Johnny Depp, a Gemini Rabbit, sexiest man alive 2009

  • thought I started ordinary life topic. who do you say is sexiest man alive, instead of this Gemini man born in Rabbit year, Johnny Depp? I am a Rabbit too, in my 30s, watched his movies and I like them. So yeah, he is sexy, not the sexiest but that's just me. What about you, people on forum, who is your pick?

  • A man of the Blue Moon that's my pick...Actors can be deceiving, they look humble, generous etc but that's only pretense. So no ACTORS please!

  • blue moon?

    yea I noticed it was actors lately

  • I'm a rabbit too!!

    I am usually the most head over heels for handsome Taurus men! For example, James Mcavoy (taurus/sheep), Robert Pattinson (taurus/ tiger) of course, and in my young life several other Taurus men that actually have eerily similar features!

    That being said I would have to say Robert Pattinson taurus/tiger is the sexiest man of 2009. I also have always been in love with Beck Hansen cancer/dog!

  • I Love Johnny Depp!!!!!!!

    Ian Somerhalder of Vampire diaries is hot!!

  • just googled ian somelhader

    hey not bad 🙂 he is Sag too


    george clooney is also taurus

  • LOL !Figures Leo!!!

  • haha I googled him too, he is cute! what do you guys think about Cillian Murphy, he looks a little like Ian Somerhalder. Cillian kind of has a Taurus look but he's a Gemini, he does look like a Gemini though~ "features are finely-chiseled with soft and pleasing proportions. The eyes are normally light in color with extraordinarily dark and long lashes."

    leo-george clooney, that's cool he's definitely handsome! why are there so many good looking taurus men!

  • Cillian - don't mind him but the eyes are bit scary

    and true, taurus men can be so attractive

  • venus-controlled men are naturally beautiful!

  • well that explains why Libra males are attractive too

    I find them more attractive than taurus, just my personal taste

    too bad commitment wise I won't take the risk with these two

    or anyone that has a not of these signs in their birth charts

    in my case it would be turbulent relationship, not because I'm leo but because my individual personality

  • or anyone that has a not of these signs

    • a lot

  • Leo my husband is a Libra and I think he is gorgeous! Dark hair that turns auburn in the sunlight. Brown eyes that will shift to hazel. My idea of handsome is him!!!!!!!!


  • well that's nice soapmaker

    I somehow always fall for Cap males LOL

    they are always work money formality responsibility, make me curious how they are in bed

    they're hard to pin down too, but finally I got one and married him 🙂

    he works long hours, sometimes unbearable I miss him

    but he treats me like a queen and put up with me when I was difficult

    I wish the universe will send us help so that he doesn't work long hours anymore

    then we have a lot of babies 🙂

  • I know you guts said NO actors. But, damn J Depp is the sexiest man. I have always thought that he was handsome and the sexiest man. In the beginning just like someone said, he is that sexy Gemini. YES.......... Gemini's are just so OMG sexy. They knew who to name the sexiest man of today.

  • Robert Pattison does not have a chance in hell to be called sexy. I think that he is so very unattractive. NO WAY........His hair alwyas look it has not been comb. There's nothing sexy about him,PLEASE.....

  • lol worthy

    I don't think he is s exy either but to each their own I guess

  • Worthy, with is the role he plays...the deeply in love vampire that people find attractive. My thinking anyway!!! I would love to have seen Johnny Depp play Edward... Om my gosh, I think I'll faint!!! LOLOL xoxoxox

  • johnny depp played a vampire too at least one movie

    bram stoker's dracula, if I remember

    I don't see why playing vampires can make an actor look sexy

    but well some people see roles, some see the actor himself

    to each their own. I personally love Eric Bana, any role he played he was always ok

    he was in troy, munich, hulk looking hot there and just found out he is leo

  • hey leo, I just goggled that one..What a hot body!

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