Calling Spam Police...ER!!!

  • Hey everyone...WTH is happening here?? There seem to dozens of spam posts sprouting on here lately!!! Everytime I come on here its a task getting past these silly spam posts in order to get to the real relevant ones!!! Where is the spam police!!! Admin, please take notice and BAN/BUST these fake posters...???? I'm sick and tired of reporting them every single day. What's your take on the same friends???

  • OMG! You're SO right. I've reported the same user for nearly a week now, and they're still going. It really upsets me that their topics are right at the top and the real, IMPORTANT posts are barely visible.

    I have to wonder where the heck on this.

  • People...Lets get together for this cause now!!! I'm sure all of you dislike these spam posts as much as I and hisbablove do!!! Come forward please and lets settle this issue once and for all...

    P.S.- Now am only assuming ya'll are as baffled by these posters as I am !!!

  • I agree we need to put our foot down with these VERY annoying spammers who do not belong on this forum.

    Hear us Admin.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes they should be blocked from the site entirely. They are pests

  • We are paying attention – really! We delete spam from the forums multiple times a day. We get so much, though, that it’s hard it get rid of it all as soon as it appears – especially in the middle of the night! We’re also looking for a better solution for the future. Thanks for your input and for caring about the quality of the forums.

  • thank you admin for hearing us and working hard to make this a quality website. We love this forum. ( :

  • Thank you Amin for the response. You did say that you delete the spam, but how about deleting the user's entire account? These three have been the WORST. Not only starting threads to spam, but posting on threads, as well.




    We love our forum, love talking and helping, learning and sharing here. I'm sure you understand our fist shaking at this rude and insensitive behavior:)

  • Thank you Admin... 🙂 It was a relief to get a response from you finally :):)

  • Thank you Admin for responding. They do use the middle of the night/ early morning (your time) to post. I hope you do find a solution soon.

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