Interpreting tarot spread

  • I've just done a basic 3 card relationship tarot spread for a friend. I think the outcome is good, but I'm not sure what the 1st and 2nd positions indicate:

    1. 5 of cups

    2. Temperance

    3. 2 of cups

    Any help with this and how to interpret the spread overall, and to understand the advice therein, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dear TarotTaru,

    It looks to be a rather positive outcome,as the two of cups shows which is a form of union and of merging together,obviously though it is noted that moderation is needed,leveling and balance with emoitons to actually get this union that is shown in the over outcome.THe 5 of cups shows that your friend may be going through a time of emotional distress at the moment,and that she feels like giving up,the worst is over though and if she looks over her shoulder,she will realise that really,not all is lost,once she realises that,balances things and be kinder to herself,she will find the beautiful union that is shown in this spread.

    I hope I have been able to help with this 😃

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