May 28 2010 twinsoul needs advice

  • To all of you dear and wonderful souls who seek advice

    HELLLLLPPPPP. I so want to answer all of you. I want to help guide you through the puzzles of life here in the 3rd dimension. I am having such a hard time getting to all of you just because i am constantly losing my place within the topics i create. When i answer a question on page 5, my answer appears on page 13. By the time i have navigated back and forth, i am soooo frustrated, that my antenna closes and tada, no more advice available, except from me alone, and who wants

    Please offer suggestions, i feel awful for those souls who need, and i cannot deliver. it is actually causing me to lose sleep.

    Blessings and love to all of you


  • Hey TS,

    Had a feeling you would get lost with the other thread:) Maybe you should further limit the requests to something more manageable, i.e., you will answer the first five questions (one question per person) and no one else can post until you respond to the first five. Then you can post for the next five to answer questions on the same thread and continue in a like manner. If someone has a followup question they could either create his/her own thread or you can allow them to post one followup within 24 hours on the original thread before moving to the next group. That way you'll know each person is taken care of before you move forward and it will give you more leeway on how much time you need to respond.

    I hope that wasn't confusing.

  • Hey twinsoul I guess you can start a thread but ask people not to post questions until you have answer the previous person...

    otherwise you'll only answer to the last person on the thread and you wont read the previous question... i'm pretty sure people would do it if they really want your advice, they need to be organized and civilized 🙂 good luck... hope this helps...

  • LOL hey Tenchi2go you were reading my mind I also thought about the number five!! LOL this is crazy we posted the same idea at the same time!!

  • Tee hee. We got a psychic thing going on there. The universe must have been shouting at us!

  • Do you think the people will stop at the say 5 persons until you respond to those few requests.

    Look what happens when a thread is closed.

    I have stopped making any requests as the inquireries seem to be overlooked.

    I my self do not have an answer for you Twin soul.




  • I think of it more like a giant wheel--the spirit spins and it lands where it lands. I guess it could be more "orderly" like taking a number at the deli! But how creative is that? Spirit doesn't take a number--it pops up in its own relative time frame--you just have to trust it. Answers come when they come--to force anything more is just too exhausting and I be old!

  • lovingsilverwings

    my dear if i have overlooked you, i am deeply sorry. Please start your own thread, and i will answer as many questions as you like. You have always been so supportive of these threads.

    love and blessings


  • Hi TS,

    I have a suggestion for this, might work or it might not but I believe it will take away the confusion from you. Hope this will make things a little simpler.

    Every week, 2 new threads -

    May 01 to 07 - Your QUESTION for Twinsoul

    May 01 to 07 - Your ANSWER from Twinsoul

    1. Start a weekly thread, for everyone to post their questions.( like the one you are doing now).

    ( Every week, start your thread and post your something like this as your first comment)

    This thread is meant for posting QUESTIONS and COMMENTS ONLY. I will not be posting my replies in this thread.

    1. When you are ready to answer the questions, you start another thread to post your answers.

    ( Every week, start your thread and post your something like this as your first comment)

    This thread is ONLY for me to reply, Do NOT post ANYTHING (questions, comment, thank you note etc) in this thread. Refer back to the QUESTION thread!)

    This is pretty clear for everyone I think. Those who go against your wish and post their questions in the answer thread means they are not paying attention to what you have said (they have not read your first posting at page 1).

    p/s - I was in Human Resource and we had a Suggestion File for all the 250 staff members to write their opinions, suggestions etc.... I had headaches whenever I had to give out my replies because I didn't know where to start and on which page was my last reply to them. Then I came up with this idea - Question File and Answer File. It works very well for me.

    I hope it will work for you too!

    Good luck!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Oh by the way....

    When answering the Questions..let's say you are answering page 1 and 2 at once.....

    Make sure you answer all the questions right till the end of page 2..

    That way...whenever you wish to continue answering the questions, you know you have to start answering the questions on page 3 onwards.

    Sorry for being long winded...just trying to help you lessen the confusion and give yourself less worries. Have that good night sleep! Don't let this gives you the reason to walk the floor at night. 🙂

  • Emergence's suggestion sounds like the most workable, to me. Thing is, I've seen how it works, when a reader has talent and shows an affinity for helping people, they get flooded, like a celebrity in a waffle shop. You have to assume that people are NOT going to follow your directions. At least having 2 separate threads would help YOU feel less overwhelmed.

