52 Sextile Mars - Ascendant

    47 Trine Mars - Jupiter

    She has a good sense of organization, she is jovial, frank and sincere. She is full of dynamism and over-abundant energy. She loves life and takes all it has to offer. She likes sports and the outdoor life. She is successful professionally and emotionally. She usually has lots of children.

    41 Trine Jupiter - Midheaven

    She is a high liver, likes to have fun but knows what she wants and does whatever necessary to get it. She wants to - and does - succeed socially. After a hard day's work, a good well-lubricated meal in the company of friends is just the ticket.

    38 Trine Venus - Neptune

    Her professional life is unstable. She has a taste for the Arts, is a dreamer, is easily influenced and romantic. She is emotional and very sensitive.

    37 Trine Sun - Midheaven

    She knows what she wants on the professional level, is aware of her objectives and does everything to achieve them, she will carry out plans to the very end. She has a good job as well as a good reputation.

    33 Conjunction Neptune - Midheaven

    Her plans lack realism and are therefore often unattainable.

    31 Trine Jupiter - Neptune

    She is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. She knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. She is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: she likes the Arts.

    14 Sextile Sun - Ascendant

    3 Trine Pluto - Ascendant

    She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.

    Chiron in first house

    +Chiron here can make you like a knight in shining armor, always ready to fight for the underdog. Usually, while you are doing this, you are neglecting yourself. You could also be a wise counselor (especially in health matters) but you seem to have trouble taking your own advice. A 1st house Chiron can be a gifted teacher, and, of course, you can teach others how to do something better than you can do it yourself. A neat trick to get around this: Give yourself advice as if you were someone else. Then maybe you will take it.

    !Chiron is associated with the emotional wounds we receive early on in our lives. The sign Chiron is in will dominate but the house placing will show in which area the personality is motivated and into which they will put their efforts. In the first house, it may indicate a journey of self-discovery. Possibly, there were restrictions in early childhood that will have had the effect on you of either retreating into yourself or having to fight to be noticed. There will be a need to find personal meaning in existence. Some will do this by being overly aggressive, others by withdrawing. Having a job or interest that is really enjoyed will give a positive direction to your life.

    Combined with the Ox, Rabbit or Dog sign, the Aquarius sign is more marked with a predilection for the established order and safe values. It's change in continuation that motivates him. The Aquarius/Ox likes to do the same things over but in another way; he does not venture too far from the familiar terrain.

  • Dear LeoScorpion...good are indeed an astrologer; thank you so much for the reading which is pretty much me; a peculiar mixture of hard worker and dreamer, with a love of literature, music and art (I am an English and Music teacher at a local college). Please let me reciprocate and interpret your chart, but I will need your date, time and place please. Again thanks so much and have a great Thanksgiving. Love and peace.

  • hpriestess you're welcome

    no I'm not astrologer I got the birthchart from a website and then added here and there some things I read within the signs or I happen to be 'told' as I typed. only 30% of it is my own work and it may even be wrong for I don't know how to validate them.

    you teach music, wow that is very cool. gifted teacher you are, I believe you put more into teaching than just music. no worries about my birth chart when I have a question I will shout and give you my info.

  • Hi LeoScorpion, I was born on 1/23/63. Would my chart read pretty much the same? I don't know the time is that important to have? Do you think you can do a reading? I notice we pretty much like the same thing. Is there a way for you to do my chart? Thanks

  • worthy

    birth time and location help a lot.

    but I am not astrologer just to remind you


    sorry not 30% all knowlede and wisdom come from the universe

    I was only told where to find it and then I sort it out 🙂

  • Leo>>> A baby? Thats wonderful, Good Luck! I just had a son 2 months ago. Theres no words to describe how amazing it is. Do you have children already? I'm guessing by the time you have to put into it (no pun intended) that you probably don't.

    Your absolutly correct, this is a great topic. I think I just struggle with my own guilt. If my husband was online talking about this same thing, I would most likely have hurt feelings. So, I always think, "How would I feel? Is that fair?" It's one of the few drawbacks of being a libra. I seen this topic, & checked it out cuz it was different. I thought it would be a fun, light-heart subject. What happened? Anyway, when I saw you started it, well, I had to jump in.

    I would like to add. That I'm very glad to hear you have a very healthly s ex drive as well. You make me feel normal. I'm must be hitting my peak or something. I'm NOT trying to have a baby, I just think about it, and want it all the time. Wasn't always like this. What happened to me?

    Love & Light

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