  • I agree with Emergence as well. Having an answer thread would at least cause less confusion.

    Alternatively, you could wait for a full page of questions, then highlight and copy them into a text file. Edit out anything that is NOT a question, edit the text file to add your answers for the people who'd posted, and then copy and past that into a response. You'd be answering a whole page at a time, and it might be easier to keep track of where you were.

    Kind of kludgy, and it might sound like a lot of time but it really wouldn't be. At least that way you'll be sure to have answered everyone. And you can also do that in the Answers thread that Emergence suggested.

  • Even with just a response thread, clients WILL post requests on that page.

    People feel so DESPERATE, they do not read they are on a response page "NOT THE ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE" page.

    I have noticed the more you state their request will not be answered on that particular thread , the more they still post. When they do not get a response they become angry.

    Even when a thread is CLOSED people continue to post requests for assistance.

    Maybe SPIRIT-UNIVERSE will provide you with an answer, Twinsoul.




  • I don't guess there is a good way to make things easier. Emergence's suggestion sounded good but there's still the problem of getting through all the questions and doing it in some kind of order so you don't forget/skip over others.

    I get what you're saying too lovingsilverwings. Even though most of us are considerate enough to read through a thread before asking for advice, some people refuse to read and won't follow instructions esp. if they believe their questions are more important. It does get irritating and frustrating to see new requests on highpriestess's birthchart thread for example despite the fact people repeatedly post that the list is closed.

    Maybe this is a sign to get your website up and running. If you have moderator/administrator rights you would be able to set limits, delete or move posts, etc . . . Over here there's no control.

  • Dear lovingsilverwings,

    I agree with you, I can see it happening; people posting request in the ANSWER thread. We have no control over this. TS has no control over this. But TS can choose to ignore those questions posted in the Answers thread. All TS need to do is post her Answers in this thread and move on. No point for TS to put her energies into all these people who does not respect her simple wishes by clogging her Answer thread. Also, it shows how ignorant they are by not reading her first post telling everyone to leave their Questions, Comment, Thank you notes etc in the Question thread as this thread is meant for TS to give her Answers only. The topic of the thread says it all - May 07 ANSWERS from Twinsoul.


    Thank you for giving a thought to my suggestion. I believe if TS answers the Questions on page 1 to page 2 (till the last one on page 2), it won't be difficult for her to remember which was the last question answered and where she should begin the next day. This is very simple because we have no authority to delete any post in the thread and no one can jump queue in any thread, it is all about the FIFO technique (first in, first out). So example, if TS answers question 1 - 10 today from her Question thread, she knows that she has to start from Question 11 during her next visit. I cannot see anything go wrong with this or anyone being skipped over.

    Well, we'll see how it goes..... 🙂

  • TS im sorry that you are losing sleep over this and dont like to see that happening to you especially since you are doing this out of your own kindness and loving heart.....Hope you start getting sleep.

  • TS, you're so used to helping people(even though it's through your antenna) that I think advice from you, yourself, could also help a lot of people.

    I suggest you just make periodic threads reminding that you're available to help people, and asking them to create their own thread asking for help.

    It makes me sad to hear that you are having sleep problems because of this reasons... big hug

  • Sending you a virtual hug TS, not many people read the posts even though they enter a thread on the first page. If someone asks for help in their own thread, then others see you answer, they will then jam up that thread requesting help so there is no simple and easy answer. I think the best suggestion was from Emergence in the Question thread/Answer thread and violators will be ignored.

  • I was wondering why I never got a response but thats kuhl what I hear is you are in overwhelm and that is not good. If it's not meant to be so be it. You must have boundaries and take care of yourself. You are not the only intuitive here.



  • Hi twin Soul, I have noticed so many times that people either hijack someone elses topic., or don't read that the topic is closed,especially on HP's thread, I try and back her up by posting her current lists or copying and pasting that she has a back log of people waiting....

    I'de be willing to do the same for you, you have given alot of your gifts to people.....

    Emergence has a good idea as long as people READ....

    Also maybe 5 or 10 questions only after that maybe just don't respond after that, then post a new topic with your 10 responses when you are finished, I can only imagine your turmoil and howoverloaded you feel ....I hope this makes sense...If not blame it on my hormones,I know i have been lost in some threads but i take it as a sign of maybe its just not meant to be.

    Take care off yourself, hugs, love light

    Sheila from Vancouver.

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